wk4 marathon training completed and all is well

completed my 4th run of the week. The runs are getting longer now and i'm feeling more and more like a marathoner. Did an 8 mile long run and it felt good. Not fast and fairly consistent so all is well! Looking forward to my 10 miler next week. Learning about visualisation as a motivational tool...working well! would be interested to know what other people use as motivational tools

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  • Interested to hear more about visualisation - what things do you visualise?

    My motivation when training for a marathon was to think of why I was doing it - to raise money for a charity. The charity has a personal relevance for me (my sister has Type 1 diabetes, and the charity funds research into a cure), so I would think of my sister and how amazing she is in coping with her condition.

  • bearing in mind this is something I am still developing. I tend to try and visualise completing certain aspects of my run. So example I cross two bridges one at half way and another at the end of my runs. In between I imagine reaching these points. I am also reading non runner training programme and they suggest visualising one of your favourite runs and what you think it would be like ending your marathon. I am type 2 diabetic so have some understanding of what it is like being diabetic. It is very personal about what you visualise. Perhaps you might think of your sister's strength and transfering this to your runs. This would be something very personal to you.

  • It's an interesting idea. Another thing I do sometimes is try and practise mindfulness, just being aware of everything about how I am running, my feet, legs etc and what's around me at that moment of running. I find that it keeps me more relaxed and stops me thinking about far I still have to go!

  • For longer runs, I often run to an aunion book - the miles can fly by if you find a gripping read!

  • When is the big day, Marc?

    When I get tired I struggle with motivation. It tends to end up being something negative, as in "only 2 more km then I'm halfway" or "I promise myself not to look at my Garmin for the next km... [looking] oh darned, was all that time really only 100 meters?". so I'll follow this thread with interest.

  • Im exactly the same Tomas. I have to break it down into small chunks , then even smaller chunks .

    I think I would go mad otherwise :-) xxx

  • April 2nd 2017....seems to me that marathon running is at least as much mental effort as physical effort

  • I agree and think the key word is "at least". And training over winter when it's cold and miserable is not going to make it any easier. So the ability to find motivation is what will pull us through.

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