Four weeks from first half

Four weeks from first half

So I am exactly a month away from my first half. In the past 2 months I have been on and off. Sprained my ankle and had to rest for 2 weeks. Getting back into it now. Today was my longest run till date. I have managed it pretty fine. Planning to do a 10 mile time trial next weekend to determine what pace to run my half. Hope everything goes well.

Onwards and upwards :)

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  • Wow! Well done!🙂 Looks like you are well prepared for your first half, despite a little time off. I have my first 10mile in just over a month....HM still sounds pretty scared to me at the moment! Good luck!

  • Looks like you are well prepared - hope you enjoy it.

  • Good luck with your training!

  • Good luck with the training. Don't forget to taper the week before the race

    Today is to be my last long run before my upcoming half

  • You can estimate your finish time from your runs to date. There are a lot of variables on the day, weather just being one. The route could be very hilly which will slow things down but the atmosphere on the day, and hopefully crowds of supporters, should help your pace. Also your own fitness. If you are firing on all cylinders you should manage a good time. Food and hydration in the weeks leading up to the event, and on the day itself are important, as is plenty of sleep

    I have mine in two weeks. It's exciting isn't it!

  • All my runs so far have been only training runs meaning they aren't my full effort. Last week I did a 58 minute 10k tempo run, but it wasn't full effort again... I have registered for a timed 10k on 2nd October which is exactly 2 weeks before my half, so that should give me a good idea of where I stand. It is exciting indeed. Good luck for urs :)

  • Yep, good idea to save yourself for the big day. Don't go out too fast though or you'll get stitch. Done that and not going to make that mistake again (hopefully)

    Good luck with the rest of your training. Take care!

  • That is a strong pace, good time and some climbing in there too... Look after that ankle and dont overdo it, you will be fine, you are clearly more than able :)

  • Hello all... Here to give a quick update. I just finished my first half today... Finished in 2.00.05... Very very happy. Thanks for all the help and suggestions.

  • That is a FANTASTC time. Huge congratulations 👏🎉🍾🏆💪

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