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Menigitis. Pls help someone?

Hi people, this is first time on here, but I'm so desperate I contracted menigitis 3 and half wks ago, somhow through trying to come of pregabalin ( strong nerve tabs) on the third day of not takin them I got men....these tabs have such a bad write up & comin of them was hell. I feel that I got so run down it caused all of this, anyway I woke up in hospital after being on breathing machine, lucky I was with my partner who put me in the ambulance as I don't remember nothin, but on waking up I could hear nothin apart from loud buzzin noise all the time which I now no is tinnitus, I'm petrified as I've read so many times that if ur hearin dosnt com bac after 14 days or so then it probably won't, I reall don't feel I can live my life like this, it's hell like I'm bein torterd, punshid, I have extremely bad vertigo but I could live with that but I can't accept I'm goin to be deaf for the rest of my life, im 43 have no family apart from my partner who lives at his mums who he cares for so my time stayin here will have to end soon, pls if anyone can give me advice id so appreciate it, someone mention on here that there not up to date with carin for adults with meng, how true that is, I was discharged 2 days after they brought me out of coma with nothin, no medication, referrals, I've had to chase everything, iv got Ent & hearing test in Nov, iv also gone to boots & amplifon hearin,1 said thers help the other said no ther isn't, anyway I'm rabbling on now, I'll sign of, hope someone can help. Thanx.

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Hi, I suffered meningoencephalitis back in 2008 (I was 44), I also have loud ringing in ears. All I can say at this stage it you're a very short way into your recovery. For the first few months I was battling with recovery and I did way too much googling on my symptoms and it drove me half crazy. I was on anti-epilepsy tablets which obviously affected the way I was thinking. For a while I think I was depressed.

However, things did improve slowly. My tinnitus is still there, I find keeping busy is the best thing to do, get your mind off it. It's not easy of course as you'll no doubt be fatigued. I spoke to my GP about tinnitus and I think that ENT hold sessions regarding better coping with it. Something I do, and I wouldn't necessarily recommend this to everyone but I listen to music low volume with headphones, and I ALWAYS got to sleep with a fan on, as I can concentrate on the noise of the fan, not the buzzing!

I know everyone is different and I think you're going through a bad spell because your were only ill a short while ago. Meningitis is a BIG thing, you did fantastically well to survive it. I was in a coma for 3 weeks and in hospital for about 1 month, I did find recovery slow, but I literally did nothing when I got home and just concentrated on recovery.


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Thanx for ur reply, seems ur the only one I got, but I can't hear nothing apart from this buzzin, I can't watch TV, nothin, if I knew eventually it was gonna come bac IDE wait happily but I've read on menigitis site that it's highly unlikely if it didn't come bac within the first couple of days, & yeah ur right about gogling stuff, everyday I'll go on it thinkin I mite get the answers I'm so lookin for, I no I mite sound so depressing but right now all I want to do is go to sleep for ever, I'm sorry but that's how I feel, I can't cope with the fact I'm gonna be deaf 4 the rest of my life, I tried a hearin aid wen I went to amplfon & it sounded like I was listening to a robot & half of it I couldn't hear, I really mean this wen I say I would of been better to just not coming round, life is supposed to be half enjoyable, & the least u can ask for is to see & hear life. Once again thanx for replying it means a lot to me, I havnt got no family so cheers. Sorry if I'm depressed.

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Hi Tucker71,

Thank you for posting and lovely to ‘meet’ you. My name is Justin. I just wanted to say hi, and see how you are today? And to welcome you to the forum, which many of us treat like a family. You are not alone  There’s a lot of advice on handling after-effects and tips on recovery on the various blogs on this site and it may be worth, if you have time, and are minded to, shifting some of your efforts from Google to here (we’ve all done the google-thing, and sometimes personal experiences can speak so much more than impersonal research; and it can drive you mad, right!). We’ve also all been hit by the meningitis truck (with different registration numbers) and have much to share, and there are many ‘ears’ here for you. You’ve come to right place. Welcome again to the Family!

