HM long training run done any tips on not being sick afterwards

Did our 12 mile training run on Sunday, that's it now to taper for our HM on the 23rd April.

Thing is my wife can't seem to cope with the after effects of long runs. Anything over 9 miles and she is ill afterwards. Feeling sick and actually vommiting. She is taking water with her and drinking the whole way round.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Any suggestions as to why?

Any suggestions to stop it happening?

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  • Maybe she is going too quick. If she is trying to keep up with you?

    Avoiding milky eats and drinks helps. Even milky porridge or coffee upsets me so it's always porridge made with water.

    If you bust a gut with your running you produce too much lactic acid which makes you sick. The acid builds up in the muscles I think. Read up on it as it's quite a complex issue.

    It could be food related so think about what you eat days before the long run as well as on the run itself, if anything.

  • I have slowed to her pace. She runs as to how she feels. I had considered the lactic acid.

    It could be food related. She is maybe not eating enough in the build up. She wasn't well yesterday, but felt much better as soon as she ate something.

  • The only thing I can think of is an excess build-up of lactic acid which does cause nausea.

    If this is the cause, the only solution would be to slow down, I am afraid.

  • I agree with the others - maybe try easing up a bit? Is she making sure to take on water/fuel during these longer runs? It's important to get that right. Not something I have experienced myself so I will be interested in other ideas.

  • Do you mean she feels sick just as she stops running? It can help to carry on moving at the finish and slow down gradually - easier to say than to do, of course :)

    I get nausea problems too (usually after I've finished, but sometimes while still running), seems to be related to effort (5k pace is the worst), doesn't matter whether I've eaten or not.

  • It is about 30-45 mins after finishing. We always walk for 5-10 minutes after run finishes.

    I think it may be not enough food before, as soon as she ate she felt better.

    Though the only time she hasn't felt this way was during a half marathon race when she used the powerade that was given out, so could be an electrolyte issue.

  • Does sound more like a nutrition/hydration problem. Or migraine? Poor lady :(

  • Me too - only if I am really pushing myself!

  • OK.... does she take any kind of electrolyte replacement and fuel? My rule of thumb ( and from my own personal experience) is that I always take fuel and water with a tab in anything longer than 8 miles. I am not surprised if she is only having water that she gets like this..... 9 miles is a long way and the body needs fuel and will be losing electrolytes etc through sweating.

    This may help too :)

  • This sounds like what almost happened to me at my last HM. I started feeling really ill, in a way I never had before. The cure turned out to be really simple: food. My blood sugar level had clearly dropped substantially, so much so that although I was supposed to meet friends for lunch, I felt unable to go. I forced myself to go, nauseated at the thought of food, and my symptoms passed as soon as I munched on some bread.

    I suggest you bring something full of protein that she can et as soon as you collect your bags - a small piece of cheese, for example. She might want to experiment while eating whle running. I much on an energy every 2 k after the fist hour.

  • I had problems with nausea and feeling dizzy at the end of 10k runs, until I realized that each time it was because I stopped moving on arrival. The sudden drop in effort seems to set it off for me, so now I slow down gradually then walk for five or ten minutes before I stop, which appears to solve it.

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