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Balanitis and testicular pain


Hi! Ive been having balanitis since September 2018. I tried applying so many creams, I visited several urologists and dermatologists. Some say it is a fungal infection with balanitis, some say it is nothing. I can feel the glans colour changed and the pain all over the glans, and also in the testicles. Please, I am desperate, can somebody help me? Did any of you experienced something similar? By the way, I am already circumcised.

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Applying coconut oil can give you some relief. If it doesn't help, consider using an anti-fungal cream. From my experience, Fugacil clears up this infection within several days to weeks. It is made with anti-fungal nano-particles and natural ingredients like tea tree oil, Melissa, astragalus and Thyme. You should give it a try.

Where are you ? And how old are you ?

Pain in that area is NOT a matter to be taken lightly.

You need to insist on a referral to a specialist who can check for ~eg ~testicular cancer ( one of the few cancers which is more likely to occur in young men ~which is why I asked how old you are ).

Hopefully it won't be that but if it causing pain and getting worse then you must not wait for investigation ~be proactive and insist on all relevant tests.

23yearsold in reply to jonblane

I’m 23. I was taken a swab and a testicular ecography. Everything was ok. The swab checked for fungus and it was negative so it is not a fungal infection. I am almost sure that this is a bacterial infection but all doctors seem to say that I am okay and I feel like I am running out of money visiting especialista. By the qay, lately I am only experiencing the pain in the glans. I think the pain in the testicles has gone away or it is mild now. How can I know the exact cause of the balanitis?

jonblane in reply to 23yearsold

You don't say where you are.

If I had your symptoms ( in the UK ) I would be seeking a referral to specialists known here as 'Urologists' ~who specialise in that area of the body.

Can you not search for 'urólogo' in your area and see if any specialists appear who have good recommendations from patients ?

Has anyone suggested, or prescribed, a course of antibiotics ?

I feel you have not yet seen a really good Urologist.

I don't understand the concept that you could just be told that there is nothing wrong and sent away ~ how can there be nothing wrong if you have pain ? And by the way ~how bad is the pain ? Does it keep you awake at night ? DO you have to take aspirin or similar to combat the pain ?

I am not a doctor, by the way, just thinking aloud.

Is an 'ecography' as good as an X Ray for investigating the possibility of cancer in the testicles ? Or even the possibility of cancer inside the glans ??

Does your health system not pay for all these appointments ?

23yearsold in reply to jonblane

The pain is not horrible but it is quite noticeable. The doctors in the public health system do not seem to help and the urologists I had an appointment with do not seem to help either. They just sent me away telling me it is normal to have pain at these ages. I am so frustrated

Chris3108 in reply to jonblane

23yearsold i had this problem before I was circumsised the doctors said it was thrush and then didn’t know what it was but it turns out when I was circumsised they sent my foreskin off to be tested and came back that I had penile neoplasia which I think is the cancer that Jon is on about ? But it’s not cancer it’s pre cancer, it’s all gone now since being circumsised so I suggest if it doesn’t diss appear with creams I suggest to get circumsised your be so much better off ?

23yearsold in reply to Chris3108

I am already circumcised :(

jonblane in reply to 23yearsold

Have you tried contacting specialists such as the people above ?

It is NOT normal to have pain in the glans penis or the testicles.

I do not myself know whether an ecography is as good at detecting cancer as an X ray ? perhaps it is better ? or perhaps they prefer it these days to avoid the ( v small ) risk that X rays have ? I do not know but I DO know that persistent pain as you describe is absolutely NOT normal and must be caused by something. [ Unless you have a reputation for being a hypochondriac ?? ]

Even if it costs money you have to get to the bottom of it and have an answer which is reasoned and persuasive.

You have to persist in finding a GOOD Urologist ~I would imagine that there are websites in Spanish for searching out specialists and some of them may have comments from patients ?

Is your French as good as your English ? If so I would also consider searching also online for a good specialist in the South of France where you can easily go on the TGV in a few hours and have a consultation. (This is if you really cannot find a good Urology consultant in Spain ~there must be such a doctor just you haven't found him yet. )

You could maybe even email such a person a full description of all the symptoms / photos / results of the previous tests and so on ~ this could help with diagnosis of possible causes. But there must be some cause for persistent pain.

Did you say you have any discolouration or other visible symptom ?

jonblane in reply to jonblane

Here's an interesting website.

