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Weekly chit chat 9th to the 15th of July 😺

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Hello everybody and welcome to Monday.... its a new day, and an opportunity to put your positive pants on and take this week by the scruff of its neck and claim your gain.

I have been panthering in the woods again, and its still so hot early in the morning! So where has your running taken you, and what does this week bring?

Sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week. Please join in the discussion :)

If you're new or a lurker this is a great place to say a little hi without the pressure of a full post.

Have a great week, and enjoy your runs :)

Ju-Ju, Roseabi and Rignold,


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I am feeling a bit out of sorts and fluey today, and panicking that its due to the tic I found in my arm whose leg ( or other body part) I cannot get out!Other than that, pull up training is still going, and my runs in the woods are progressively getting a tad quicker, which feels like progress :)

DeckerModerator in reply to ju-ju-

I am no expert but maybe check with your Doctor on the tick bite and getting that last leg removed. Better safe than sorry, right? Hope you feel better soon.

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Decker

Thankyou, likely I am being paranoid. I get a lot of tics and I usually get the b****** out but this one left his body part behind, I will get it checked, thankyou :)

roseabiAdministrator in reply to ju-ju-

Hope you get it sorted and feel better soonest!

SutshaHalf Marathon in reply to ju-ju-

Aw, hope you get it sorted. Better safe than sorry, so get it checked out and treated. 😘

pinkaardvarkHalf Marathon in reply to ju-ju-

You may be able to poke the bits out with a needle like you do with a splinter. Trick is not to pull them out too quickly or grab too hard as you need them to let go without breaking their face off, also they vomit into you if you damage them. If you get a spreading rash get down to the docs straightaway.

MikeJones6810 Miles

Gold positive pants?

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to MikeJones68

Always gold Mike.... obvs ;) You can choose your own special pant colour and design but gold is always a winner :)

Langley-LoperHalf Marathon

I'm feeling a bit out of sorts today too.

I got bitten twice in the garden yesterday. I felt the little blighters dig their teeth in my leg and arm. Actually drew blood on my leg, dribbled down my shin! Light brown coloured things. I brushed them off but have red rash area on arm and blood spot on leg.

I don't think I I have anything nasty just feeling a bit Monday today.

No running scheduled until Wednesday this week.

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Langley-Loper

Yucky... enjoy your rest days and I hope Wednesdays run is a good one :)


Yay for positive pants! I even went running in just my bra and shorts the other day!!

I've been enjoying being back on my ultramara training plan, and I started using a new strength circuit last week, this time specific to running. Seems great, and I was very sore for a couple of days afterwards :) My burpees suck wind though...

This morning I was very chuffed to make it through the first lot of speed intervals in the ultra plan, despite the perishing heat!

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to roseabi

That all sounds fabulous, and love the bra and knickers run... way to go !

GoogleMe in reply to roseabi

Excellent. I was contemplating running in my knickers (British Boxers and ample) but it turned out to be dog walker central at the wood and I bottled it.

SutshaHalf Marathon in reply to GoogleMe



Not much to report this week. Tapering between my last race and the next. Taking it steady in the heat and enjoying the dry spell while it lasts. I always seem to be running 18 k training runs in snow, rain, hail and gale, being tsunamied by passing lorries, so am making hay while the sun shines πŸ™‚

Got a tough, hilly race on the 19th but am taking it steady as my shin is painful again🀨

Gym is great. Loving it!

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to misswobble

Glad you are loving the gym, I hope your shin improves very soon :)


Is this the 9th to 15th of July?

Last week was my first >40 miles week after the Lisburn HM, preparing for the Belfast HM. I have done some fartlek and a few faster miles, but nothing too tough. This week will include a few intervals and I might run a parkrun on Saturday (not sure yet). The preparation for the HM <90' is starting and the goal is becoming real... scary!!!


hope you all have a great week.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to marco83

Ooh yes, thanks Marco! - and where is the year going?????

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to marco83

that all sounds exciting, have a great week too :)

misswobbleMarathon in reply to marco83

I am planning on incorporating my half marathon into my marathon plan

Gulp πŸ˜•

WhatsappHalf Marathon

Recovering this week after the fiery hot Eastbourne 10k on Sunday. Report here: healthunlocked.com/marathon...

Not letting the grass grow (not that it is in this weather) under my feet, I have just signed up for the Rother Valley 10k rothervalley10k.co.uk/ in September.

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Whatsapp

No stopping you!!

misswobbleMarathon in reply to Whatsapp

Oooh are you. Didn’t know they had one Interesting 🧐



aliboo70Half Marathon

Hi everyone!!

I'm not enjoying the hot weather too much mainly the nights when you can't sleep. But did enjoy doing an epic route with fantastic views yesterday! Around 9km as met the runners on this fundraiser at halfway point in godshill up steep hills to obelisk monument then on over downs(marshal gave us icecubes to stick down bra!!)) ,perfect!) to seafront and then dip in the sea in all our running clothes!prob around 70 runners in total some doing half most doing full 10.5miles. I know I'm not good in super hot weather so half was good option for me! pub dinner after too!!

Backmarking for run

Club Tom night and hopefully trail running weds night !😊have a great week everyone!


I was singing that old Song β€œTossing and Turning” yesterday 😁. So hard to get to sleep int it πŸ™„

I got to enjoy a running clobber dip in your sea post long run and jolly fab ut was too. I hope to do it again πŸ˜ƒ

Well done Ali! Running machine that you are. Enjoy πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

C3POVirtual HM

Hi all! Sorry not to be reading and commenting diligently these days. My holiday is all go. Hubby won't be joining us for a while yet, so it's me, the 3 kids and my mother, so I don't get much time to myself.

I ran the Dash and Splash here in Shanklin with my eldest children last weekend. It was lots of fun, but my bad foot couldn't handle running on the sand, so my daughter and I walked a lot. I also scratched my legs really badly on a couple of groynes right at the start, but I refused to let that bother me.


I plan to finally get going on my marathon training now (for Tallin in September) after the recent hiatus of walk/running in Spain on the Camino de Santiago (Pamplona to Leon) and my 60km 14-man boat rowing race last Friday (near death experience!). Simple plan of: 5k jog, 10k fast run and long run (15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33k). As Tallin will be my first marathon I'll be happy with a sub-5 hour time at jogging pace.

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