It can be dangerous thing to offer advice, but there can be great solace found in ‘hearing’ (without the ringing in your ears) the personal experiences of others, to help you understand you’re not alone, and to see how others are handling their own lives post-meningitis. The forum collective is with you, and maybe we can help be a shoulder while you’re looking for more professional help. We’re great at ‘listening’ without judging and that can count for a lot I think 

I’ve not had meningoencephalitis (it sounds awful!). But my life, and my partner’s, has been profoundly affected by meningitis (I’ve got a recurring viral version). I am also 43, so we have somethings in common already! See, you did come to the right place. Sadly I don’t have tinnitus, but many do and Graham has already reached out to you. But I do know ‘the fear’, and have wondered desperately how I’ll be able to handle my after-shocks too (permanent poor short-term memory, with some inability to form new memories; confusion often leading to paranoia; exhaustion; random muscle spasms; mood swings; and the obligatory pounding headaches – some parts sound somewhat familiar?). Like you, and most everyone else here, I’ve had to chase answers and shift through the snip-its of advice too to build an understanding of what is happening to me, and where to go from here. But I can definitely say, it does get easier, day-by-day, and as Graham and so many others will say, rest is the #1 way to start. So congratulations, you’ve already found the right foundation on which to build. 

In case it helps in anyway, and I’m not in any way understating anything you’re going through, I take one day at a time when I’m in recovery mode (I’m 6 weeks into my last episode; an A&E one). I used to wonder what ‘one day at a time meant’, but it kind of makes sense now. Today is Sunday. I plan to get up, have a coffee, and write my achievement list for the day with those things on it, and then tick them off (no need to write one by the way; I just do as I have memory problems). That’s it! I collapsed last night (again, hey ho) and was put to bed by my partner, so my list is short today. Just get-up, have a coffee and write a list with those things on it, then REST. If I stick to the last one, I’ve passed today! That’s in my control, right. Yesterday I did more, but hey, that was yesterday and isn’t today. Tomorrow I may do more again, but I’m not getting ahead of myself. Not today.

Need to go now as my kids have woken up. I’ll do my best to check back here tomorrow (though please excuse me if the list doesn’t work out well then) and it would be great to hear from you :-). Just tell us how you are. We’re listening my friend, and you’re not alone. Bye for now.

PS - Thanks again for reaching out. Adding a new member of our vitually family was not on my list when I woke up. Thank you :-)


Hi Justin thanx for ur reply very thoughtful of u, I'm really struggling right now, everyday I wake up hopin my hearin would of somhow improved but to no avail, I'm a very strong person & have indured a lot of bad stuff in my life, with a very bad vascular illness prior to mg & dvt's and septercemier twice, I could go on and on but by sure this illness has just ruined me, I can live with all the other symptoms but not being deaf, I'm isolated from life and everything, I have to wait for my partner to write everything down to answer me bac, I can only stare at the tv and catch some of the subtitles, I'm not one usually for feeling sorry for ones self but I don't think I can go on like this, wat makes it harder is just say I didn't have my only one friend eddie to help me, I would be at home alone, it's unbe that the hospital would send me home with not one bit of help, I even had to go back to the hospital last week to get me discharge letter with my exact illness as my gp didn't no exactly wat was wrong with me. It shouldn't be me having to run here and there deaf askin for letters and medication as they didn't give me that on discharge either.

Anyway I'm bit perplexed as wat exaclety did u have? Not to be rude, but again thank u for takin the time to reply, hope to hear from u again.


Hi Tucker71. Welcome to the forum like the others have said I am sure you will find it very helpful and supportive. I contracted Bacterial Meningitis in May 2011 when I was 51 yrs old and was in a coma for 3 wks. I am wondering whether your meningitis was also Bacterial as although Justin mentions Meningoencephalitis I think that was what Graham suffered and not you? You may like to click on my name which will take you to my profile which will tell you a bit more about my situation of the nasty BM & Septicaemia. Like you I could hear in my left ear and could only hear an undefinable rabble of sounds in my right ear. It was quite a number of months on before my hearing started to improve and now 3+ years on I still have reduced hearing in my left ear and tinnitus. The pitch of the tinnitus has reduced but it is still there. It is not uncommon for meningitis to cause problems with hearing and there are some people on here who are now profoundly deaf and have cochlea implants. That said don't start fearing the worst because like for me things improved a lot and it is such early days for you and your recovery. Everyone post bacterial meningitis should have a hearing test and if you are in England you can request that via the NHS. You should ask your GP to make a referral as the Boots testing will not be appropriate given your circumstances of having had meningitis. If you contact Meningitis Now helpline they too will be able to advise you of this and also are very supportive and have lots of helpful info they can send you about recovery etc. Do go buying any hearing aids from Boots as probably not what you need and over the next months you hearing difficulties will change (hopefully for the better). It is also not unusual to feel emotionally at sea and anxious and depressed as you are taking on board the reality if the enormity of what happened to you. I too have no family and have had to go on my long long recovery journey largely alone as regular friends slip away from wanting to be a friend anymore. I have the added responsibility of parenting a child - now 8 yrs old - and it is difficult without people to provide practical and emotional support and understanding. However like the others have said and offered out to you - you have found a place with a unique genuine understanding as many of us have too had our lives turned upside down by meningitis whereas friends and family don't truly understand but we do. You will need to try and be patient and as Justin advises it is best to take one day at a time. The road of recovery from meningitis can be a long one and for those more seriously affected recovery may go over years rather than weeks or months.

