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Any tips on how to remove discharge and blood clots without touching it? Coz im really scared to touch it at the moment.

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You should not be removed bing blood clots. They are a vital part of the healing process.

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ChaEunWoo in reply to Osidge

So it will be removed by itself?

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OsidgeModerator in reply to ChaEunWoo

When a clot has finished its work of protecting the skin that is repairing itself underneath it will come off.

Which type of discharge??

It's yellowish red and, it's watery which is annoying

Have you done circumcision?? If done then howmany days ago?

Yes and, today is my 8th day

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ChaEunWoo in reply to ChaEunWoo

Oh no, its 10th day my bad

Don’t worry bro it’s normal things i am on 24 day still yellow sticky discharge coming it’s normal as i ask to my doc he say is fat coming it will decrease gradually but can’t predict when stop

Ohhh ok, that makes me better i thought im having an infection. Have a great day!


It’s lymph brother 24 days is long continue to monitor it and the important thing is to keep your penis clean and dry use a hair dryer to dry it. Apply Vaseline to your penis to help cushion it.

Everyone has a different time scale roughly when healing etc there is no set time but generally you should be starting to heal really nicely just continue to keep your penis clean and dry. Follow your doctors guide

Which type of circumcision you have done??

Im not really sure, coz in my country we were being forced to do it since its like a part of our culture which is sad, so im not really sure about the type of circ they did to me, but they leave the skin at the bottom which is swollen right now, my father said its the same to him and my brother that they leave the skin at the bottom

Are you from phillipines?? Don’t worry you can ask anything’s anytime i also first time fear a lot everyday thinking i get infection i get infection then i saw doctor every 2 days so my mind is clear now that it is not infection as doctors say it will come for some days but take care if it sticks then don’t pull otherwise blood may come just make it wet then wait for 2 min then slowly try to remove sticky part then it not hurt

After day 3 have quick showers don’t attempt to mess around with the wound use a jug full of salt warm water around 2 times in the shower to help clean it the pressure of the shower etc will help to clean the penis. Do not rush to get the blood etc cleaned off it will naturally come off no rush is needed. You’ve both got this continue to keep the penis clean and dry this is important and follow your doctors advise.

Ok bro today i get some blood 2-3 drops and some little pain i m on 24 day it happen at night erection time i think before that no have anything so it is ok??

You sound perfectly fine if you have any concerns speak to your doctor

You’ll get bleeding it’s normal but if it’s excessive bleeding get medical attention immediately. Few drops that’s nothing perfectly fine. Especially after night erections. If you can drink before you decide to go to bed and make sure you leave a nice gap between your last drink and bed time. But also set an alarm around 4am to go for a pee to help reduce morning glory.

Thanx bro your help feel me great only few drops come now it stops from night not come no pain if not more walk sleeping feel no pain.. and night time after 6 pm i drink very little water 10 pm before bed i empty bladder then also suddenly after sleeping 1 hour 12 o’clock start erected fully and pain don’t know how it happen every hour i wake up

Don’t worry too much about it mate you just take care of it. Pain is good as it’s just your penis stretching which is important to especially when you’ve been cut so your skin can loosen up stretch and relax and settle down nicely. Try to avoid erections though for your first few weeks as you don’t want the stitches to break etc.

Take some painkillers to help with pain if it’s really bad. Get plenty of rest keep it clean and dry as much as possible don’t play with it or mess around with it.

When you are ready remember you must moisturise your glans daily.

Glan i have done nothing.. my doc take stitches like that no need dressing in and out just pull skin and make clean so skin cover glans still .. i ask doctor that my glans stay covered or it will expose he say expose when stitches dissolve does it happen same with everyone or only i have this type??

Nowadays most people get a choice on different styles don’t worry about styles as long as you are happy with your penis that is all that matters. Did you get it done for medical reasons or religion etc?

Medical reason bro when flaccid my foreskin retract back fully but when erect and try to intercourses it very hard to do without oil or condom it make pain so my partner also feel bad so think to do circumcision so can do intercourses easily for lifetime enjoyable .. i have phimosis but no swelling nothing in foreskin not in glans

I completely understand your situation my friend. Once you are healed enough start using bio oil or other moisturising products, you must keep your glans soft moist and healthy this means you can help hold great sensations inside the penis after being cut. If you allow it to dry out you will last longer during sex and may struggle to climax etc sex might be less enjoyable so definitely keep your glans moist and well looked after this is important I believe it a strong believer. But it’s totally your choice you don’t have too. Also use lube that is important after getting circumcised.

First 12 days nothing happen regarding erection because i have bandages fully cover including glans so enjoy first 12 days nothing hurt no pain good sleep but at day 12 i get erect so bleeding little and pain is hard then continue now sometimes pain and night is worst

Is it pain or sensitivity mate like the glans area or is it where the incision was made

Pain not sensation because i use to sensitivity doesn’t hurt much more as before.. moisture glans can become less sensitivity automatic or need to rub in cloth then only sensitivity goes...pain happen then i go for pee and it hurt a lot and bleed come not from pee but from wound i think i saw to doctor he say 2 stitches broke but no need to worry everything is normal because of 12 days so i think stitch broke no more matter

I dont use shower and, when I wash my penis, i slowly pour the water into it, coz its painful when i just take a bath normally, help

Was you able to retract prior to surgery? Like fully expose the glans normally or did you struggle to retract like myself if you struggled you may just have high sensitivity due to the glans being locked away for pretty most of your life well all of it.

I cant pull my foreskin before, but im not sure if its phimosis since I didnt went to the doctor for a check up

When not in erect and normal conditions i can retract fully only at time erection 40% retract without oil and with oil 60% max .. what your age?

I really cant retract at all, but I can see the urethra thoo, and im a minor hehe

Yes, im from the PH! Right now its itchy it makes me irritate, any tips?

Did you have stitches or glue

Stitches, the dissolving ones

You are perfectly fine my man. Continue to have daily showers apply Vaseline if you can it will help. When you pee try not to allow any pee to dribble down into the wounds use tissue to help soak up the lymph and pee and blood. Main thing is keep the penis clean and dry if you can place the penis vertically this will help with swelling and help the lymph it’s self out

Oh, uhmm there is a gauze that is stuck at the side of my penis, it's small since I use scissors to cut the excess, until now I havent remove it coz it is really painful, and I think the gauze is under the stitches. Pls help

If gauze is stuck and not able to pull or make it hard to take it out then you can make it wet and remove then wash and clean dry apply gel and again put new gauze

I tried that, but it is till stuck, and when I try to remove it, its so painful

My routine is a warm shower 1st thing, then gently dab area dry with a fresh gauze pad. I use surgical gloves also when doing this (got loads thanks to pandemic).

Then apply layer of Vaseline to scabby bits to prevent sticking & thin layer to rest of glands to help with hyper sensitivity.

Then a further shower or bathe in bowl of lukewarm cooked boiled water in the evening, I don’t use salt as Consultant advised against it though don’t think it would do any harm. Again pat area dry with gauze pad & apply Vaseline , though in evening only do this to scab area, not the glands.

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ChaEunWoo in reply to DRWhit

Wdym by the scabs? And how do you remove the vaseline when taking a bath since vaseline is oily

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DRWhit in reply to ChaEunWoo

Vaseline applied after the shower/bath, by the evening most of the Vaseline gone (as only a thin layer), so ready for next wash & reapplication afterwards.

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