A wet 10K

A wet 10K

Today was our last ordinary race of the season. 10K around the Bygdøy peninsula for the adults and 3K for my older children. This is a nice area which is home to some of the major tourist attractions in town, like the Viking Ship Museum

The forecast was for 4 degrees and heavy rain, so I was dreading the event. I chose a different approach to dressing, going with a woollen inner layer, a rain resistant jacket on top, rain pants, trail shoes and a sou'wester on top. My husband's family live in rainy Bergen, and my brother-in-law, a keen runner, had recommended this in the past. I didn't look like a runner, but at least I could move and not worry too much about freezing! I certainly stood out from the other runnners.

The race went really well and my Salomons did a great job of handling all the mud and puddles. I started feeling quite warm at 4K, but it wasn't a great problem. I soon found some competition, a man who kept me company from about 3K onwards. He was faster than me, but walked up all the hills, so I kept passing him. By 9K I managed to find my fourth gear, and was determined to leave him behind, which I certainly did.

I ended up finishing in 65 minutes, almost two minutes slower than last year, but I'm pleased with the race, especially considering the conditions. Hubby finished after me for once. I'm also glad that I seem to be able to access speed towards the end of races, now.

No bling. Traditionally you get a beanie. This year we had been promised hi-via vests, so I was disappointed to get another beanie. At least it's nice and warm.

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  • Sounds like the perfect day for a sou'wester! Well done on your run in that weather though - a very well earned beanie, I think!☺

  • Sounds like an achievement to finish at all in those conditions, and you did it in a good time. Congratulations!

  • sounds like you did well and you left him behind, but you look so wet in your photo!

    and a beany is cool, a beany and a medal would be well.

  • well done Cristina! lovely photo!! :)

  • I love the hat! It's fab 😃👍

    I took a merino top yesterday but I wore it post race, for the walk home

    I think being wet and warm is ok but wet and cold is a no-no, so I don't blame you for covering up, you can soon run into trouble otherwise

    Congratulations on a good run 😃💪🏃‍♀️👍

  • Well done - a great time in those conditions! It's a great beanie!

  • Love this! Well done, 3PO and family :)

  • Well done, and I love your pics they are just fab!!!!! I think that's a really good time, mud and puddles etc are really challenging. I can testify to that as I'm lucky to get a 10k in 67 minutes on my trail whereas on the road I can ( although not recently!!) do under the hour!!!

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