Very best wishes and keep posting.

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Hi and thanks ever so much for replying, I think u read my post a bit wrong, I don't have no hearing in either ears apart from the loud buzzin noise, I've been docs & have arranged proper hearin test in November plus iv got e,n,t appointment too, ur so right about boots they said ohh yeah we can help its gonna start at £500 for hearin aids, then I went to amplfon who was more straght talking and didn't push for me to buy anything, in fact lady gave me a little divise that my partner talks into and I wear the headphones to amplifier his voice, it's not much good but I really apreciated her doin that as she didn't have to, I just think she saw how desperate I was and felt sorry for me.

But I can't stop readin on websites that ur hearin proberly won't return if it hasn't in 14 days of it happening, but uve given me a bit of hope, as I really can't stop thinkin about sayin good nite for ever, in a way it gives me mixed emotions, 1 of I've gotta to be certain if I'm gonna bro that &1 of it would be peace, peace from this buzzin noise & not bein part of life, like I've mentioned before I sit on sofa all day starin at tv of which I somtimes catch the subtitles if that channel has them, does anyone no if thers a devise that helps u hear the tv, surly ther must be because I could hear the lady's computer in amplfon? Anyway I'm sorry if I've not asked about ur illness, I'm gonna go onto ur profile after I've written this, my meningiis was positive for neiserria, plus menggg.....I'm trying to find the spelling, again I'm gonna go to discharge hospital letter, but it dosnt say much, apart from a few lies, like they treated me for 7 days on antibiotics, I wasn't even in ther for 7 days, after 3 days coma then they brought me out of that cause it was self induced, they kept me for 2 more days then got rid of me, no one believed me that I coulnt hear?? Why would I lie about something like that?. Thanx once again for ur reply, hope we get to talk again, God bless u, and I'm glad ur better.


My apologise that I miss understood that you are experiencing total hearing loss other than loud buzzing noise. My excuse is my frontal brain injury sustained courtesy of BM & Sep! So hard to accept these problems when it is not an illness or injury we have caused ourselves or had any control over isn't it. I can totally emphasize with your despair, frustration and sense of is life worth it now. Somehow we just have to keep ourselves going by taking one day at a time but it is far from easy when what recovery we can experience varies for each person. The world web is so helpful in many ways but also can be most unhelpful as it gives us access to an abundance of 'no hope' info which is so often the worse case scenario and not what the outcome is often more likely to be. Am very pleased that you Are having a hearing test and have an ENT apt in Nov. that is by far the most appropriate place for your hearing problem to be tested and assessed as they have far more sophisticated equipment to check out the why. Depending on the cause they will be able to treat appropriately if anything required. Have you considered ringing the National deaf society (sorry not sure what it called these days) as they would be able to tell you if aids available to help you hear the TV? I agree I cannot comprehend why they would not believe you when you told them about not being able to hear and consequently causing you additional distress. There is much ignorance even in the NHS about Meningitis and it can only be assumed that did not have adequate knowledge of the condition to know that hearing can be damaged. Out of interest do you have any balance problems?? Please do try and stop trawling the net and post your questions on here instead as you will hopefully get more balanced answers many with more positive outcomes and just some with the 'this is permanent' scenario!!

