Hot holiday running

Hot holiday running

I've been on holiday to Majorca and so that means lots of running ( Obvs). So I thought I'd share some piccys and what I've learnt from running in the heat! Here's the stats:

1. I clocked up 50 miles over 9 days

- usually 5 or 6 miles a day so v manageable

2. I always went before 7 AM otherwise it's too hot

3. I didn't drink any alcohol ( apart from 1 night) and I didn't take water in my run as I found I was hydrated enough from drinking lots pre and post. This is my first holiday of not boozing every night and that felt great :)

4. I took it slowly and carefully and had breaks if I got dizzy ( some days were so hot there was no air)

5. I am convinced I ran past Robbie Williams out on a run and he smiled and waved!!!!!

6. The sunrises were glorious!

7. It felt so good swimming in our pool when I got back and then eating a mega brekky!!

8. The key is to just go for it however long or short and enjoy it. It's re- invigorated my love of running and keeping it simple.

September will be the month of speed and some long runs....

Happy running guys,



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  • i have been seeing your photos on strava and looked very nice and well done for only having one night of drinking i am sure you just had one or two glasses/bottles of wine.

    With the hot weather here i hate running in the heat saps all my energy so been cycling alot more which doesnt seem so bad, maybe its the wind helps with the cooling.

  • I think running in the heat definately saps your energy, but that's great you are cycling, bet that's fun??? Yes probably about 2 bottles, that's the trouble, when I drink I don't stop which is why I need to not drink at all!!!

  • yes been enjoying cycling alot i find it easier in the heat and also isnt causing a problem with my troublesome knee, which is slowly getting better and better. Been trying to ether cycle or run each day so see if that helps.

  • Great photo. well done with the discipline. I've cut right back to below moderate on alcohol now not sure about the extra step. I have yet to try daily running, I do different exercises five days of the week so I guess it all mounts up. sounds like a great plan, the keeping it simple, its so easy to forget its all about fun and bringing it back to basics is a really good way to get there.

  • I agree I think it does all mount up, and better to have variety too, and I think keeping it all simple is key, thanks RFC 😎

  • Great Ju !

    Lovely pic and sounds like you had a great holiday and Well done on the mileage- Very impressive ! :-) xxx

  • Awesome JJ.

    I was in Death Valley, USA and 51 degrees Centigrade. No running.

  • Blimey, I can forgive you for that. Must have been an amazing holiday??

  • Aw well done Ju! Sounds flippin idyllic, apart from the Robbie Williams bit! Tee hee.

    I don't do drink any more and it's great never to wake up with a hangover.

    Running a goodly distance and then returning home for a good breakfast is great isn't it. It's a luxurious thing. A treat. Especially if muesli, berries and vanilla yog are involved, followed by sommat including bacon! Oh and a swim in your own pool! How decadent is that!!!! You lucky lady you!

    Lovely to have you back shug!

    MarkyD. Death Valley!!!!! Sheesh!

  • Long road trip, but yes, we had a short 1km walk in 47 degrees and it was windy, too. Mouth, eyes, nose instantly dried out. My family of 4 drank 2 litres of water.

    Later in the afternoon, car reported 51 degrees (124 F in old money). But we got to see the Death Valley coyotes. This is not my photograph

    ... but I took one exactly the same: what big teeth you have, Grandma

  • That's quite scary.....

  • Thankyou, and I agree, there is nothing better than a run in a beautiful place, swim then eat lots before a relaxing day, just perfect!!

  • Crikey! Is it the hottest place on earth? They do runs there, unbelievably 😯

  • Very impressive!

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