London Royal Park Half Marathon completed

Well that was an experience! I started slow and at the back, did all the warm ups etc but it was so hard and different from running on my own locally. I completed it in 3:21 and must admit to walking a lot more than I wanted to as I injured my right heel! But at least I beat the Morris dancers.

When I got home I took a long soak in a salt bath and took some aspirins, but this morning can barely walk on my right foot due to the pain and swelling above the heel.

I am gonna rest and take it easy and have booked another HM in 5 months time to avoid my reducing /giving up running.

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  • Yay, congratulations Tp36! Well done you! And particularly well done for already signing up to the next - I think that's a great way to keep the motivation going.

    Sorry to hear about your heel. It'll hopefully get better with rest, but if it's still bad in a couple of days, then it might be worth considering seeing a doctor.

  • Congratulations on your hm! Despite an injury you finished and you should be proud. Hope your heel improves soon.

  • Well done and you must have enjoyed it if you signed up for one more. Now take a good rest for a couple of weeks to make sure your foot has healed right.

  • Well done, you must have been in the maroon group like me! I found it very anxious at the start just wanting to get on with it whilst waiting for the other groups to go through. They put a few sneaky gradual inclines in as well which I hadn't really thought about until I saw people walking. Rest up now and get that foot better before you take on any more long distances.

    What event have you got lined up for 5 months time?

  • It is the Paddock Wood HM in April, gives me plenty of time to train better and something to aim for.

  • Well done! I only spotted the Morris dancers a couple of times. It helps to have someone to gawk at when the going gets tough. I think you'll find your next HM much easier. I don't know how much you've been training, but have found that now that my mileage is up, I recover much more quickly.

  • Well done! I did it, too, and I was pretty slow (I was beaten by the extinct dinosaur) but it was such a great feeling to get over the line! Much respect to you for carrying on despite your heel injury - I hope it gets better soon.

  • You must have been in front of me as I didn't even see the dinosaur! The pain above my heel has stopped but it is still very inflamed!

  • I hope your heel is better already. If not, give yourself more time to heal. You did it! Be proud.🙌🏅🥂

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