OsidgeModerator in reply to jonblane

Echography is an ultrasound and that is the first test of preference for detecting a testicular tumour. That could be followed by an MRI or CT but not a plain x-ray.

jonblane in reply to Osidge

Just for info : is that because an X ray is less good at detecting what is inside?

Is it possible that the ultrasound could miss a tumour ?

Should they not have done these exams also on the penis head which is causing the man pain ?

OsidgeModerator in reply to jonblane

X-rays are good for bone problems but are not really as good for suspected tumours because they are soft tissue. An ultrasound’s effectiveness would depend on the site and size of a tumour. Imaging tools are not effective at diagnosing malignant skin conditions appropriate testing would be by biopsy.

jonblane in reply to Osidge

But X Rays are still used for checking for tumours in lungs are they not ?

Do you have any idea what might be possible causes for joserobles's pain in the penis ( and previously the testicles ) ?

Am I right to think that the pain caused by cancer in the testicles is something which might come and go, as opposed to being always present ( if there is a tumour ) ?

As I understand it he is not saying the pain in his penis is in the skin area, but within the glans. That's never normal is it ?

OsidgeModerator in reply to jonblane

I am not his doctor so cannot diagnose his problem.

X-rays can be used for mass screening for lung cancer etc but that is always followed up with further tests if any shadows are seen.

Pain in the body is always a reaction to something so is never normal. The pain in the glans could be related to what he has described as his balanitis.

23yearsold in reply to Osidge

I dont think it is something as serious as a testicular cancer but it is something annoying and depressing. The glans has another different colour different to my usual pink tone and it is like red stains all over the glans. I am already circumcised and fungal infection was discarded in the swab. How can I know the exact cause? I found some people in this forum that the doctors realised that it was fecal bacteria on their glans, so I think that is what must have happened to me. I don't really know. What can the other options be?

Hidden in reply to 23yearsold

If your doctors, urologist can’t help you if your in uk pop to your local GUM clinic mate, they may run some further tests

At1012 in reply to 23yearsold

Take Valtrex. It will make a big difference. I used to have burning sensations, but now after taking valtrex daily, it stopped burning. Ask the doctor for a prescription. Mouth cold sores can spread to the genitals easily considering the majority of the population has it. Also get tested for hsv1 and hsv2. I bet valtrex will clear it up in no time. A herpes cold sore from your mouth can spread to your genitals.

Balanitis & posthitis

Balanitis is an inflammation of the glans penis (head of the penis). Posthitis is an inflammation of the foreskin. Balanoposthitis is a combination of the two. It has many causes, including fungal, yeast, virus, or bacterial infection, environmental irritants, and others.

The treatment of balanitis requires accurate diagnosis of the cause of the balanitis because different treatments are required for different causes.

Go to your primary care physician and ask for a biopsy and a swab with a culture to be done, so you can determine WHY you have balanitis.

You can’t properly treat balanitis until you know what is causing it.

Make sure you are not washing excessively, because that can cause dermatitis due to loss of oil from the tissues. Avoid the use of soap which dries out the oils from the tissues and minimize washing.

You should also make sure that you don't have any irritants in your environment, because an irritant can also cause balanitis.

It should not be necessary to have a circumcision. The foreskin does not cause balanitis and its amputation will not cure balanitis.

At1012 in reply to Bucky85

I’m telling you, I think almost all cases are caused by both the 2 sub types of herpes. Since most people don’t get tested for them, then it can easily be this. I had burning sensation as far back as I remember. I started taking valtrex daily and it went away completely.

How are u now? My symptoms are similar and also really trying everything to find help

Hello Expatingermany what are your symptoms? I am quite better. Eventually I gave up on doctors because they were not helping at all. My glans colour never came back to normal. It hurts a bit after masturbating. But after going through hell, you adapt to everything. Testicle pain goes away gradually. Now its residual. It is still there sometimes but nothing compared to the beginning. I know this situation is very painful, especially psychologically. If you need some help, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for the response. The tip of my penis is red and and the glans is also red/stained and sore. Testicles have pain, like I have been kicked there lightly and they tingle. There are some tiny tiny spots there not sure what they are, don’t think it’s herpes or something as no blistering or Liquid filled sores and nothing burst or when’s away. I have had this for 7 weeks now and really struggling with it. I have a had a few blood tests and std tests and nothing yet. I am going to the doctor again Monday to ask for a series of tests basically every condition I can find on google. Sex drive is zero now also because of the stress and pain.