Best wishes and do keep chatting


Hiya, I'm kinda lost bit of hope as wen I read your first reply did u say that ur hearing was limited a lot? And it improved, reason I'm askin as it gave me a bit of hope, cause I thou well if it came back for one then it mite be a bit of hope, the way I read it was that ur left ear was bad and ur right also, if u could tell me in detail exaclety the circumstances IDE appreciate it, and yeah it was bacterial men I got, and the hospital was not helpful at all, u no just say I didn't have eddie my ex partner to help me I would be in a empty flat suicdal right now.... He has been a god send, and wen I read ur profile about ur son I felt sad but hopefully he wen have forgotten these things as time goes by, and also make him helpful toward woman or generally just helping others, hope to hear from u shortly, love Claire


Good morning

I am post vm 5 yrs...... I had all sorts of trouble from the onset of my illness, diagnosed with vm originally and sent home from docs.... I became so ill I ended up in hospital where I failed tests etc could hardly spk, was asked if I had been drinkin, I had horrendous ringing in my ears which went on for months though I had hearing this was v difficult amongst all of the other stuff I was physically goin through.... I was sent home where I was ill for months.... I had the support of my family but docs were rubbish..... I could go on with all of my afflictions but I won't but I will say I really do relate to what you are saying, it is so hard trying to cope with all this but try & rest as much as you can, the frustration of my illness made me so much worse, I had days where I just wanted to throw the towel in !!!

Everyday was a hurdle I had to overcome & fighting for my health if you like took its toll so I decided I had to stop looking for answers, I decided to nurture myself, truly nurture myself....... But this was a good few months in as I didn't have the energy or feel anywhere near ok to contemplate such a task.... Slowly but surely I looked into mediation, pranayama ( breathing techniques) anything that helped ME because it soon became apparent only I could make my life better......... Actually I lie, this forum was a god send reading people's experiences helped me so much & at points saved me from goin completely mad.....

You are so early in your illness so please don't push yourself too hard, I always say if you can read 'a letter from your brain' this was something I read on here or I think it was on here


Oops sorry tucker it seems my post was cut short, but now I can't remember what wrote!!!!!!!

Anyhow google it I hope it helps....

I wish you well & send positive healing thoughts to you.....

Take care

Siobahn x


Hi Claire,

I’m here. I had to get to Birmingham and back yesterday (on my own) and it challenged me a little too much. I knew it was going to, and had to do it to keep my job, though will rest more because of that today.

I can see you're struggling and I totally sympathise with you. I cannot fully understand what the hearing loss must feel like. StrawberryCream has said so much more on that front than I could ever attempt to, and it would be wrong of me to do so.

You have surely had more than your fair share of being tested Claire. I truly feel for you, and understand as best as I can the feeling of being ruined. I know the feeling of losing hope too, and have looked into the abyss a number of times (I used to sell T-shirts by one of the jetties there, you may have seen me, but it got pretty lonely). Leaving hospital without any guidance doesn’t help either, right? I think so many of us have had similar experiences, though that’s no comfort in itself. One day things may change, I hope, and forum’s like this can only push that ahead I’m sure.

Happy to share my experiences for what they're worth, and it’s not rude to ask. I have recurring VM, caused initially by the entero (tummy bug) virus, though am now susceptible to the other viral causes (my meninges are like a colander) and the chickenpox virus so strongly that being around someone with the ‘pox can send me into a catanoic state in hours if I'm not on my game. Not ideal for a great social life, or being around kids. I have a range of the ‘usual’ pick and mix of other post-men symptoms (without denigrating them), which I recover from periodically before I get hit again. That means some of them don’t go away, poor memory, confusion, and exhaustion, being my favourites. (The banging headaches, light sensitivity, etc being a given, without again in anyway denigrating them either.) It has taken 3 years (3 or 4 GPs, I forget which; 4 A&E docs; 2 neurologists, a bunch of taxes and a lot of my own research and belief) to get the right diagnosis. I’ll be on antivirals for life (which is fine) as the symptoms are getting steadily worse so I'm upping the ante! Game on.

So many others have not been so lucky, though like most I’ve had to work hard to understand what is happening to me (with the usual crying feeling sorry for myself moments) to get here. But I have taken great solace in the heroic stories on this forum, having been a silent reader for a couple of years. It's hard to join in when no-one believe you have a condition.

It’s so early for you Claire, and please don’t be disheartened by that. Siobahn’s recommendation of 'a letter from your brain' (thanks siobahn, I added it to my list :-)) is a great way to start the knowledge trail, and as StrawberryCream says, don’t start fearing the worst. Only time will tell (and heal, if one rests and lets it do it's magic), and it’s just a day at a time to get there.

