What are your running or racing plans this weekend?

I have over done the gym and been to 3 spinning classes plus run there and back and I am worn out. I think perhaps less is more!! So this weekend I will be in the woods taking it slow and steady!!

I think I will stick with 2 classes next week. I have been more as its so cold and dark in the mornings that running does not appeal so much!!

Happy panthering

Ju- Ju

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  • I think it is easier to overdo the gym because it is more concentrated.

    Spinning does nothing for your soul, not like running outside.

  • I so agree.... I am so looking forward to the lighter mornings....

  • They do seem to be taking longer to arrive than lighter evenings.

  • I was thinking that too.... !!

  • Morning Ju πŸ˜€ Take it steady petal 🐒 No rush 😁

    I will mostly be taking it easy today as I have just got back in from an 8K RUN!

    Wobble. The return! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜¬

    Now for an Epsom salts bath πŸ›€

  • Hope the bath was good. I have bought a sack of the stuff, I'm just working out how to store it!!

  • Sounds like you've done a lot. But knowing you, that isn't a big surprise lol. Hope the gentle run in the woods will be nice.

    Well done Mrs W, that's amazing after your accident! There is no keeping you back :)

    I'll be going out for a long run Saturday. Route is planned to be around 23 km, it's about half an hour's drive from home so I'll again be a tourist seeing new surroundings. I like new surroundings. I think they're good for motivation. Sunday will be a gentle short recovery run.

  • I had to help a friend with a job application Saturday. As in really had to. And it was an all day job. So I decided mid morning to postpone saturday's long run to Sunday and skip Sunday's short one. At first it annoyed me (why didn't he start sooner, why did it always have to be last minute, why oh why) but I soon rationalised the situation and enjoyed an extra day's recovery for my aching IT band.

    Now it's Sunday morning. I'm digesting porridge, getting ready to pack my stuff and get out into what appears to be far more enjoyable running weather than yesterday. All that ends good is good, and this is looking more and more like a win/win situation.

  • Well done.... enjoy your run 😎

  • I'm still plugging away at the Kinetic 30 day challenge, today is day 28. I'm trying to decide whether to run today, or have a day off...I think it's good to do this last week on consecutive days to consolidate and ingrain the habits I've learnt, but maybe a rest....hmmm, decisions decisions!

  • Well done how is it going??

  • Pretty good, I knocked about 20 seconds of my KM pace, but then I got a cold, and donated blood, so I'm back where I started. I expect that'll come back when I recover fully. I did go out yesterday and it was a glorious run, almost springlike. I'm really enjoying the challenge though JuJu, and can feel the difference in my general posture as well as my running. It's hard work, but give it a go!


  • I have just done parkrun with little mini me in tow. She did brilliantly and kept running all the way, so proud of her. Walked back home and took her twin for a 1.5 mile trial run which went OK but my legs are tired now. A few kinetic stretches on day 20 today and a rest tomorrow. Tomas I don't know how you do 23km! I cannot even contemplate such a distance at the moment. I am happy to have covered 30 miles over the last few weeks lol. Good luck with that!

  • Well done :)

  • Just back from another 9k run, which went really well. Plan on 2 shorter runs this week and then repeating the longer run again on Sunday. Tomorrow it is one of the three gym sessions I do a week. I'm really trying to work on my posterior chain at the moment, so lots of RDLs, supermans, deadlifting, chins ups, etc. Need to address the imbalance of a desk job, and it is really helping my running, which is great!

  • What is posterior chain? Sorry I'm crap at names for stuff!!!

  • It is basically all the body parts that are 'behind', so different parts of the back, bum, hamstrings, shoulder blades etc. It is what helps with good posture and stuff like that. Good things to train if you can.

  • Sounds fun!!!!

  • Did 15.6km this afternoon - 2 hours. Pretty knackered now :-) 2 or 3 easy short runs this week only as the London Winter Run will be the next hard effort in 8 days. After that there's only one long run left before my next half marathon - time just slips away..... Have a good restful weekend.

  • Woo how well done!!

  • I have a 10k run planned for tomorrow , my first run in a week - Eeek !

    Didn't manage a run during the week, but raring to go tomorrow ! :-) xxx

  • I hope it goes well Pops xxx

  • Thanks Ju, yes it went well, felt great to be out again :-)xxx

  • well done :)

  • Thanks Ju xxx

  • Hope it goes well Pops and Tomas πŸ™‚

    I did the big garden birdwatch whilst digesting porridge. Going for a short run in a mo. My calves are a bit sore from my first run back though πŸ™„

    Have fun everyone πŸ˜€

  • Thanks Miss W, a bit icy early doors but it had melted by dinner time . Hope you had a good one ! :-) xxx

  • Just got back from my short run. No Epsom Salts! Bah!

  • I have a sackfull.... 16.99 from Ebay and 20 kilos!!!!

  • I haven't had time to write til now. I did a 7.5 km run to and from my local bakery on Friday - I treat myself with a nice loaf of bread for lunch. Yesterday I went on a 5 km test run of the route for next weekend's Winterrun. The route is mostly through an old fortress here in Oslo. The cobblestones are a bit treacherous when wearing studded shoes, but they're necessary. This evening I missed my usual long run, so I did a 5 km in my neighborhood, and got a PB! It has been snowing a bit today, but most of it had cleared out on the roads, but I still ran with my trusty studded Icebugs, so I'm really pleased.

  • well done that sounds very full on but lovely!!

  • My race number and chip for my next 10k race arrived this morning. Yippee!

    I don't run now til Wednesday so hopefully my calves will feel better by then, not to mention my chuffin teeth!

  • Did a 16k run this morning as part of my preparation for Silverstone on March 12th. Got an interval session planned for either Thurs or Fri (depends on how my calf feels) and then a nice, tough, short hill run on Sunday!

  • well done, sounds really good....

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