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Could I have Meningitis?

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2 days ago I had the worst headache ever - no exaggeration. The head hurt everywhere and it came our of nowhere. I couldn't lool at lights, move or talk because the pain was so bad. I actually felt like cracking my skull open. The pain made me feel like i was foinf to vomit and pass out. My eyes felt hot and hurt and I was feeling feverish. However, the headache subsided. I've been having mild headaches everyday since then with occasional really painful ones lasting a few minutes. Since Then, I've felt sick everyday and cannot eat anything or even brush my teeth because it makes me feel like I'll throw up. I don't feel like I have the flu or the cold at all. The symptoms are similar, but it's on and off feverish feeling which makes me almost delirious. Yesterday it took my an hour to complete a 10 minute task of getting ready to leave for university as I kept forgetting and becoming confused what I had to do. All of yesterday I was extremely tired and pretty confused and it took my a while to get my words together. Today However, it has yet again subsided leaving me with mild confusion, sickness and a pressure headache. However, a new symptom is that I can't touch my chin to my chest (looked online how to test for meningitis) as I have a pain in my right shoulder, back and neck. It isn't extreme pain, but rather stiff and feels difficult to do it - like a magnet is pulling me back. These symptoms occur in a way where they will subside for a few hours and come back so I'm confused. Also I have been getting random pains on my body and i feel really heavy.

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Do not waste time on the internet if you remotely suspect meningitis. You need to be checked out by a medic at the accident and emergency department of a hospital. If you are in the UK call 111 if you are uncertain and want to discuss symptoms - but personally I’d get help as a matter of urgency.

This is very unpleasant for you. I hope you are now feeling a little better. People on this site are not doctors and by the sound of it you should get checked out immediately if just to exclude anything serious. I know from my own experience the headache I woke up with didn't subside after a few hours it continued for many days and was of such intensity that I was unable to move or do anything. Along with this was a fever and continual vomiting. When symptoms are this intense and do not follow after an injury that might explain what is going on I think it quickly becomes apparent that one ought to seek help immediately.

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I can't imagine what you must have felt like. I haven't been vomiting, but very close to everyday. This site was the only thing I had at the time being as I've called the doctors office two days in a row and nothing. Endless searching online doesn't help either, but it always comes back to this so I became worried. I've been on and off everyday which is strange and draining, but could be worse. Thank you for your help

Listen, You really need to go to A&E now, call an ambulance and get going. I was so disoriented when I contracted the virus I couldn't even see or hear, and it happens so very fast. Do yourself a favour and get to A&E.

Ksblue, listen to everyone here. Go get checked out asap! I am no doctor but i was down for months w viral meningitis last year. Everything you described is exactly how it came on for me. It started off excruciating in my head, lots of pressure, then died off and came back a few days. Then it moved into my body and it felt like it was impossible to do anything. Everything hurts in some way, you have no energy, and then you really start to feel the pain run up and down your spine. I live in the US and they are years behind the UK on info and determination of viral meningitis. Over here if they dont catch it by a spinal tap in the first few weeks thereafter they basically treat you like nothings wrong. It was crushing and frustrating especially bc I suffered for several months with no help from the medical field. This site and these people are wonderful and so supportive! Please go get checked out and let us know! You have to take care of yourself and not push yourself if you have it! We can share what helped us and natural remedies if you have it so let us know! Good luck love!

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That sounds absolutely terrible! I'm sorry you had to go through that, but glad it's over. Ive been trying to book an appointment with the doctor for the last two days so fingers crossed I can get one in the morning. I haven't had any energy either and it's so not like me. I can stare at the wall for ages and be so spaced out. So far nothing helps, not even rest or sleep. I've tried tons of different herbal teas, ginger and so on. I'll let you know What the doctor has said as soon as I know and hopefully they'll have an answer. Thank you for your reply!

Seeing a doctor is definitely the first step. It is however extremely unlikely that he would be able to diagnose meningitis. If he thinks your symptoms are serious enough he will either arrange for you to go to hospital for tests or alternatively suggest you get yourself up to A&E so that you can be properly checked over. If for whatever reason you are unable to see a doctor today, I think the advice from everyone on this site would be to just go to A&E. You may well have to wait initially, but if they suspect it could be meningitis they won't hang around. Good luck and best wishes for a speedy resolution!

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Thank you, I called a non-emergency line in the UK which is 111 and they told me to book an appointment even though I told them I was unable to 3 days in a row. They just told me to wait and try to book one. Figuring out what to do now.

Update: felt better today apart from general nausea which I've had since the headache. Still feel sick after eating and very tired. About 3 hours ago my feet and hands were very cold, but I don't know if that's because of my raynaulds. Eyes have started to feel hot again and body temp has risen so I called 111 and they told me to book an appointment with the doctors. I was Yet again unable to, so considering going to the hospital, but worried they will think I'm just being dramatic as I feel better than before.

Can't say it enough times; if you still have these symptoms get yourself to A&E right now! Don't wait for any doctors appointment. It may well be nothing too serious but it can be if you do nothing.


I wouldn't spend days trying to get in to see a doctor. I think you should go straight to the emergency department of your nearest hospital.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Amrita xo

Just to update everyone that I developed a rash last night all over my arms and stomach so I went to see a doctor. They went through my symptoms and I told them I was worried about meningitis, but they dismissed my symptoms as a viral illness. There was a possibility of viral meningitis, but they said it wasn't necessary to test as my overall health was better than before. I am indeed feeling better, still recovering, but wasn't even told what to do until I asked - the answer was rest and plenty of fluids.

Healthcare can be so frustrating! I hope for your sake it is something viral but if you are still down in a few days i would just go to the hospital. I think sometimes they like to use “viral” when they have no idea what to do or what to give you. That sounds like a very odd “viral” illness to me!! Especially with you ending up with a rash. I hope it clears up but if it doesnt just keep bugging the doctors. I showed up in my doctors office 4 days in a row crying and complaining. But Im in the US and they treat viral meningitis like any other virus. I hope you feel better! Keep us posted!

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