Like you and the rest of us I think by nature or nuture, I am strong, but have learnt - the hard way, though is there another? - I'm not invincible. So I have a case worker from MeningitisNow coming to see me for a first session this Friday, and know that’s my own first step to getting more help and the start of a new journey. I'm hopeful it will show me some other survival tips too, and am happy to share back how I feel after we meet.

I read once that hope was desire and expectation rolled into one, but I figure that experience can better them both. If you have time, have a look at some of the blogs on this forum and you'll see such strength, passion and understanding born of experience that it can help one recover that inner rod of iron and commitment to get better. There is a world for us all beyond our own menigitis experiences, and it's good. It may not be exactly the same, but only rest can show us what it holds and it's worth the wait for sure for the next chapter.

What do you think? It would be nice to share what I hear on Friday with someone, if not in the same boat, going upstream the same way.

(I have promised my eldest son we'll go trick or treating Friday night so I may need to feedback over the weekend. I'll not need a costume for the night though, I'm ready prepared!)


You are funny, if u was selling t,shirts then I was oppisite u selling whole body suits! Yeah I would love to hear how ur appoiment goes with men now let me no, eddie ( person who's helpin me) rang um today as vickylou on here suggested it I'm lookin for help with a TV listener as I can't stand another day starin at a TV screen I can't hear. Yeah thers sub titles but it's not the same, but he forgot to ask so iv got to get him to ring bac again, don't no if she can help cause he said they can do more wen I get my ENT results in November 17th long away wen ur stuck with this loud buzzing noise, anyway I'll sign of now cause I'm really so depressed I don't won't to keep going on about myself, but I hope u enjoy ur truck or treating on Friday, how old is ur son? Wats his name? ....hope to hear from u soon



Hi Tucker,

I'm 18 months post bacterial meningitis. I was in a coma 3 days, recovered in the hospital 2 weeks, then 2 more weeks at my dads recovering enough to make the 3 hour drive back home. When they released me I could not walk without the help of my husband AND a walker. I was mostly deaf in both ears, with crazy loud mechanical sounding noise. I could pick out a word or two here and there but not enough to really understand what anyone was saying to me, the Drs all wrote down what they wanted to tell me. In my web searches I read that with my kind of brain injury it could take up to 3 years for recovery. About 6 months post I could hear more words and was more able to follow conversations. As time has progressed I think it's better, I'm still not sure that my hearing issues are due to not hearing but how my brain perceives what it hears. The tinnitus is still here, sometimes worse then others, when it's loud I feel like it's driving me mad, and then sometimes I think it's gone but only when I'm thinking back. I used to love music but it just doesn't make sense to me anymore, it just "sounds" like so much noise. It's definitly worse when I'm tired or when there's too many people talking, or too many different sounds to process. I still get dizzy now and then, and have to be careful to get plenty of rest. I've been through the depression of losing my hearing but am very grateful for what I do hear when I hear it. Meningitis is really unfair in the way it blindsides you and leaves you with nothing but unanswerable questions. I had to make the choice to NOT let it take any more away from me then it already had. I try not to think about what it took, but how fortunate I am to still have all of my limbs, my vision and what little hearing I still have. I pray that as you continue to recover (it's a long process) at least some of your hearing will return, and the tinnitus will fade as mine has. I've found that when I keep busy it's not nearly as bad.

Best wishes in your continued recovery.


Hi Dynomite, thanx for replying, all the help and messages are a great sauce of comfort and I'll grab hold of any I can at the moment..... I'm really struggling at the moment and I reall hate saying that as I'm usually a strong girl, who will tell myself come on there's pe out there a lot worse then myself, but this deafness and the loud buzzing 24/7 is driving me mad, u said the hospital kept u for 2 wks after coma, I was in coma for 3 days also but they discharged me 2 days after bringing me out of coma, they didn't really believe I couldn't hear, and every time I called a nurse most would say yeah give me 5 mins I'll be bac which they never did, it was to much hard work for them having to write everything down then wait till I could think of my answers as my memory was really bad then, anyway I aprec ur reply. Good luck for the future.

Love claire


Hi Claire,

Ah, it was you that took my trade then with the bodysuits. Thought I recognised you :-) With that, and the lack of repeat custom at the edge of the world, I had to give it up. Was a mug's game anyway, eh!

It’s a deal for Friday’s feedback and hopefully I can get back to you over the weekend, if the skeletons in my closet don't get me on Friday. Always hard to predict 2 days away.

