week 2 marathon training complete and all is well

week 2 complete and still feeling good. Looking forward to my runs. I felt the cold snap at my hands this morning and have gone out and bought my running gloves and running hat. Still looking for a head touch for when will need to start running in dark. Will also need to consider hydration.Rather fancy one of those backpack hydration thingies not sure where to start. Feet feeling a little battered. Gave them a nice ice massage tonight. Back of heel feeling a little tender. Hopefully all part of the process. mileage running total 31 miles. 17 miles next week. Looking good!

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  • Well done! Getting geared up for winter running doesn't need to cost much. I think my head torch was about £18.99 ish. I wore it tonight on my very dark, wet run. Warm though! I have not resorted to my gloves yet

    I don't have a hydration thing. I manage with a small water bottle, one with a central hand hole thing. Don't like running with anything but on longer runs needs must.

    Look after those feet and legs! I have a hot bath post run and chuck in two cups of Epsom Salts.

    Good luck with your runs!

  • had a nice hot bath tonight and have used epson salts not really sure how effective they are but certainly enjoyed the hot bath..mmmm

  • I had a hydration pack from Osprey, but it kept leaking, so I've pretty much given up. They've released a completely reworked model, so maybe it's better? It worked well when it didn't leak... I bought a Ronhill fuel belt, and it keeps me going up to 21K - but that's a shorter distance than you're running right now. On the other hand, you'll need less fluids now that it's getting colder.

  • Well done, it sounds like you are doing so well... I have quite an expensive head torch by Lupine. It's very good but equally there are lots of equally good cheaper ones available...

  • lol had a look at these and laughed...you could probably light up a football stadium with a few of these......really good but as you say quite expensive.

  • Mine is Lenser neon. it was about £18.99 but that was a while back

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