I am sorry to hear that Expatingermany. I had exactly the same. It started with a severe diarrhea, then the change of the color of the glans, then the testicular pain. And added to that I had more symptoms afterwards. I had a severe knee pain (weird and seems unrelated but doctor told me it was probably an autoimmune disease due to the body not being able to kill whatever was causing the pain). I also had horrible back pain, my lower back was throbbing at nights, and the pain during the day was horrible (which I believe was the infection extending to my kidneys). I felt so alone and helpless throughout all the process, and doctors were treating me as a crazy person. Keep trying all the doctors that you can visit, maybe in Germany you can find someone better than in Spain. But please, I know this is very hard, but you gotta be strong because the body ends up killing it or at least the symptoms get severely reduced. My friend had exactly the same, (only the glans and testicle part), he was feeling the same and it went away eventually, just like mine. By the way, HOW did the symptoms start? My symptoms started with oral sex, which I received on my penis and my anus, so I have always believed these are fecal bacteria going from the anus to the penis. If it happened in a similar way, please let me know.

Sounds like u did it tough too. I had no diarhorrea or anything. When you say your friend had it too, what exactly? Mine started with oral sex I had with a girl 7 weeks ago and it was a mild discomfort on the tip and has got gradually worse now with my whole glans affected. Really preying it goes away I can’t deal with it. Under lots of stress my relationship just ended after 5 years and had to move out and now when I’m trying to get on with my life I can’t meet anyone else

Yes, exactly. I am gay, my symptoms started after oral sex with a boy, but he is straight and he got it after oral sex with a girl too (not anus involved). He had the pain on the tip of the glans and the testicular pain. It went away for him in 6 months, he did not do anything. Mine was worse, I had way more symptoms, but it has gone away too (it is still there sometimes but I can do a normal life). I had doxycycline but it was giving me way much more weird symptoms. I know it sucks, but it went away for him and for me, that is all I can say (at least this can bring you a little bit of hope, which I didn’t have) It has been one year already and I am still recovering psychologically from it, and still scared of having sex

Chamling in reply to 23yearsold

Did you check for hiv?

23yearsold in reply to Chamling

Yes, I did check several times. 1 year and a half after, still I dont know what it is. The redness is still there, but the pain is quite bearable... so I decided to ignore it for my mental health

Chamling in reply to 23yearsold

I have got the same problem just like yours

23yearsold in reply to Chamling

The balanitis, the testicular pain?

Chamling in reply to 23yearsold

Is it balanitis or something else? What the told u?

23yearsold in reply to Chamling

First I was told it was balanitis, then after a while I was told I have nothing and I am crazy... What symptoms do you have?

Chamling in reply to 23yearsold

When did you last time checked for hiv?

23yearsold in reply to Chamling

I checked for the last time on October 2019, one year after... this is not HIV

Chamling in reply to 23yearsold

Did u go up for hiv test or not?

23yearsold in reply to Chamling

Yes, I did several times. I am negative

So hard to keep my Mind positive. How long did it take for the tip and glans to return to normal? I’m on doxycycline 200 now (6days in) having no effect. An anti fungal and anti inflammatory cream also.

It never returned to normal for him and for me, it just stopped hurting. I eventually assumed that it will never come back to normal. I used so many creams as well and the doxycicline and no effect at all (I think it even made it worse).It is very difficult to keep your mind positive, but you will get out of this, as we did, I am sure. It hit me with 23 years old, starting my career in a new city so you can imagine that it has been quite difficult for me as well. When the muscular pains started I had ginger shakes (milk, ginger and fruits) every morning. It is a natural anti inflammatory and it seemed to ease the pain. Now you have to build a strong immune system in order to fight whatever this is

What do you mean never returned to normal? The redness or pain or what exactly? We’re u ever diagnosed? Did I run every STD test possible? I can’t accept this. I’m going to the hospital tomorrow morning and will check myself in for as long as I need to get it fixed

The color. The pain is still there but very very mild. I did every std test possible, plus several swabs of the glans, several semen tests, an MRI for the back, many radiographies for the knee pain... nothing ever came back positive. I eventually gave up. Please, if you find a test or any solution to this let me know, any cream which returns your color to the normal pink one. I truly believe whatever it is we have the same shit. Thank you

Any news? How are you doing?

I went to hospital and the urologist ran fresh urine test, all clear and swans of urethra which fucking hurt. result end of the week for that. I will also see the dermatologist from hospital this week and follow up with GP. testicle pain seems ok today and yesterday but sore penis tip and glans is there, also some more sharp pain after the urethra swab.

