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TB Meningitis


Hi am a mother whose son is currently fighting for his life, he has been in a coma for two weeks and doctors say his very sick has be diagnosed with TB meningitis and I don't know if he will ever wake up am devastated

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Hello, I myself was diagnosed with TB meningitis in 2008. I was fortunate to be diagnosed in time and never went into a coma, but I was hospitalised for 4 months in total.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions.


Fanice in reply to Mads1975

Thanks Paul

It's frustrating for me as a mother to see my son sleeping with machines all over him and the doctor keeps on telling me he is very sick, I don't know what to expect since its almost three weeks since he went into coma

Mads1975 in reply to Fanice

Personally my family and myself found it very frustrating that the doctors were unable to give firm assurances regarding the outcome as they kept saying that the human brain is very complex and that it was a case of wait and see.

I have been left with mild brain damage that affects my executive functions but otherwise got off lightly.

As difficult as it must be as a mother, you can only place your faith in your son's doctors.

Fanice in reply to Mads1975

Thank you very much for your assurance

What were your symptoms? I'm afraid i might have it and my mom keeps telling me I don't and the doctors. I would appreciate it

Fanice in reply to Ni_smith1194

Fever, vomiting,tiredness ,feeling sleepy then later convulsions

Hello, my symptoms started with poor balance, then becoming very tired all of the time and losing weight and appetite. I started experiencing shaky hands and in the weeks before being hospitalised I was having hallucinations

Thank you both so much! I feel tiredness, chest pain, numbness in leg and hand, two headaches and that's about it. I got checked two days ago but they only did a pee test, gave me pain pills and then sent me home. And I'm scared what could happen next.😞

Today the doctors have informed me that my son has hydrocephalus due to Tb meningitis hence need to drain the fluid but unfortunately nurses in my country are on strike and operating theatre is full, am not sure when the operation will be carried out, and not sure if my son will ever wake up after operation. Anybody with similar experience can share because last week the doctor told me that even after draining the fluid my son's prognosis is not good.

kaledismail in reply to Fanice

Is it external drainage such as reservoir

Or they thinking of shunting. First they do tapping and see if that helps with the pressure and majority of the time it corrects itself. My son needed one tap of 40mls and that did help with the pressure .

Fanice in reply to kaledismail

A shunt was to be inserted but doctors decided to cancel the operation since it was like the fluid had started resolving itself .Yesterday a tracheotomy was done to him but he has not opened his eyes yet although he moves his hands and legs and occasionally moves his eyelids, I don't know when he will ever open his eyes, tomorrow will be mark one month since he went into a coma.

Im sorry your going through this sweetheart ❤ there are people here who can help you, I hope one of them see your post and can help you. Xxxx

Fanice in reply to misswinky34

Thanks Misswinky34


I'm so sorry you are going through this. I will pray for you as this is all I can do. Have you tried calling the menegitis now hotline to get some insight?

Our prayers are with you!

Thanks guys for your prayers

Today I have talked with the doctors and he tells me my son was coughing at night and also his fontanel or soft spot on the surface of the skull has started to shrink meaning it not bulging any more,is this a sign that he is healing coz the operation has not been carried out.

Fanice - How is your son doing now?

I have a sister who is 33 years old.

She was diagnosed with Tb meningitis in May 2017, she never complete her full course of medication. She was doing okay, just headaches here and there. last week, while taking a shower she had fell, we not sure if she fell or it was an Elliptic attack.

Since yesterday she is now in a coma and on a ventilator, she is completely unresponsive.

Doctors says there is too much of fluid in her brain and they are refusing to operate on her as the operation could not be successful.

She has two little beautiful girls that are waiting for their mom to come out of this

It is really difficult to watch this happening and not being able to do anything about it

Hi ChaleenVictor

My son is still in ICU with mild improvement for now he is able to respond to pain.I really feel sorry for your sister my heart goes out to her kids for I know how hard it is for them not seeing mum at home ,my prayers are with you and her kids,take heard God can do miracles just have faith in him.

No much improvement ....I need your prayers

i will certainly be praying for your son too. How old is he?

Thank you CharleenVictor for your prayers he is 9month

Oh no, he's just a little baby, I really feel for you. Stay strong and faith in God!

