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Weekly chat 1st to the 31st of January :)


Apologies this is a day late- I am out of sorts with my days!!

Apologies, my days are all muddled as it’s Christmas! So how is it going, have you managed to get out at all over the festive period so far ?

Sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week.

If youre a lurker it is a great place to say a little hi without the pressure of a full post.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week,

Juju, Realfoodieclub and Oldfloss

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No need to apologise, thank you as ever for posting!

I've been keeping up with my strength training over Christmas, failed to go swimming for the past two weeks (having just started a new direct debit membership, ha. At least it is a pretty heavily discounted one!). Haven't done an awful lot of running, but I did go out for a double parkrun on new years day, with a dawdle around Hove in between. This totalled just over 19k, and I felt jolly tired afterwards, so now I'm thinking about ways of upping my energy levels for 2018. I'm sure the fact that I've now got rid of most of the Christmas sweets will help :)

I'm looking forward to getting into training and longer runs...

Happy running everyone!

Happy New Year and thank you for Posting!

I got all of my runs in over the holidays! I ran a 5k yesterday that was free with my marathon training group and boy was it cold! I wanted to PR but my feet were numb until mile 1.6! I missed a PR by 80 seconds lol

I am coming to the fun part of my training where this weekend's long run will be the longest i've ever gone. 14 miles! I've been feeling a lot of little pains and after my long runs I ache somewhere new each week. I think I need to slow my pace even more.

Happy training everyone!


Happy new year!

But a day late? again! what kind of punishment can there be! Double hills for you this week :)

Well, it's like a new year isn't it! after major slacking of running in December and most things running (including here) and eating every mince pie I set my eyes on. Its good to say I gave my self a little break.

I have no goals for this year, I am only entered into one race so far (Brighton Marathon)so that will be my focus for a bit. And training starts right here! that sub 4hr marathon here I come. (this is a dream). I even plan on trying to do some core and strength exercises and start stretching again after a run as well.

and time for a new profile pic!

C3POVirtual HM

I'm doing my best to take things fairly easy for now. I'm mostly thinking ahead. Hubby has given me a trip to London in a month's time to attend the London Marathon Meet the Experts event. I'm excited about that, but it means I'm going to miss a 10K race I had signed up to run.

I'm also going to have to either change the distance or drop out of my May half-marathon here in Oslo, as my birthday present from my husband was the Spitsbergen half-marathon in early June. spitsbergenmarathon.no/. I would think this is the second northernmost race in the world. He lived there as a child, and has been back a couple of times (I've been there once), so this should be exciting. It should be my only race with armed guards (to protect us from polar bears).

roseabiAdministrator in reply to C3PO


DeckerModerator in reply to C3PO

Wow the Spitsbergen looks like a real adventure!

Hillrunner2201Marathon in reply to C3PO

That will be amazing 😍

AnniemurphHalf Marathon in reply to C3PO


C3POVirtual HM in reply to Anniemurph

They're a protected species and roam fairly freely. I've also seen reindeer in the town centre.

I'm more worried about the Arctic terns, though. They're really territorial. When we visited, I remember trying to enter a shop and a tern came flying from about 20 metres away and started pecking at my head because it thought I was too close to its nest.

DeckerModerator in reply to C3PO

I had a red wing blackbird do that to me this summer in a nearby park. It pecked so lightly though, I hardly noticed as I had my earbuds in :). Arctic Terns could probably do some damage


Hello - Went out for a short 7k yesterday, and signed up for the Toronto Half Marathon in May. This is my first HM. I've since rejigged my asics plan around the new race deadline in May and set a Garmin goal of 1000km for 2018. Aside from that I was just doing an earlier asics plan and finished the first 17km run before the cold weather and holidays threw things off a bit. Been doing some shorter indoor and outdoor runs since then. Best of luck with everyone's running goals this year!


Sounds exciting stuff C3 ! What an adventure 😃👍

I’ve run over the Christmas holiday as I have a race on 14 January and some spring races, a 10k, a 10 mike and a half marathon. I was asked today to sign up for Cardiac Hill again May. So, plenty to keep me busy 🏃‍♀️😃

AnniemurphHalf Marathon

I ran for the first time in nearly 4 weeks and boy, was it hard work! Still, I got out there, and as incentive I signed up for another HM: the Dramathon in October. Yes, it involves malt whisky :) I'm also considering Decker's Toronto HM as well... :O

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Anniemurph

Do it do it do it 😁

AnniemurphHalf Marathon in reply to roseabi

Might do might do might do! If my paper doesn't get accepted for the conference I definitely will :D

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Anniemurph

Motivation! :D

AnniemurphHalf Marathon in reply to roseabi

Yes, but which way? :D

DeckerModerator in reply to Anniemurph


wez70Half Marathon

Happy new year all!

First run today since Christmas Eve as struck down with this horrible lurgy everyone has had. Not the best day to start back with the wind positively knocking you backwards but managed 4.3k before a fallen tree completely blocked my way! Missed last week's 14k long run in my HM training so feeling a bit edgy as have some ground to recover now but at least I got out today even though didn't feel up to it. Aiming for another short one maybe Friday then try a longer run at the weekend and rejig the plan to accommodate this pesky blip! Be careful out there everyone! :-)

roseabiAdministrator in reply to wez70

Yikes! I was joking with someone about falling trees at parkrun and he looked at me as if I was nuts :D

Stay safe!

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