Ok. If you find any solution or any help, please let me know. I am still suffering from the glans redness and soreness after one year. Some days are better but I wish i could find the solution 😢

Hi! Any successful tests?

Hi! Haven’t heard from you in a while. Is everything okay?

No I’m not doing well. It’s very sore... I’m now with the dermatologist who says it could be Bxo or lichen schlerosus which is so god dam rare. I’m now in 2 weeks of clobetsol cream day and night and it’s the same if not worse. I can’t cope with this

I totally understand. It will get better. I still have the sore but it is not continuous. I can live with it. I was also told it could be lichen schlerosus. I had so many muscular pains so the doctor told me that it could be an autoimmune disease, and lichen schlerosus could be one of the symptoms. Let’s see how it goes. Did you consider a biopsy?

No way, cutting a piece of skin off my knob would have the opposite effect I think.. I couldn’t handle it. At this moment I really don’t think these creams are going to help.. it’s so terribly sad but I don’t know how I can live with this. I feel like my

Whole life is fucked now. What creams did u try

Hi, is it getting better?

Ive been there. I dont remember, but many for Candida, one for bacteria and a liquid solution. I gave up because I felt it was making it even more sore. I know that now is depressing, but it will get better. The horrible feeling of continuos sore goes away. It went away for me and for my friend, so it will go for you. You gotta be strong now and if you are desperate, biopsy seems like the only way out


I've been dealing with the same symptoms for 9 months now. Tried two different doctors and they both asked me STD tests and prescribed Doxycycline and an antifungal. No dice!

I had to research it by myself and found similar cases like ours. It might be either Zoon Balanitis or Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans. Do note that while BXO is chronic and might last for years, ZB is curable.

Question: do you guys have contracted syphilis and/or HPV before presenting symptoms? I had both and there is a link between HPV and BXO/ZB.

Keep it up, my Brothers-in-Illness! You are not alone!

Hi! Expatingermany Brazilian33 any news? How are you coping with the disease? My pain is quite less now... the redness is still there but I try to ignore it. What about you? Any news?

Hello 23 yearsold and expatingermany i've got the same problem similar like 23 yearsold diarrohea, body and back pain, knee pain, muscular pain and its been a month, i've done a video exray of testicle it came normal. If u got any positive outcome of the problem just feedback me.

23yearsold in reply to Chamling

Hi Chamling, do you also have the redness in the glans and the testicular pain?

23yearsold in reply to Chamling

Is your knee pain unbalanced (only on one knee) and is your back pain in the lower back? For me, it felt like a throbbing pain

23yearsold in reply to Chamling

I believe it is an autoimmune disease... I dont have other explanation

Yeah i do have purplish swollen at the edge of glans, also a testicular pain more in left side, knee pain in left leg, pain in lower back,upper back, hip. Is it balanitis can it be cured .

23yearsold in reply to Chamling

I wish I could help you, but I dont know what it is, and it cannot be cured easily. I just ignore it now because the symptoms get tolerable with time. Did everything start at the same time? Mine was progressive... Is it the purple glans hurting, like irritated skin? I had quite similar symptoms: red irritated glans, testicular pain (but on both testicles), lower back pain and pain on the right knee. Did you visit any doctor? Did you have oral sex? What do you think is the root cause?

Is your lower back poin throbbing? Like a heart beating

I did not care throbbing in my lower back but some times it throb in other parts like thigh and arms and i did not consult to the docter yet may be tomorrow i will go for check up lets see what the doc say

23yearsold in reply to Chamling

How did it start for you? With oral sex too?

And if it is auto immune then will it be cure by the way i do not have any oral sex or sex related activities

23yearsold in reply to Chamling

Mine started with oral sex so I dont know... I am not a doctor

But i have once used the shaving machine used by hiv infected one so i have checked for it the test came negative

23yearsold in reply to Chamling

Then it might be that. I do not have HIV

Its been almost 3 month before

23yearsold in reply to Chamling

Is this person HIV positive? Is he in treatment?

Yeah after discovering positive in test now he is in medication

By the way you are from which country?

