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Weekly chat 31st December 2018 - 6th January 2019! πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡ A shiny new year to fill with shiny new chat! πŸ˜„

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I hope your Christmasses and festive times were all lovely! I've been keeping an eye on posts in here, but haven't posted anything myself as in truth I've not done much and have been feeling a bit guilty about it 😞 But sometimes life gets in the way and that's ok, I think.

Anyway, 2019 is nearly here! We've all got lots of running to look forward to this year, and I've spotted some new faces in the forum already, how exciting!

Sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week. Please join in the discussion 😊

If you're new or a lurker this is a great place to say a little hi without the pressure of a full post.

Have a great Hogmanay, and enjoy those runs 😊

Ju-Ju, Sqkr, and roseabi


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Well, my chat is pretty minimal here still--I have simply not been running. SHAME. But I am not daunted by this, I had to take a whole month off last year due to bronchitis and getting back into it was thankfully nowhere near as tough as I expected. This year I have merely had a horrid cold (honestly, I am repulsive right now 🀧), and also like an idiot decided to try to buy a house on the 27th December (!) when I really hadn't got my ducks in a line yet as I wasn't expecting to fall in love with a flat so soon, so I am snotty and stressed, and also full of cheese. But I have only let a couple of weeks lapse so I know I'll be fine. Tomorrow I will run!

Also, I am going to pick up my pull up bar from Argos later! πŸ˜‚ My goal is to have arms like Kirsty Gallacher's. Haha, oh this is going to take some time.

MutleyShuffleHalf Marathon in reply to Sqkr

Get well soon Squeak, and happy pull-upping! 😊

DeckerModerator in reply to Sqkr

You have a full plate Squeak! Hope you feel better soon

C3POVirtual HM in reply to Sqkr

I hope you've started feeling better.

Richard7Half Marathon

Hello Sqkr and all .... it's lovely to know that whatever running we are getting up to that there are friendly faces around to lend moral support and experience for guidance.

I had a lovely Christmas gift from my 2 daughters of an entry into the Derby Half in June. A mixture of joy and dread!

My Plan for Jan --- is to keep building on my low distance pace rather than worrying about a race that is 5 months away. Good idea???

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Richard7

5 months is a long time, so yes, working on shorter distance speed in the meantime sounds good to me!

What race are you doing?

Richard7Half Marathon in reply to roseabi

Thanks - first HM so am/was feeling unsure what to do. Realise all the plans are typically 12 weeks hence my conclusion.

Derby HM June 9th (Run for all). My plan for Jan it is!

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Richard7

Oh ha, sorry - you said so in your post 😌

C3POVirtual HM in reply to Richard7

Definitely a good plan. Last year I spent too long working up to my marathon, so I was already pretty fed up at 8 weeks to go.


Hey Squeak! Love the graphic 😍 Exciting times - new pull up bar and a house to put it in, awesome!!! 😊😊😊

I have been resting a lot, and eating far too much, to the point where I'm looking forward to some more rigorous exercise, to be honest, plus vegetable soup πŸ˜„ The resting has been good for me though. And I managed to lug my swollen body around parkrun on Saturday, pleased with that!

Speaking of pull up bars, I have not quite managed to fulfil my rash Strava promise of three pull ups by the end of the year. Here's today's blurry evidence (kipping ftw!!):


Deah husband and I are both suffering in our different ways from a cold, so are unlikely to be more than semi-conscious at midnight πŸ˜‚

But here's to a completely amazing 2019 to everyone!!!!! xxx

Oggy2401Half Marathon

I'm new to this particular forum having just finished ju-ju's magic 10. Now focussing on a 10 mile race in March having got some helpful hints from this forum. Started the week with a relaxed 7.5k. Park run tomorrow. Happy New year to all xxx


Decided to finish 2018 with a bang, so went out for a cheeky 21 km womble today sporting my homemade ice spike runners. They work pretty well except on ice rink quality sheet ice on any ups or downs! The downs were ok as I simply slid down a few slopes for 10m or so. Fell "up" a couple of uphill skating rinks though doing a Roadrunner/Speedy Gonzalles/Billy the Whiz impression! I must be getting pretty fit these days as I only headed out at a jog, but somehow managed to get within 5 mins of my HM PB despite all the slipping and sliding. Another 5k and a 10k planned for the rest of the week.

FlickM3Half Marathon in reply to Lordi

No bat cave this winter?

LordiMarathon in reply to FlickM3

Quite "warm" at the mo 0-1/2 degrees! And I have my new diy ice runners! Back in batcave once minus stoopid again.


So did I Lordi! I only left the house for a jog round the block. No I didn't get lost. LOL, I just kept going. No ice though. it was windy and got a bit chilly but then warmed up again Was pleased to have done it though. Good end to a good year of running!

LordiMarathon in reply to misswobble

Excellent! Great strong finish to 2018!


Ive done a fair bit of running over the festive period. I just hate feeling stuffed and bloated from too much food so I have to run it off. My husband has the heating cranked up to thermo-nuclear so I have to escape to cool off. I've had a bit of a running streak in the past few days, which has pleased me as I've no plan at the moment, but kept running anyway.

Day off running tomorrow as I'm down the motorway apiece as we're going to the footy.

