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Lost my length after circumcision

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I am 22 days post-op. I went through ZSR circumcision and my rings fell off after 20 days. I observed my erection last night and it seems i lost my length. My erect length decreased from 16-17 cms(pre-op) to 12 cms (post op) .

I agree that they haven't copped of my penis so anatomically length shouldn't be decreased. But it seems that i got a tight cut which is restricting my erection. Have anyone experienced this and did your size improve over time or is it permanent?

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I feel the same

Exact 22 days

From where u got circ

I got my from Gurgaon pristyn

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docw in reply to Anybody09

same man.... i got it from Pristyn in Pune

You will have considerable swelling for another few weeks which hides some of your penis length.

Give it time and your true length will become obvious again.

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docw in reply to roddythescot

I don't have any visible swelling. My scar looks pretty clean and normal.

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roddythescot in reply to docw

A lot of the swelling will be in deeper tissue and not particularly obvious.

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docw in reply to roddythescot

You are possibly right. I should wait for few more weeks.

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docw in reply to roddythescot

In fact i am happy with my recovery and aesthetic outcome. I am only worried about the length.

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Agree with above well informed roddythescot. Give it time.

Bro when did you ring start to fall?

I am on post op day 13

My ring started to get detached just today

That to just from one side

How long do i hav to wait.?

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docw in reply to Hidden5432

Mine started falling off after 13th day too from right side and yes it falls pin by pin.

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Hidden5432 in reply to docw

So it takes 6 - 7 days to fall completely?

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docw in reply to Hidden5432

generally yes

Think about it as your skin being compressed like a spring. While it heals it will start decompressing. Just takes time to get the elasticity back.

I too lost length in the beginning but someone told me this and it made sense. Your penis has just gone through a traumatic surgery. It's healing itself, give it time. I went from 9" to about 7.5". I was extremely worried. Happy to say it did come back. Give it some time.

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docw in reply to Ire_cali

I am almost 1 month post op still my penis hasn't recovered it's length. How long do it take to recover length in your experience.

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Ire_cali in reply to docw

Maybe 6 months or so.

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docw in reply to Ire_cali

Thanks for your reply

I have the same problem, i just did my zsr last Wed.25.11.20 now my length from 15cm drop to 12cm. Hopefully it come back to normal.

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docw in reply to Darren93

I got my length back after 8 weeks

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Kelvin2020 in reply to docw


I got the same problem, what should I do to help me get back to the size? Any stretch? Or just need to wait


I am experiencing the same issue. I'm in week 7 post op. The tightness is still there and I haven't recovered the length. I wished I had found this forum before deciding on the cut.

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