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Weekly chit chat 28th to the 3rd of February :)


Hello everybody and welcome to a brand new week! This gorgeous Panther is here to watch over you this week as you go about each day.

Sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week. Please join in the discussion 😊

If you're new or a lurker this is a great place to say a little hi without the pressure of a full post.

Have a superb week, and happy Panthering

Ju-Ju, Sqkr, and roseabi


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TbaeMetric Marathon

Built and born to run.🤔

Magnificent creature.💥

Why did we decide to stand up.🤔🙈😂😂


ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Tbae


Just wanted to give a shoutout to running in a group - helps me tremendously with increasing distance. Have a good week everyone

roseabiAdministrator in reply to EmmaRunning

Is it a running club?

EmmaRunning in reply to roseabi

Yes local to me and v friendly

roseabiAdministrator in reply to EmmaRunning


WhatsappHalf Marathon

Decided to miss out two runs last week as I did a great deal of walking round London (not to mention up and down a 60 floor tower) and my Plantar Fasciitis flared up.

I have been managing this for well over a year now though and know that a couple of missed runs won't harm fitness but will help prevent injuries.

However, it is feeling good so I will be straight back to Week 9 of my HM training later in the week.

TbaeMetric Marathon in reply to Whatsapp

Gosh WhatsApp well managed you.



Magnificent xxx

Last week I was really busy, although had to have a day down with a migraine 😣

I had my first run in my new Saucony Breakthru 3s - bouncy! 16 km and all good fun.

Did a bit of practising for the new Speed Challenge (starts today, folks! Post coming later...).

Had a swimming lesson in an endless water tank! (I may post about it at some point)

Then I wrapped it all up with with some tail walking at Hove Prom parkrun. I dusted off my VivoBarefoot shoes for that, and note a marked improvement in my Achilleses since - interesting!

Have a great week of Panthering, Ju and all xxx

TbaeMetric Marathon in reply to roseabi

Wow Abi you and all the Admins are so busy.Amazing stuff.👊🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️💥🌟’s 👏👏

marco83Marathon in reply to roseabi

I am currently using Saucony Breakthru. A bit heavy but they definitely give you enough protection for long winter miles :)

I have a pair of new Saucony fast twitch that I will try to get faster later in the training, but for now I keep them new ;) (I run 10 miles a couple of weeks ago to test them and they are definitely fast and light :)

roseabiAdministrator in reply to marco83

Gosh, mine are really light! Which version do you have?

marco83Marathon in reply to roseabi

3. They are light, just not as light as others (both the fasttwitch are probably as heavy as 1 normal shoe... or at least they fell so), but considering the protection you get from them, they are incredibly light.

Still on the bench thanks to this bloody knee. Weekly physio, daily exercises and stretches and cross training on the bike and in the pool. But it's just not the same, really, really missing running.


In the final week of my taper now before HM on Sunday. Last week was very stressful at work, but it was really good to be able to clear my thoughts running. I ran parkrun on Saturday at my target HM pace which felt really comfortable so I am hoping it goes well on the day at 4x the distance. A couple more short runs to end the month off with 200km completed - my biggest month to date. 🙂

C3POVirtual HM

Gorgeous panther, indeed! My speed is definitely coming up. I've started putting in a little fartlek, and it's starting to pay off. We had about snowfall of about 25 cm yesterday, and it's been snowing all day today, so I think I'm going to ditch tomorrow's run and go skiing instead.

WhatsappHalf Marathon in reply to C3PO

Be careful once you take up skiing it can be a slippery slope...

I'll get my coat!

misswobbleMarathon in reply to Whatsapp

Ha ha Boom boom!

HoagyMHalf Marathon

Love the panther :)

My running is finally starting to get going again after various gremlin/laziness/minor injury issues, and last week I managed an 11.3km run, which is first time over 10k since November.

I also this morning received my entry pack for the Reading HM, which is now only 7 weeks away (!), and it remains a daunting challenge to get up to that distance by then (without injuring myself!). It'll be my first HM and, while I did manage to run over 17km last Sept, that seems a long time ago now!