Have a good evening peeps. Happy new year one and all! xxx

MutleyShuffleHalf Marathon

I have managed a couple of runs over Christmas in between overeating and general laziness. Looking forward to doing Park Run tomorrow and getting back into my HM plan properly - doing all the cross training and strength work as well as the runs. Starting Veganuary tomorrow too so no more stodge! Happy running for 2019 peeps 😊 πŸƒπŸŽ‰

SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon

No running for me this week until Friday due to being away for a winter wonderland holiday of skiing and snowmobiling, but had an amazing 2 days on the slopes despite being in an extreme cold warning today. It was -35C when we hit the hill today so picked up some new neoprene face masks for each of us which worked amazing! Toes and fingers still got cold resulting in some longer chalet stops to thaw them out but I can't wait to try out the face mask on my next really cold run! I might get a few strange looks given it has a skeleton nose/mouth on it πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚ but it went well with our helmet covers (well my hubby's skull and crossbones and kiddo's devil; it just made my skunk look a little bad @$$ or perhaps rabid). On to the next journey and hopefully out of the deepfreeze 🀞

FlickM3Half Marathon in reply to SaskAlliecat

I do admire your ninja sub zero runs Allie x

C3POVirtual HM in reply to SaskAlliecat

I should look into those masks for those chillier days skiing. Luckily we don't get too many days below -20 anymore.

SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon in reply to C3PO

I was surprised how well they worked. I used one as a kid but growing up in BC it was never as cold as it is on the prairies. Unfortunately for the last 2 years on this ski trip, we’ve fallen below -20 but you make due. Our fingers and toes would be pretty cold when we went in, but surprisingly the rest was good. We still wore our fleece neck warmers up over our chin/mouth but the neoprene cut the wind very well. Definitely a great ski hill purchase.


Had a nice easy 10 yesterday to cap off the year. May try a longer run in the morn if I am feeling it. Am also debating a couple of trail runs over the summer, as a friend just signed up for a trail series. Just need to make a decision on when the marathon run should be. Either early May or late Oct. My run coach is thinking May would be better, just after the 30k in late March. It makes sense on paper, so it might be May. Happy New Year to everyone!! πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰

FlickM3Half Marathon

Having just finished Marcothon, I’m resting for a couple of days then thinking about HM training. I have the 15k charity run in April too. I’m so tempted to continue the streak into the new year, I’m missing my daily run, but my legs are sore for the first time in 32 days so it’s two days off, including my birthday tomorrow (see how I sneakily slipped that in!)

SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon in reply to FlickM3

Happy early birthday, Flick! Enjoy your well deserved rest days.

FlickM3Half Marathon in reply to SaskAlliecat

Thank you Allie x

TbaeMetric Marathon in reply to FlickM3

Belated birthday wishes Flick.πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’₯πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ’₯β˜„οΈ

FlickM3Half Marathon in reply to Tbae

Thank you 😊❀️

C3POVirtual HM in reply to FlickM3

Happy birthday! Did you have a nice day?

FlickM3Half Marathon in reply to C3PO

Thank you❀️ And I did 😊


An addendum Clears throat. I just scraped over the line. 1005 miles run in 2018 😁πŸ’ͺπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Toot toot 🎺

linda9389Moderator in reply to misswobble

Wow. Fantastic. That's a great achuevement - and all the more exciting for needing every run. I dithered between 1000km or 1000 miles for 2018 - one is likely to be a bit too achievable (barring injury) but I decided the other was still very much unachievable for me! Maybe 2020 πŸ˜ƒ

Langley-LoperHalf Marathon

I'm trying to do a variant on RED January. On the days I can't run due to commitments I will either walk in my brief lunch break, tap dance in the evening or cycle if it's a weekend. 100% completion so far but it is only 2 January.

Then I must enter an event to give me a focus.

C3POVirtual HM

I'm back in Oslo - and was faced with sheet ice on the path leading up to my house, so we're definitely back in spikeland. I fit in a nice 6.8 k run on the Isle on Monday - my longest run in a long time. I've decided that I'm clawing myself back into shape.

Now I'm waiting to see when to do my next run. If parkrun isn't cancelled, I'll do it there. I strongly suspect it will be, though, unless the council have seriously gritted the park. We try to make sure that the run goes ahead when it's safe for everyone to do it - not just those of us who have spiked shoes.

SqkrAdministrator in reply to C3PO

It's been so mild here, but when I opened the curtains this morning nothing seemed to change light-wise so I think our winter may be on the way too! Nothing like Oslo, but enough to bring out the spiny footwear :D


I have put together my pull up bar (or doorway gym, as it calls itself), and after finding the one doorway in my current house where it will fit (didn't factor in the weird thick walls and unusual sized doorways of a 200 year old crooked, falling down building! It all looked quite straight to the eye...) I dangled pitifully for about 30 seconds giggling. It turns out I am unsurprisingly terrible at upper body stuff. Excellent, my improvement from 0 to one successful pull-up will be all the more impressive :D

I have also booked my first proper 10k trail, bluebelltrail.co.uk/ which apparently culminates with something called 'heartbreak hill'. Uh oh. Best get practicing!


hello lovely running peeps :) and chance someone can tell me where to brag about running marathon :P x and where i can find whomever sells the shiny badges to prove it ?

Hi. I am new in these parts. :)

I have just posted about my failed attempt at 21.1k. :D

Looking forward to learning a lot!

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