Nice day for a run in Oslo

Nice day for a run in Oslo

For once I stopped and took some photos while running, so I thought I'd share one with you. The temperature was about 2C when I left the house. My house is at about 100 m above sea level, so today's warm-up was running down to sea level, and then along the sea - a fairly busy road most days, but quite nice on Sunday mornings. I ran to a beach about 5 km away, ran part of the track around it, then home again. This is a new route for me, but the incline up the hill from the sea is fairly gradual, so I should be able to run all the way up it soon. Today I stopped twice.

The nice thing about Oslo is that you get everything in one package. The sea is just 2km away, vast forests are about 3 km away in the opposite direction. And I'm just a 20 minute scenic tram ride away from the city center. When winter hits properly, I can go skiing in the forests close to home. Or I can drive about 30 minutes to northwestern Oslo and go downhill skiing. We got annual passes last year, and it was great!

Here's a photo from the track by the beach. It looks toward the city center, and the ski resort I mentioned is approximately in the top left hand of the photo.

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  • Thankyou so much for stopping to take this.... wow it's so beautiful, when can I come and move in???!!! And well done on your run, it sounds really lovely 😎

  • Gorgeous!

  • Looks and sounds like beautiful place to run!

  • Looks fabulous, and I love the description of your city. It's been many years since I last visited Oslo, but you make me want to go back :)

  • Oslo sounds ideal for running, maybe apart from the snow and the cold temperatures... I bet you're equipped to deal with that though. Thanks for the trip away from my office!

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