Is balanitis is the reason behind hiv is there a any link

Its been over 3 months i did not get any of the symptoms except i mentioned before i dont got any rashes or any lymph nodes

23yearsold in reply to Chamling

I’m from Spain. I don’t know but if you did not have oral sex it might be a different thing

Yeah sure but overall the symptom you got is as same like mine hope it might not be hiv positive

23yearsold in reply to Chamling

Yes I don’t have HIV. Anyways he must have used the shaving machine just before you used it

Today again i have a test for hiv it came out negative and i have shown the problem of penis he says its balanitis and refered some medication and cream to apply

23yearsold in reply to Chamling

Problem is for most of us that cream did not work

Hi i have the same problem left testicle and getting my resulta this week..they testing me for clhamydia and shiphilis..

23yearsold in reply to Erick_A

Do you also have irritated glans?

Yes..i use lotrimin antifungal cream and it goes away but after i stop using it a rash come back again...

KlausiK in reply to Erick_A

Hey Erick_A, any update in your case? Sounds like mine.

So in my case I developed some pimples on my penis and lower abdomen so I went to see a urologist. He prescribed me with anti biotics and an OTC cream called Betnovate for a week. There was no luck instead I developed fungal infection on my penis. The doctor later told me to see a dermatologist for the pimples and prescribed me an anti fungal cream for a week. Today is the 5th day of me applying the cream with only miNor improvement. However I now have pain in my right testis. Seeing a urologist again tomorrow will keep you posted. How are you guys doing now ,??

Hi. I'm 40 yrs old man from Finland and I have had this condition for 6 years now. It started a while after I was treated for a chlamydia infection. After about 2 months of suffering from it I went to see a dermatologist. they took a biobsy and the diagnose was that I got reactive arthritis as a side effect from the chlamydia.

I only have had symptoms in my penis glans and nowhere else. Skin redness, red spots a mild pain etc. but this may also explain your back pain and/or testicular pain.

I've tried literally EVERY measure to get rid of this permanently but no luck yet. The most effectice cream has been Elidel cream.

After using, it cures the red spots in 24 hours, but after a few days it always reappears.

the reason that I'm responding is that I started taking Chlorella as a suppliment about 6 months ago. It was unrelated to my balanitis, I just started taking it cause of the good health effects in general. Anyway, I'm not cured, but Chlorella has been a major factor for reducing the symptoms. Sometimes it can be over 3 weeks with no redness at all. There was one time for me not taking Chlorella for 2 weeks and my symptoms got worse, Then I started taking it again and it got better. So I just wanted to let everyone know that this might be helpfull. no harm of trying at least. this is very rare and it's nice to have this dicussion going on, cause i fell like nobody takes this seriously. Even the doctors.

Feel free to ask anything. take care.

Hi Tell,

I have also thought several times that this is reactive arthritis because my knee has not been the same since. It crunches all the time and it is painful in many occasions. But I was tested for that, they even checked my Adn... and it did not show anything.

How was the biopsy? Was it painful? Can you describe the procedure? My doctor suggested me not to do it because it would leave an uglier scar than the redness.

I am 24 and I have been dealing with this for 2 years... I am so depressed sometimes... I try to think that some people are going through worse stuff and they are happy but I cannot feel happiness as before all this suffering. I do not have only the redness, but other many symptoms which are so weird.

Ok.. Sound's like Reiter's syndrome even if the tests didn't show anything. But i'm 100% with you that this is some sort of an autoimmune thing. Not enough knowledge around since it is rare.

I don't think you have to have a biopsy taken, but if you do, it's easy. Little to no pain and the only annoying thing was the one stitch for one week. The scar is non visible after these 6 years and it never was much visible at all. They took a VERY small piece from the lower edge of my glans. I find it strange that your doctor would scare you with the scar.

But anyway. Try that Chrorella. It helped me a lot Be sure that it's quality stuff. Made in Japan or Korea. (oh, and I'm not getting paid for advertising that stuff, haha)

Hang in there.

I know everything fits with Reiter’s syndrome. It is just so weird. Is there any way to contact you and send you pictures to see if what I have looks similar to what you have?

Thank you

You cand contact me via email.

Hey guys, I have the same situation, it seemed as balanitis, but I’ve using the clotrimaze and it’s not helping. I also have the pain in my back, pelvic area and testicles. I would like to know if you have any news or new information about it

23yearsold in reply to Axel55

Hi Axel,

Please contact me, there is a whatsapp support group where we discuss this... there are many people with the same symptoms as us. Many of them have had the testicular pain as well apart from balanitis.

Many of them know a lot about this condition and they might orient you better on what to test.

To everyone who is struggling with this...

This is a link to a whatsapp support group. Please only join in when you have the symptoms...

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