When you get Eddie to call MenNow back, it may be worth seeing if they could come and see you both before the 17th if only just for an introduction and a hello. It may be that you need the ENT results to get some advice on the TV listener, etc front, though there’s so much more they can do I’m sure. Even just finding some understanding is itself a help I've worked out. And I'm so glad Dynomite reached out to you too. Love the constant reminder we're not alone.

My eldest is called Hunter. My fiancée (Vicki) and I really struggled getting a name we both agreed on. I was doing a survival course at the time and it seemed just right. She may have had a crush for the Gladiator of the same name, but either way, Hunter it is. That kinda caused a problem when we then had boy twins as we’d run out of agreed names, and Tom and Jack didn’t seem right. So we asked everyone we knew for ideas and settled on Ryder and Phoenix, and are already saving for later counselling sessions :-) They're a joy, if profoundly hard work. Still, I'm teaching myself and them some basic sign-language as twins are often late language developers, and it's working well. Keeps me busy atm and doesn't hurt the noggin.

Don’t worry about going on about yourself. What you’re going through is really tough, right? Especially when it's all so fresh. And you need more answers, and time for it all to settle (in, and down).

I’m so glad Eddie is there for you, and hope the second call with MenNow goes well.

Be kind to yourself Claire and if the TV does your head in, there’s always blogging to do, and the ‘letter from your brain’ website to surf. Really glad siobahn pointed me to that. It says everything better than I could wish for.

Speak soon and rest up well. You deserve all of it you can get!

(If you do see a little boy in a skeleton outfit with a daddy that resembles a zombie on Friday, be generous. The second one ain't kidding right.)


Hiya Justin. Ohh wat a day I've had, I was ready to oh I don't no wat but I really had had enough, first I was running late for appoiment with meningitis now then had to try and run, bit hard wen I'm on crutches plus walk like a drunkerd cause of balance issues, anyway wen I was fianlly seen u was right she wants the results from ent first befor she can do much but it's a start, ohh and I love those names ther unique and that's wat I like, I hate names u hear again and again and ur gonna laugh wen I tell u my sons name, it's tyler BUT bac wen I named him 17 years ago ther wasn't hardly a sole ( in England anyway) called tyler, now every other persons called it, but yeah nice choice uve got ther, I hope u have good time tomorrow save me some Chocky bars!! I like flakes and ferrioro roccha ( spelt wrong)

Speak soon let u no wat happens with stuff. Nite


Hi Claire,

You’ve been on my mind and I’m trying to get back to you fully. I’ll need just a little more time if that’s okay as my good lady has a serious bout of food poisoning and is praying at the white porcelian throne as we speak. Aka - the supporting pillars of my life are being shaken pretty harshly atm, just temporarily I'm sure, though it’s time for me to hold the family roof up. I hope I can do it justice (and have upped the pain relief to level 3 to get by :-)). Game on!

Just quickly though, ignoring the fact I pretty much collapsed with the intensity of the conversation I had with MenNow, it was really productive and I’d highly recommend it. I’ll drop you a direct mail via HU if I may as I’m sure others have much greater experience than I and know the benefits of speaking to the trust. Also, some of the points are bordering on the ‘personal’ side of things and are best shared one-2-one.

I’ll hopefully have the kids down at a reasonable time tonight with the end of half-term and if I'm still on my feet, will get back online once I’ve taken care of a few things. It may however be dead early tomorrow a.m. (I keep some pretty weird hours atm). But I’ll get back to you for sure.

Did like the imagery of your run to the appt, and ask me in 17 years how my boys’ names are working out then. I may have a similar story, but at least we're setting a trend right!

Gotta go. Can hear the lil' ones calling (that’s screaming) for milk! Be restful, and I'll be back with you soon. Just a day at a time…

(Some chocs are left, though more Haribo in the haul than last year. Folks are tightening their belts I reckon, or there was a deal on at the supermarket.)


Hi, I was in Hosp for 5 weeks and coma for 7 days,N with MENINGITUS, I've been partially deaf for many yrs, I always wear a hearing aid, ( they are very small and NHS), even my 5 yr old grandaughter got 2, just trying to ease your mind that being deaf isn't all that bad once you get used to it, I died twice with my MENINGITUS, and same for me, my friend found me, it's had a massive impact on my life, I'm having nit very nice after effects, and ur right, there doesn't seem to be any after help, have you tried MENINGITUS now ??


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