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Trouble in walking after 4 months of brain TB and meningitis


Hi everyone

My mother age 56 had brain meningitis and brain TB . Also she suffering from CKD . When doctor were able diagnosed that she was almost in comma not , not opening here eye just responding to pinch .

Now after continues 4 months of medicine she had recovered started talking , watching TV , start understanding things.

Now mostly she had trouble in walking , remembering

Any suggestions when she would able to walk properly ?

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Hi Aruna,

When I was released from the hospital, my doctor told me NOT to use a walker...because I would continue to rely on it. So I did as he instructed and walked by holding on to furniture.

I was only 33 and had been very active before contracting Meningococcal, Septicemia, and IDC. It was 9 months before I could walk fairly normally.

Aruna123 in reply to ignoreit

Thank you so much .. I was losing my patience that surely give hope

Hello Aruna123 -- I think it will completely depend on the severity / damage that's happened to that part of the brain. For me, I lost the ability to walk and was too ill -- wasn't going anywhere for a couple of weeks, but as the drugs started to win the battle with the illness (pnem meningitis in my case) -- with the support of people with me, in case I should fall, I steadily built back up being able to walk again. It starts small. A couple of 'shuffles' across the floor. Building up to a shuffle down the hall. By shuffling I mean, you are moving, but not taking full steps. But you steadily walk up from shuffling to taking a few steps, then more steps, then a Physio helped me with stairs. Firstly one at a time. Then two. I was shaky and had a few falls! But got there. Then it's just your stamina that has to improve. I'd go out for a a couple of short walks a day. To the end of the street. Then increase distance. From becoming ill to being steady on my feet, it was prob about 6 months total for me.

All the best! It will happen! :) xo

Hi Aruna,

Recovery from tb meningitis is long way almost a year.. to combat all side effects depending on the damage of brain.. hope she is on anti tb drugs and continue them for 9 to 12 months.. in addition please have a look at her vitamin levels in the body especially vitamin B12.. which is very essential.. ask the doctor whether physiotherapy helps her to walk in present situation according to her progress.. give her good protein rich diet.. try to be more patience n she will recover from all difficulties she is facing.. just the body takes time to heal completely from the infection..

Aruna123 in reply to sandhya12

Thanks Sandhya

She is taking b12 medicine as well , so far she can walk but need little support to maintain the blanance .

Yes we are giving protein diet but controlled as she also has CKD

sandhya12 in reply to Aruna123

It's nice to hear that she can able to walk bit and getting the proper treatment and care.. Hope she recovers soon.. take care...

I had difficulty walking due to balance issues. I went to physical therapy. I had to retrain my brain. It helped tremendously. Take things slowly, it does take time!

Aruna123 in reply to Runnerma

Thanks can you share more about what was in physical therapy? Can I see on internet ?

Runnerma in reply to Aruna123

In the USA the trained person who teaches exercises to help a person regain their strength & retrain the brain in activities such as walking . Not sure it that would Physio as one person mentioned. If you google "physical therapist" you will find lots of info. All the best to you & your Mom. Recovery can be very frustrating but hang in there!

Aruna123 in reply to Runnerma

Thanks a lot :)

how do you feel now. its almost a year past? please share your experiance

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