So I'm now aiming to run an extra 10% each week for the next 6 weeks - if I can do that I should be there or thereabouts in time for a quick taper in the last week. And yes I know that means no consolidation weeks, so it's going to be touch and go. We'll see!!

This week the plan is treadmill if the weather is too unpleasant (more snow is forecast), otherwise get out there, and sometime towards the end of the week push on to about 13k.

TbaeMetric Marathon in reply to HoagyM

Atb Ian.Good plan.Steady adaption and hopefully glitch free.



Endless water tank! Really. I have visions of you swimming into infinity Come back, come back, you've got to update the ruddy spreadsheet!

Soz about the head! Ruddy migraines! Botheration. I hope you're ok now shug.

New shoes though! Lucky you, and Saucony's! I did 16 k on Satdy but I came back with a blood blister. I chose my bestest socks too. Hmfff!

Running all good. I did the first run of the wotsit challenge today. Nuff said (frowny face)

roseabiAdministrator in reply to misswobble


Thank you, I'm all good now xxx

Sorry to hear about the blister! Glad you're enjoying the challenge so far 😂

misswobbleMarathon in reply to roseabi



Back out there today 💪


Happy panthering to you too shug! x


Managed two 7 Ks... one yesterday and one today....also a five mile walk with small one in her buggy after the run!!! More snow forecast tomorrow... Pah!!!

Maybe tobogganing with small runner in training on our care for her days... Tomorrow and Wednesday :)

Going to just do what I can.. when I can.. where I can... and you are a beoooooootiful panther xxx

Happy Running and safe running everyone :)

Madge50Half Marathon

I need that beautiful panther beside me this week, four weeks to my HM, overdid it a bit last week, so pulling back a bit this week, need to get a 16k in the bag this week,......snow or no snow.....🏃‍♀️🌨💪


misswobbleMarathon in reply to Madge50

I did my 16 k at the weekend. Weather was great 😎. I took some nuts for half time 😋

I am running later. Let’s hope the weather holds off 🤞


Another week, another house hunting headache 🤕 But it's speed week 1! I've optimistically bought my running stuff to work despite there being a yellow warning in force, it certainly looks snowy out of the window of the bus this morning. Speed may have to wait till tomorrow!


Do it today if poss. Tomorrow could be wosser 🏃‍♀️😁


this weekend I ran a cross-country race without really racing it. Just for fun and to get back memories... It was harder than I remembered.

I did not decreased miles before the race but I only managed a 13 miles on Sunday (planned 18-20).

In total the past week (the fourth of my marathon preparation) I managed 58 miles, with the cross-country on Saturday which killed me (mud above the ankles... it was difficult to get the legs up from the ground... definitely a great workout!!!)

Today I managed to add a bit more than 9 miles to January total (with the last 4 miles in 28'). This is officially, by far, already the month in which I ran most in my life, with 240 miles so far (that's 386 Km!!!!!). If everything goes well, I should be able to reach 260...

it is incredible to think that 5 years ago I could not run around the block with my friend or go up 3 floors of stairs ... I am very happy for were I am and looking forward to the next weeks :)

happy running!!!

MacmacMarathon in reply to marco83

Great stuff Marco! Looks like your training is going really well - some decent mileage there!! 😀 How do you fit it in - are you running twice a day at all? I have been considering this but have not needed to as yet.

marco83Marathon in reply to Macmac

I run 6 days a week, at 6 am in the morning if I have 8 miles or less, 5:30/5 am if I have more than 10 miles.

In general my week looks a bit like this:

5 or rest - 10 - 14 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 18 or more

more or less.

I have not done doubles unless I am travelling (once a month I do travel for work) because I cannot fit more than 50 min run.

In a couple of week I will add some lactate threshold endurance so I may reduce the miles and definitely get 1 rest per week.

