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Tempo training


2nd time out with the club. A nice jog out, then a few circuits up and down ‘hilly’ streets, then a return jog back to the clubhouse. Still not able to do negative splits, but at least this week I wasn’t trailing at the back of the pack on the return, so progress of sorts!

Looking forward to my 1st club fixture in the ‘frostbite league’ on Sunday 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ frostbiteleague.org.uk/defa...

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AlMorr10 Miles

Frostbite League, are they 5k, or 10k events?

MadDave in reply to AlMorr

They’re 5-6 mile cross country events - I’ll report back on Sunday after I’ve done the 1st one. Will be 1st time out running in club kit!

AlMorr10 Miles in reply to MadDave

Good luck Dave, enjoy your first run in your club kit.


Have fun on Sunday - looking forward to hearing about it!

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