Running in Whitstable

Running in Whitstable

Just now I am away for a few days with my mum. Yesterday I woke up early - even on holiday I tend to wake up early! So I went for a beautiful run by the sea. I think one of my favourite places to run is by the sea, when you can hear the waves splashing - very relaxing. There were a few other people out running, or cycling along the well maintained path here. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, high in the sky even at 6.30. I ended up doing 9.5 km, could have done more but I didn't want my mum to start worrying where I was!

Next run will be back in London... 😕

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  • Wow looks so pretty! Those beach hits are lovely!I love the seaside! Enjoy your break! 😊

  • I love Whitstable a very beautiful place and lovely front. I am tempted to do this race in July

    have fun and dont eat to many oysters.

  • Lovely! Enjoy your break.

  • Beautiful photos and that sounds like a fantastic run! Coloured beach huts are just so pretty aren't they?🙂

  • That looks and sounds so perfect, the stuff to revive the soul....

  • Nothing like a seaside run to revive the spirit. Love Whitstable. I lived there for a year when I was at university. Sadly I wasn't into running then but I did love a long walk along the beach *deep sigh*

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