Elevation is hot this month!

Elevation is hot this month!

I totally love Strava and I have recently gone 'premium' which gives me loads more to play with.

This month I have signed up for one of their running challenges which is to run up 3,000 metres of elevation in a month. I really want my virtual trophy and all this week I am running in the woods after work to get in the elevation ( its 390 feet of climbing over the first 2 miles). I am at 76%.... I hope I make it.... i may have to resort to running up and down the stairs!!!

Does anyone like to give themselves different challenges and what are they I would love to hear?

Ju Ju

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  • Well done Ju! You are an example to us all. You have inspired me to run a hill today. I will run it later 😊

    I did run the Slope of Doom twice yesterday though 😊 I ran a ruddy great hill in a race last week but have not done any online challenges yet

  • That sounds hardcore!! Gotta love the hills though.....

  • I love challenges! I have started again running for it :)

    Last year it was getting to the 2 digit time in minutes in a HM (did it in Belfast last September for 30 seconds with 99'30'' (1h:39:30). The last couple of month was all about speed and interval (I wanted to go back below 3'30' per Km in 4X400 meters repetition or 4' per km in 800.

    This month the background target is reducing weight, so slow does it!

    I have decided to go on the longest streak (my previous was never more than 5 days). I put my target at ten days, then pushed it up to twenty days (currently 18). I think I will stop at the end of the month (after 21 days). I also aim for the most miles in a month and in theory this one is a good one with 200 planned!!! (almost there :)

    Next time will probably be a marathon below 4 hours? or maybe HM in 90' (impossible target for the moment, I can tell you... )

    nice one the elevation challenge :) I'll check it and might give it a go in the autumn (when I usually give up running and I need motivation!)

  • Your goals sound brilliant, and every respect for your marathon target, thats sounds very doable for you too. I am also on a running streak and have been for about 2 months give or take. I want to beat Ron Hill ;)

  • 2 months! wow! well done.

    I will get that as a target for next time I am short of ideas ;) for now about 20 days is what I wanted as i'll be off to Italy on the 31st !! (can't wait :) )

  • I also love the strava challanges i have never got close the elevation challange but have got the distance one once! I plan on getting the 10k one in this month, such as my running has been so poor i haven't even done 10k this month.

    I have set myself some challanges for this year.

    1. run 1000km in a year.

    2. Half marathon sub 2hrs

    3. sub 23 minute parkrun

    4. Cycle from my home in Kent to the office in London (60km) and home again.

    5. 50 parkruns

    6. Complete a marathon.

    I am on 1 out of 6 so far.

  • perfect goals, but always be ready to adjust rather than give up if they dont go to plan!! I also have the sub 2 hour HM, I am surprised you havent done that yet given your speed? 1 out of 6 is better then 0 out of 6

  • I am happy with my 1 out of 6 its the one i thought i would never do! and very close on two of them. i think i have done about 850km running this year so thats not going to be a problem and i did my 45th parkrun this weekend so thats not going to be a problem.

    As for my half time, not got there yet I was going to give it a good go after Brighton but with my dodgy knee it wasnt possible but not had any issues with my knee lately. so going to start speeding up again trying to ether run or cycle each day.

  • I did my hill last night Ju! 😊

    I thought Smashrun totted up weekly elevation but I looked last night but couldn't find it. Oh well

    I got the official result through yesterday from my hill race back in May! It was a first time event and apparently no-one was timekeeping so we had to use our Garmins etc. So, I have no idea why we suddenly have a set of results. Pleased though as it confirms I was 2nd fastest woman. The winner was a lass! 😊

  • Oh my life, that is amazing!!! huge mega well done, I think you need to celebrate again!!!

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