My first half marathon

My first half marathon

So got my first ever half marathon race on Sunday a little local race called the Headcorn half, which will be my first running race since doing Brighton marathon last year.

I am a little nervous I did do the distance last Friday (who needs to taper :S) on an undulating course, but this flat pancake course which I hope will be ok for me. But I am still nervous about it,

I would like to finish in around 2hrs 20minutes which is about where I am at the moment, and then I have one more half in a month or so. I would like to do that a bit fast, i was going to try and get under two hours this year but I think this is out of my reach. Due to not being fast enough and two if I run too fast my knees start to fail me.

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  • I am sure you will be just fine, Ben.

    You definitely picked the right local event, the Tunbridge Wells half (yesterday) is a bit of a stinker in terms of the course.

    I am planning, tenatively, to do Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Paddock Wood between October this year and April next year before working up the courage/insanity of going for the full M.

  • Oh yes some of my friends did the TW half yesterday, they seem to think it was a bit hilly. I am limited to races i can choose as the other half works on Sundays so have to find days when my parents can look after the kids.

    But i am also booked into to do the paddock wood half, I was booked in last year but couldn't do it due to family emergency. I want to try and get to closer to the two hour mark for Paddock Wood. I am still trying to find a way of doing Eastbourne half marathon too on the 5th!

    I have my eye on Bewl Water half as well just because it looks beautiful and not done a long trail race before.

  • Good stuff.

    2 hours is my target too for Tonbridge (was 2:03 on my first and only attempt).

  • Ben WILL, he really will! Good for you. I'd love to do a HM one day but would settle for just finishing it rather than caring how fast I was(n't).

    Remember to come back and tell us about it.

  • You can do anything you want to do, have faith in yourself. Who cares about times as long as you finish.

  • Good luck Ben, there's a few of us heading for the first HM starting line at the moment, here's to all the fantastic positive vibes from here carrying us through.......who'd have though it! πŸ˜‚


  • Yay! Nice one Madge! Go all of us!!☺😁

  • of course everyone is going to be great and your going to be great.

  • Very exciting! Lots of luck with that Ben. I have my first HM in three weeks!☺

  • oh your smash it! your be doing marathons this time next year.

  • Good Luck Ben !

    I did my first one last year and enjoyed it so much that I'm doing another 2 this year . Yes ! Me ! -Whodve thunk it ? :-D

    You've put the training in , you will be fine :-) xxx

  • Training? well yea kinda 4 runs! a 10k, 15k, 18k and 21km! but i think i have been keeping in reasonable shape to just jump up quickly.

    after doing your first one your suppose to then do a marathon! but i guess two times a half equals a whole! give yourself a marathon badge once you done both!

  • Ha ha ! :-) I'm humming and aahing over a Marathon next year - Eeeek !

    It isn't until you do a half that you realise how flippin' far a Marathon actually is . Ah well, who dares wins n' all that :-) xxx

  • do it do it do it!

  • Good luck Ben you'll do fine I reckon. Good time of year to run I think! I'm in the HM gang too with my 5th one on the11th March, near Salisbury. It's a hilly trail one but the views and bling are excellent so I've heard ! πŸ˜†

  • thank you i am sure i will be fine, thinking of doing a trail HM in May i think it is. I should just enter it!

  • go for it!! :)

  • You'll be great!!!

  • hmm i will be something not sure great is the right word! but thanks.

    its wierd we all tell each other how great we are (and we are all great) but when it comes to ourselves we are our own worse critic!

  • ... in which case enjoy it and enjoy the achievement of the route and the distance. I am so glad you are back running and enjoying it all... good luck :)

  • yes thank you i am enjoying it again but still have knee issues if i go to fast :( but seeing ostrapath so hopefully they will fix me up good and proper!

  • Good luck Ben, and have loads of fun! :)

  • I am sure it be great, going for a big sunday lunch after at a local pub. Might make me run quicker!

  • I'm sure you'll do great Ben, and although you're missing out on a taper period, the run last Friday will give you the psychological benefit of knowing you can do it.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  • Yes I think so, and I am taking it easy this week. A small run and a couple of cycle rides.


  • I think the taper is the best bit πŸ˜€ Good luck for Sunday πŸ˜€

    I am ummimg and aahing Pops. I think we have to take the plunge. I will if you will. Has Ali done a full one yet? If not, we could be the three amigos πŸ™‚

    I did 27k on Sunday, which got me thinking 😎

  • Morning ! Yes I am seriously umming and aaaahing over Manchester next April . I keep thinking to myself " Go for it, whats the worse that can happen ? " and then I think " Are you mad ?? " and then I think " Ah go for it , just do it ! "

    I will be doing 2 halfs this year, I think I will go for the Biggie next year ! :-) xxx

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