Oops I did it again

Oops I did it again

So what a lovely sunny day it is today. No better day to have a sneaky run in your lunch break. So off I go sun on my hair (ok on my head) the blue sky the fluffy clouds what could bet better!

Well I can tell you what would ruin all that! a little tree trunk poking out the ground all ready to trip me over, and trip me over it did. Straight over and over again into a thorn bush! lovely. Now its not that i tripped over or the thorn bush these things happen while running. Its that i went over and banged my troublesome knee just as i thought it was getting all better. Well now it feels like it did when it was broken again :(

So I did the only thing i knew that would fix it, a coronation chicken french bread stick, cheese and onion crisps, bottle of coca cola and 4 milk chocolate cookies from Greggs. So now i dont only have a broken knee i fell fat and bloated too! (the choclate cookies did taste good)

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  • Ouch!

    Well this is what we do best after all :) Often we fall, but what we are great at is getting back up on our feet and start again! And I can hear from your funny way of telling the story that you are ready to get back as soon as the knee is better :) (hope it doesn't hurt too much...)

    You needed the cookies, no worries (or guilt) for them :)

    hope you recover fast! I know the Olympic games inspired us all, but next time you are out and about avoid high jump on bushes or diving on the tarmac ;)

  • I hope it recovers soon as well i got a triathlon at the end of the month! But I am not really so sure the Olympics inspired me to much! (maybe a poll for ju-ju- as we hadn't had one for so long)

  • You poor thing...... That must have been awful? Would a nice poll help??

  • i think a poll always helps ju-ju-

  • Oh no! :( Get some frozen peas on that knee, Mr Ben! The biccies will do the rest :)

  • Frozen peas? but they are cold and and that hurts. I did put a knee support on.

  • Sorry to hear it! Hope you knee heels soon.

  • thank you I hope it be fine, its feeling a bit better this morning.

  • Hope that feels better soon. I think your first aid food was the best thing for it.

  • Well it is feeling better this morning, so that concludes i must eat greggs now for every meal until completely better.

  • Ah the healing powers of a Greggs sarnie ! I would've gone the whole hog and thrown in a Steak Bake too ! :-)

    Ouch Ben !!! Hope you have a positive outcome , Fingers crossed for you xxx

  • Steak bake i know i should have asked your guys opinions first on what to buy! As my knee is feeling a bit better this morning i am putting this down to the Gregg's magical healing powers and will have to go buy more.

  • Oh no! Hope your knee gets better quickly. Get the ice pack on it.

    (Nothing like a yummy coronation chicken sandwich! - and some choc cookies!)

  • Its feeling better this morning thank you, they did taste especially nice. The cookies where for the walk home, something a bit embarrassing i find walking and wearing running stuff like i have just given up but i guess stuffing my face with cookies might have just sealed the look.

  • I sometimes consider that people must be looking at me when I've finished running and thinking I've given up, so I use my Jedi powers to make sure they know that I've just finished a 13-miler :D

  • do you put a big neon sign on your back? Reminds once i was at the end of very long run and i saw this guy sprint past me. I just thought he must be going for a quick 5k. After i saw him on strava fly bys he was running from Sittingbourne to Tunbridge wells which is about 27Miles which he then ran the half marathon race. I think he got the bus home.

  • Awesome

  • I think your treatment is spot on, always works for me ( I am sitting here chomping on an almond croissant!!!)

  • omg I want one of those!!

  • Almond croissant! what happend to the training for the ultra's etc its should be lettice on peanut butter for you! My knee is feeling better so its Gregg's is the ultimate healer.

  • Ouch...how's it feeling now Ben?

  • its feeling ok this morning thanks i will go for a bike ride this afternoon and do a slow 50th parkrun tomorrow.

  • Wow, happy 50th!

  • Thanks!

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