January was heavy in miles by choice I wanted a good base to build on. now I just need to keep it up :)


I’ve been off on my runs this last week as I picked up a chest cold I could not shake. Thankfully it looks to be on it’s way now. On Sat I missed the group run and did it solo indoors on the track instead (18k or 225 laps of that tiny track). Today was my first healthy run and it felt good. Been very cold here so tomorrows night intervals will mean many layers! They are calling for -32 wind chill! Might have to play that one by ear.

WhatsappHalf Marathon in reply to Decker

I'm feeling cold just reading it.

DeckerModerator in reply to Whatsapp

yeah it is bitter out there today

marco83Marathon in reply to Decker

225 laps!!!! wow that's hard core!!! well done on your mind strength!!!

DeckerModerator in reply to marco83

haha - not feeling that hard core these days - just needed to get out and run somewhere not 20 below :)


This week's fun is a HM (yesterday) plus both a 10k and 5k Parkrun for Abi's speed challenge. Weather is warming up again to near zero here in Helsinki so will get back to running outside for a while until the next freeze. Also recently found a list of all the unofficial half and full marathons organised by individuals and running groups/clubs in the city, 10-15€ entry for admin, no gong type of affairs! Yikes, there are events every week, even arctic winter ones right now! Have not got the excuse of cost for not signing up for these anymore! I quite liked the idea of a lazy closed season/ off season for running but now my ignorance has been shattered, damn!


just a quick update with the mileage at the end of the month... 261 miles (that is 420 Km!!!!!!) this is over 50 miles more than I have ever run in 1 month (of course it helps that January has 31 days ;) )

I am very proud of my legs :) At the moment they are feeling tired but strong. I ope I can keep it up for the next 90 days (until the Belfast marathon). But for now, I hope they will stand up tomorrow, especially considering that tonight I went with the running club to the track (bad idea...) after a 7 miles run (other bad idea), I got warm up and drills (nice running form exercise, but also squats and so on...) and then interval :

200mt (40') ., 300 mt (65'), 400 mt. (87'') 500 mt, (1'51'') 600 mt. (2'04'') 500 mt. (1'51'') 400 mt (71'') 300 mt (62'') 200 mt. (40'' relaxed) with 1:30 recovery

I think I am going to just collapse on the sofa now ;)

good night :)


I was checking out a few local "informal" club type marathons here in Helsinki and came across this description for the regular Paloheinä Ski Centre Marathon - hilarious! My rough translation... (original Finnish text at the end):

The first Paloheinä marathon was run on 16.12.2006 and the 428th on 9.12.2018. The marathon is run year-round even over Easter, on May Day, Midsummer, over Christmas and the New Year holidays, and due to its year-round organisation has been run in all weather conditions and all types of running gear: heat waves (+32 degrees), Arctic temperatures (-27 degrees), overcast, cloudy, sunny intervals, rain, hail, sleet (all three sometimes), Christmas card scene deep snow, blizzards, windy, stormy weather, on bone dry or soaking wet muddy, slushy, icy (gritted and ungritted) soft and hard paths and combinations of all of these conditions. Also due to its year-round nature it has been run in the pitch dark, evening twilight and under the midnight sun and early hours of the morning.

I Paloheinämaraton (PHM) juostiin 16.12.2006 ja 428. PHM 09.12.2018. Maratonia on juostu ympäri vuoden muun muassa seuraavina ajankohtina: pääsiäinen, vappu, juhannus, joulu ja uudenvuodenaatto, ja ympärivuotisesta järjestämisestä johtuen monenlaisessa säässä ja monenlaisilla alustoilla: helle (+32), pakkanen (–27), pouta, puolipilvinen, pilvinen, vesi-, rae- tai räntäsade (kaikki kolme myös yhden maratonin aikana), "joulukorttilumisade", sakea lumisade, lumipyry, tyyni, tuulinen, paljas kuiva tai märkä hiekka, loska, hiekoitettu tai hiekoittamaton, jäinen tai luminen kova tai pehmeä tie ja näiden yhdistelmät. Myös vuorokaudenajat ovat vaihdelleet: aamuyö ja -hämärä, aamu-, keski- ja iltapäivä ja iltahämärä.

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