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Can a TBM patient suddenly become extremely drowsy to the point of requiring mechanical ventilation?

My father, 71 years was admitted to the hospital on 6th June following extreme drowsiness to the point where he was unable to swallow water. On a blood test, it was found that his Sodium had dropped to 112 despite being on Tolvaptan daily, fluid restriction and oral salt intake (5 gm). He was also found to be having Pneumonia

He was admitted to ITU and was put on antibiotics for the Pneumonia (Tazact) However after a couple of days he had a seizure followed by drowsiness. He regained consciousness on the next day and even talked to me for a while. On the next day, he had another seizure and since then he has been extremely drowsy. His blood CO2 level was increasing so he was put on CPAP for a while but later was put on mechanical ventilator. Doctors wanted to do an MRI but couldn't do it since he had a permanent pacemaker implanted. So a CT Contract was done which showed that his ventricles are very dilated. Doctor said this indicated hydrocephalus but his condition isn't such that a shunt surgery could be done, so he has been put on medication to treat his condition.

He has been on ventilation since the last 4 days, initially the doctor thought that he might have suffered a stroke since his left body wasn't responding, but the CT scan revealed to such cerebral event.

I am worried as to why he has been so drowsy that he is requiring ventilation. I talked to the neurologist today and he said that his left body is now responding and his limbs are also moving a bit. He isn't in coma but isn't responding to any stimulus.

His blood sodium and potassium levels are now normal and the pneumonia has also subsided (blood count was 9000 yesterday)

It seems that even the doctors are stumped as to why this is happening.

Could anyone please advise whether such a situation is possible with patients having TB Meningitis? Can a patient remain drowsy for days on a ventilator support?

Please help

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Hi, My father is also in very drowsy state during his TB meningitis treatment from last 1 week. Can you please tell me what did doctors do to treat this drowsiness.

Please help.


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