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3 months post circumcision - my length hasn't fully returned opinions

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I suffered extreme Phimosis since I was teenager and now in my mid 20s finally got a circumcision done after I exausted all other options. I'm happy with the results so far of the circumcision but my length hasn't fully returned. I feel almost an inch is still missing from a full erection, the picture is a semi (normally was around 6" but it's around 5 now)

Has anyone else had this issue 3 months down the line and how long did it take for length to return to normal? Opinions welcome on the outcome and any questions.

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Why is the head red?

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Just out of a hot shower that's why lol

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Lol. Post a photo without an erection and while standing. I will be able to give better advice

Usually people who are uncut can take the length right up to the base as there is significant give in the length of the shaft skin.

However when we get circumcised a good procedure involves giving you a snug feel when flaccid and a good tightness when erect. To achieve that tightness the extra skin is cut which makes the skin at the base (pubic area) prop up. This causes the length to seem short but it’s all still there.

My recommendation is to not worry. Once you feel fully healed as you play and use your penis some elasticity and looseness will come back as the skin stretches. Mind you - don’t overdo the skin pulling cause you still need a tight circumcision for best esthetic and physical feel.

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Clay237 in reply to YumTea

Yep I agree mostly. Growers however will be tight when erect but loose when flaccid.

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The looseness should not translate to lots of looseness on shaft skin when flaccid. It thag happens then it’s not very tight when erect.

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Clay237 in reply to YumTea

Well actually, I am a grower, about 3x flaccid length when I'm erect.

I was cut tight flaccid. Erections were drum tight but there was not enough skin for my normal full length. So, like the OP, I also lost length.

Over the months, erections forced the skin to stretch to accommodate. I got back my normal length, and due to that process, erections are still drum tight but shrinking down back 3x has the flaccid stage slightly loose.

Show-ers who don't have that much difference in length erect/flaccid can be tight in either state.

Yes it happens. Took me eight months for a complete recovery. I agree, losing length was not fun but it clears up.

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That's good to hear man thank you. Still very happy with the outcome despite the problems been life changing so I can't complain too much

Looks like would be over 6 but it does take time for skin stretch to accommodate full erections stretch buy pulling massage technique from top to bellend tidy bro trim they pubes and make him tidy

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Thanks for the advice I'll give it a go 👍

Very true, my partner prefers girth over length which in happy about but i would still prefer it to return to normal but hopefully in time 👍

Strange you could be my twin. Same penis exactly. When mine was done I lost an inch or so. But I was so pleased with the result I did not care. Over the years I have regained my length . I now boast 21 cm. but my wife preferred the smaller me. I use baby oil and soft massage worked for me

Fuck man that’s a big cock broadbandbill !!

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That's good to know mate. Think it's down to swelling on one side of my shaft still which seems to be restricting full expansion. I'm now 5" and hope to get back to 6". My GP gave me a moisturiser to apply every night so hopefully it works. Loving the circumcision though

Your length looks ok and your Willy looks brill could not have all them pubes I shave often but it looks like a good job I am sure your length will come back good look

I suggest that you consider tissue expansion.


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