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HM training long run!

Sandie1961Half Marathon

Having designated Wednesdays as my long run because it isn’t a working day, I was asked to go to a meeting this morning, so, after an early lunch of chicken, pasta and tomatoes, I grabbed a bottle of Tailwind and set off about 1.30pm for my 18k run, knowing I needed to be back to walk Ben before it got dark. It had been cold and foggy this morning, but by the time I set off, the fog had lifted, it was about 6c and completely still, so probably better than when I had planned to go. I did my 2 runs in 1 route - 2.5k to the junction, 3k out and back in one direction, 4K out and back in the other direction, then 1.5k from the junction back to home. I have been trying to slightly increase pace from my previous 7 mins/km target. 17 k was done in 6:51 and 18k in 6:42 (2:00:56), bang on target for a 2:20 HM in 7 weeks and 4 days (not that I’m counting 😂) 15 miles covered today with 2 dog walks - I might take it easy tomorrow, but a good day 😃😃😃

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cheekychipmunksHUHM v10Mile

Still speedy Sandie! You’re sure to smash your HM goal with the adrenaline of the day. 💪🏃‍♀️ You definitely deserve a low key day tomorrow. 💤

I did my 14k today. I’m not going to go beyond 18k prior to my HM, I know I can do it. In fact I might even top out at 16k (it’ll need to be 10 miles won’t it? 😅) and keep my little pins fresh. 👍

Sandie1961Half Marathon in reply to cheekychipmunks

I’m thinking of going up to 20k but leaving the actual distance for the race, as I haven’t yet done it, unlike some of you. Sitting down is a little tender - think I’ll have to do some glute strengthening in the next couple of months 😂

cheekychipmunksHUHM v10Mile in reply to Sandie1961

You and me both! Work those buns! 💪💪

Dexy5HUHM v5K

Well done Sandie , you are running away with it now. So speedy, so far. 🏃‍♀️🚴🏻‍♂️

Sandie1961Half Marathon in reply to Dexy5

Thanks Dexy! I still hit a bit of a wall at 12k and wish I was home. Looking forward to going back to doing “just” 10k 😃

Dexy5HUHM v5K in reply to Sandie1961

I know what you mean. Confession: I haven’t done 10k since the Great South Run. I am working my way up again though

Beachcomber66Half Marathon

Seriously fast Sandie 👏👏👏👏. I was feeling quite pleased with my steady 14k at 7.33 last week ☹️😂.You are going to peak at just the right time...a triumph of planning and execution. Just brilliant.

Sandie1961Half Marathon in reply to Beachcomber66

No shame in that time BC - especially as you have hills to contend with. I had a mere 39m of elevation in the whole run. And there is absolutely no planning going on whatsoever apart from run an extra k every couple of weeks 😂

Beachcomber66Half Marathon in reply to Sandie1961

I am hoping all this hill work will translate into a bit more pace eventually. Tortoise and hare 😊

Beachcomber66Half Marathon in reply to Beachcomber66

Not tortoise; 🐌👍

Sandie1961Half Marathon in reply to Beachcomber66


Sandraj39Half Marathon

Great run Sandie - well done! All sounding good for your HM. Good luck and enjoy your rest day.🙂

Sandie1961Half Marathon in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks Sandra. “Only” another 2 miles 😬

KatnapHUHM v10Mile

😃 really clicking up the miles there Sandie!

Sandie1961Half Marathon in reply to Katnap

Yup! I’ve now done 158km in January, mostly running and walking. Amazing how it adds up isn’t it? I’m continuing the Strava walking challenge to see just how far I do walk with Ben each month 😃

KatnapHUHM v10Mile in reply to Sandie1961

When you don't record walks now, do you get a sneaking feel that perhaps you should? 😃😅😂🤣


Add race magic and you'll absolutely SMASH through the 2:20 target 👍💪👏👏👏

ChazzleBerry10 Miles

great work sandie and great pace! I'm hoping to run mine in 6.50/km to get a 2:25 HM. currently about 7:10, any tips for increasing the pace over such a long distance? Longest run so far is 15km, but I still have just under 4 months till my HM.

Sandie1961Half Marathon in reply to ChazzleBerry

Thanks ChazzleBerry! I’m afraid I don’t really have any conscious strategy, but I do do body weight workouts (upper and lower - squats, lunges, glute bridges, press ups etc) for strength and tone. I also only do a really long run every 3 weeks or so with regular 5k/parkruns each week. As my shorter runs have got faster, so have my longer runs. Lots of people also try intervals, JogRunSprint or fartlek, but I hate them 😂

Run46Half Marathon

Fabulous job Sandie, and a great time too 🏃‍♀️👏...hope you enjoyed your more restful day today 😴

FlickM3Half Marathon

Gosh you’re pretty fast- and very organised! Brilliant xx

Sandie1961Half Marathon in reply to FlickM3

Thanks Flick! I do seem to be getting a bit quicker as I get more miles under my feet. Not particularly organised, more a vague plan that usually works 😂

FlickM3Half Marathon in reply to Sandie1961

Im going to try one of those for Blenheim half in September! I want to try distance training this time

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