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Side effects of TB meningitis?

Hi all, I would like to hear your experience on TB meningitis... My dad has been diagnosed with TB meningitis and was under medications for 1 month now.. He now have difficulty balancing which make walking difficult. He has to walk slowly with walking stick, and he has also changed to toe out walking. His behaviour has also changed and his way of expressing is also a bit different now. Doctors are suspecting side effects of the medications or celebral palsy, which is very worrying if its the latter..

Appreciate anyone to share similar experience please!

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ive never heard of this before, so sorry your father has got this he must have caught it from someone … good luck with his progress … keep us up with your news god bless him … take care x


Sorry to hear this. I have never heard of this type of meningitis but I believe that is because even though meningitis is rare, TB meningitis is rarer because most people are vaccinated for TB. The rates of TB in the US are very low due to the required vaccine and people get the vaccine very young. I don't know if he wasn't vaccinated, if the vaccine wasn't effective or recent enough for him, or if he was immunocompromised when he was exposed to someone else with TB. No matter what kind of meningitis though, the path to recovery is difficult, slow, and some things may never be as they were before. I wish you and your family the best.



You have to be ready for a long haul. TBM is a serious one. I believe It can be a latent TB just flares up when Immune system is down and finds its way to brain to cause meningitis. Usually the symptoms are weight loss, fever for months and later finding the classic symptoms of Meningitis. TB medication is for a long haul - probably for 6 months. it can go to 1 year like in my sons case of TBM. The side effects of TB medication is far worse than the medicine itself. Usually people adjust well in a month or two. TBM has about 50% chances of stroke. I am not a doctor, but my son went through it - with right side completely paralysed. Doctors changed to IV TB med and with steroids. DO not worry. I can tell you that my son after a year of going through hell is near normal today. regained speech, walking and movements. He can cycle, drive a car and does not have problems. But for a Meningitis patient - there is a new normal. He has small balance issues - though he can walk for kilometres. There is a good hope that your dad will recover back to normal. Trust the doctors and hope they do have experience. MY son was the first patient in the hospital he was treated in netherlands. If it was in india, my son would have had perfect recovery with no side effects. WE did transfer him to India after the initial period. This is to say that indian doctors have more experience on this treatment of tBM. Give him time and support him fully for atleast one year. Thats waht helps.


Thank you so much! Your experience and words really helps. I second all your experiences, the medication has so much side effects! My dad is 2 months into TB meningitis, and he has improved alot, although still having some balancing issues as well as his thinking. Pray that it gets better day by day.


It will. Trust me. It may take some more months to have his old thinking back. Meningitis messes with some parts of thinking and cognitive ability of the brain. With time it gets better. - time means six months to one year. Do not miss the TB meds. Do not discontinue without doctors advice. take a liver function test once 4-5 weeks or if he has problems with digestion/food intake. Give him time and family support - Balance issues will improve. Best wishes for his complete recovery. BTW- Which country are you from? Just curious.


Thank you so much for your advice! My dad has made great improvement looking back since he was diagnosed 2 months ago. He's able to drive and cook now, though he still need more practice. We're residing in Singapore.

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Meningitis in general is a rough disease, I got pneumococcal meningitis in end of april, wasn't able to walk without helping devices for a month. I'm 28 years old, after being discharged after a month I still had to continue strong antibiotics for 2 months so 3 months in total. First month after discharged I walked like a grampa with a limp. But it improved daily and now I'm basically same as before tje incident. Able to bike with a bicycle etc. Ofcourse I'm still young so recovery is faster, but according to doctors full recovery will take from 12 months to 24 months.

I also used to sing the sentences after getting back home and just sing in general, which I didn't have as a habit before BM. Also messing up the syllables in words and so on. And at first being out in the world I got panic attacks. Also lost my hearing for most parts in my left ear.

Happy to hear your father has recovered and is able to drive, thinking will normalize and so on but everything takes time. Alcohol in higher amounts and in general is a no no. Also smoking is no no.


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