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Experience with TB Meningitis

My mum has been diagnosed with TB Meningitis,I must say it's been quite hard her symptoms being ,loss of balance,nausea, vomiting,loss of vision, headaches, stiff-necked......My question is how long does it take to see any improvement... Especially the headaches

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Hello, in case of my cousin, the headaches and nausea decreased significantly after about 1 month of antibiotics and anti infflamatory treatment. Just take into account that my cousin was diagnosed when the TB was well advanced. I want to emphasize in the needing of eating and drinking well, I know this is hard, specially with the nausea but can make the difference. I case of my cousin, when she started to be feeding by a nasogastric tube, her health significantly improved. Be strong, your mum is going to be fine.


Thank you very much just started her on the nasogastric tube......


I. Was in the hospital with bacterial meningitis for 8 days then home with a picc line of antibiotics for 10 days which stopped3 days ago. I am still having symptoms like head and neck ache. Nausea. Chills. But no fever. Not sure if this is ok or if I still have meningitis. Going to call infections dr in morning that I saw in hospital.


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