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TB meningitis, how long will it be cured?


Good evening, i would like to seek an advice with regards to my fathers condition. He is 55 yrs. old and was diagnosed by having an OBSTRUCTIVE HYDROCEPHALUS WITH TB MENINGITIS. He underwent VP shunt surgery and right after the operation he recoverd immediately. First month was that he can recognized and remembered things, he can ate by his own, voice is in good condition. knows how to wore shirt, but he can't walk. Right after his 1st month it seems his body got tired and until now he has this difficulty in remembering us, and lack of appetite sometimes. I don't know what to do, i did all the research already how to cure tb meningitis and how long could we wait unti he will recover and remember us. Pls advice me just for a peace of my mind and heart. Thank you

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Hello ! It is nice that your doctor realised beforehand this desease . I beleave she will recover soon but need time ! Amin !

marlit in reply to zaur

thank you for the support. Thats what we are doing noe, hoping that he can recover sooner in Gods time.

Hello, I was diagnosed with TB Meningitis in May 2008 but wasn’t discharged from hospital for 16 weeks.

My short term memory was terrible at this time, I’d forget things within 60 seconds but this has steadily improved since then. I was on the TBM medication for 12 months and I improved over this time.

However I must tell you that I have acquired a brain injury as a result and can no longer concentrate like I could previously and had to take ill health retirement.

, im so thankful that you're giving me light and hope that everything will be fine soon. All we wanted is his conciousness to be back, because we miss him so much, the way we used to know him 😢 Thank you

may i know what are those after effects you'd encounter from the past while having an ongoing medication? so that i can tell it to my mom because she was the one who took good care of my father because i'm miles away. I just wanted to give hope to my mom that everything will be easy sooner because i knew she was depressed for we spent the christmas eve in the hospital and almost new year also. I know that she's tired, exhausted for what had happened. Thank you

Off course he will be ok ! I have cough this desease 15 years ago in military cervise and was fully paralilized . Just all is ok and I work at a hotel as concierge !!!!!

My father has tb meningitis as fo doctor say.. he has been hospitalize 2 weeks until they start tb medication.. hes left side body cant move..after a week in hospital thats the time he always sleep if he wake up 10 to 15 seconds only.. after a day tb meds hes fever gone but after 6 day its back . Goes on and off..he can wave his hand can follow simple command just for hand sign...im just prostreated that hes fever goes on and off.. im worry about hes condition..its 32 day in hospital..does any one can make this worry gone..

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