training for the Dorset extreme

training for the Dorset extreme

I shared a while ago that I have signed up for an extreme marathon ( gulp) so here is my progress update:

I wanted to see if I could still run a HM distance and I can. I did it completely on my hilly trail getting in as many hills as possible to guage how I would fare. The elevation on the marathon is 4,900 feet which is higher than Ben Nevis so I know hills will play a big part.

So I factored in as many hills as I could and my HM ended up being 1,400 feet of climbing... not bad but nowhere close to half the elevation required!! However I felt fine and it took me 2 hours 43 which I am happy with given the terrain etc. So next steps:

Work up my weekly mileage to 40 miles a week ( currently its about 27 a week).

Work up my weekly elevation to 4000 feet a week ( currently about 2000).

Speed up a bit- I really enjoy my running and its so easy not to push it more but I know it will help.

Core, core and core - I have improved, I can now do a full push up nearly all the way down ( but not quite)!! So I do 40 a day plus planks... more required!

See an osteopath- I have to do alot to maintain my achilles and if anything will go it will be that!!

Anything else? Any tips gratefully received...

I am going to play hunt the hill and find some really hilly routes!!

I have been running on the beach all weekend at my mums which was so perfect, but not a hill in sight and I had the beach completely to myself on one run ( see pic)...

I am so excited about this challenge :)


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  • Such an inspiration you are but completely bonkers !!! Good luck with the training .

  • thankyou and yes I know!!

  • It's a great challenge, and looks like you are well on track! Out of interest, what do you do for your achilles problem? I'm always up for new ideas about how to nurse my dodgy one :)

  • last year I couldnt run for 2 weeks and self diagnosed via Dr Google. I do regular eccentric heel drops

    That sorted me but I do them regularly as it often worsens when I increase the hills i do!! I hope you manage to maintain yours....

  • Thank you! And the same to you. Silly old Achilleses...

  • I don't have any good advice, as I tend to stay away from proper hill running, but it sounds like your training is going really well.

  • Thankyou :)

  • All sounds great - good luck.

  • Thankyou... i think I may be a little optimistic with that training plan!!

  • Yes, you are nuts! Most of us avoid hills like the plague! You always look so happy when you're running I'm sure I look really grim...You should come to Cordes, it's 85 MTs to the top over about 1 KM, I sat outside the Bistro last year with a nice glass of wine and watched a guy run up and down 8 times...

  • ha ha that sounds lovely ( what you were doing not him!!!) and yes I think it sounds lovely....

  • Lovely photos! whats wrong with them hills in the background they look pretty steep go on get your self up them!

    i got no tips apart from errr how about just finding the biggest hill, and doing hill repeats on it, pretty boring i know but it might just work or move to ben nevis.

  • OMG

  • ha ha thats the Cornish coastline. I do run a bit on there but then I love the running on the beach so its a mix :)

  • Come to the Alps, you can get 3,000 ft in on one run - easy! The terrain is not so easy for running though. And it's a bit relentless.

  • wow.... skyrunning :)

  • Wahay, great stuff Ju! Lovely photos by the way.

    Erm, are you gonna do this by running daily or are there going to be rest days built in? I think with the running and core, plus the gruelling nature of the terrain, the wheels could come off your running plan if you don't have some recovery time. Plus you have stuff going on, not to mention work 😊 A day off from running I mean, say when you do core or swim etc.

    Other than that I am filled with enthusiasm for you. It all sounds like an absolute blast 😊 Looking for hills to run up will keep it interesting. Nothing like a fresh challenge 😊 My physio said that running up hills is less stress on your legs, although it might not seem like it at the time. Doing it though will improve your lung power and upper body strength no end.

    I think I did 32 miles last week but I am looking forward to tapering 😊 I did it though and am still going for it. I am much older than you so you should eat the bu**er for breakfast πŸ˜†

    Keep us posted on how it's going. I think we have an away fixture in Bristol at some point so if I come down I will run with you.

  • 32 miles! Blimey!πŸ˜†

  • Thats a great weekly mileage, well done you!!! And yes you are right, it will involve days off and rest etc..... sometimes i bite off more than I can chew... oh yes please come and run with me, we could do my trail :)

  • I think that if you want to get stronger at running up and down hills, then as well as choosing long runs with plenty of ascent and descent, it's worthwhile doing some hill sprint repeats. If you Google "hill repeats" you'll get plenty of suggestions.

  • yes I do need to do that, and I will- thankyou for the prompt!!

  • No particular advice, but a lot of admiration! Great photos. I love running by the sea, but it doesn't happen often.

  • Its the best isnt it....

  • Well done juicyju! You're doing brilliantly and that is a lot of elevation!!! Not much advice here I'm afraid! We have some hill running races over here this weekend,fell running in ventnor! Not for me this year (and working so good excuse!) But would have been great to watch! My pal did all 3 races last year! 😊

  • wow thats hardcore!!!

  • You know what I am going to say.... get some restorative yoga and relaxations in the mix.

  • OK boss :)

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