Thanks... It really breaks my heart not to be able to cuddle my son, whenever I see him laying there helpless there are tears in my eyes but I believe God will heal him.

Thats the hardest thing, i know exactly what you going through, i had a baby that had Holoprosencephaly, a brain defect, i know the helpless feeling.

My sister moved her arm up and down lastnight when we visited her, prayers do work.

God sees our pain and he will not let you go through this alone. His Spirit will comfort you.

Remember, he can come through in the 11th hour!!

Stay Strong hun, for the little bundle you have.

It's wonderful to hear your sister was able to raise her hand I know God's works are marvelous .she will make it.

Thanks for your encouraging words you don't know how strong I become when I read them. Thanks very much.

Keep your hopes alive that your son will be back on his feet and jovial again. I have a friend who was in a coma for four months, machines were the the only bridge between him and survival. Even the doctors had lost hope but he recovered. Though the after effects sometimes might discourage you but the good thing is to see him happy again. My friend is still on medication and goes to work as usual. Your son will be better.

Fanice in reply to yusufchui

Thanks Yusufchui you don't know those encouraging words means to me.

Hi Fanice

Hope your son is doing better. I continue to pray for him.

Unfortunately, with great sadness my sister passed away last wednesday. Life is just not the same and will never be, especially for her two kids.

I pray that God comforts you and his angels camp around your son night and day.

Am sorry CharleenVictor about your sister passing, I know no words I say can comfort you enough but I pray that God will give you strength to pull through, my son is still in ICU, he is able to move his legs and hands when touched but he has not yet opened his eyes.

Hi Fanice . My two days son went to hospital for Eco meningitis . Drs didn't give him a chance. He was in coma for 3 wks . He was so tiny and they wrote him off . But he pulled it through with the help of prayers and Gods grace. Just do take each day as it comes. Don't listen what they say . Scans showed my sons brain had a lot of liquid. But he didn't need surgery. He is happy 6 month old baby and a bit of hearing loss he start even sitting up on his own. I will pray for your son.

Fanice in reply to kaledismail

Thanks very much for that encouragement hope my boy will also pull through because now the doctors tell me it's a game of wait and see ,please I need your prayers.

Thank you Fanice. Means alot to me.

Your son will surely pull through, only through God's grace and all our prayers!

Thanks too Charleen ,I will pray for you always and if you ever need a friend don't hesitate to talk to me.

Thank you so much for your support, it really is appreciated.

May the peace of God be with you and your family always

My dad is bugged with BM and its 8 mths. Sever after effects both mental and physical.

No drugs working on him as his age is more to bear the side effects. But still am seeing him come out slowly.

May be what will help u is patience/relaxation, there will be ups n downs .

Ayurveda has lot of adjunctive meds to support.

Hang in there. I hv lot of experience to share for BM.

marlit in reply to Peeyushk

Hello, how's your dad now? my dad also has a Post TB Meningitis for 4 months now, and it really affects his mental and physical being. I know how hard for us facing this kind of difficulties. My dad is bedridden and couldn't talk. how about your dad?

Peeyushk in reply to marlit

Hello. Unfortunately he passed away after 10 months of suffering. Immobility and sideffects of medicines are too severe to manage. Wish u lot of courage and patience for your dads treatment. There will be ups n downs for you and it is equally difficult for the patient too. So relax and keep trying ur best. If u need any help then u can keep it touch. I will share my experiences known in my limits. Take care and be calm.

marlit in reply to Peeyushk

thank you for replying, im sorry for your loss. i knew it is not easy having this kind of problems. thank you so much for your encouragement during this tough times of ours.

Oding in reply to marlit

My father has tb meningitis as fo doctor say.. he has been hospitalize 2 weeks until they start tb medication.. hes left side body cant move..after a week in hospital thats the time he always sleep if he wake up 10 to 15 seconds only.. after a day tb meds hes fever gone but after 6 day its back . Goes on and off..he can wave his hand can follow simple command just for hand sign...im just prostreated that hes fever goes on and off.. im worry about hes condition..its 32 day in hospital..does any one can make this worry gone..

Hi Marlin take heart and pray ,I hope your father pulls through.My son passed away 3 month after being in a coma.

I'm sorry to hear about your loss, But it's okay you already have an angel maybe God didn't want your little angel to suffer more. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. May God bless us always.

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