Shoe Counting

Shoe Counting

The other day strava kindly told me that my current running shoes have done over 1001km now and that i should nip down the running shop and buy a new pair.

Which was very nice of it. Does anyone else count the mileage on your shoes and when they get old you go buy new ones? I always make sure I log my run against what shoes i am wearing and do the same for my bike too.

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  • I go by about 500 miles and its usually correct as they get flat bottoms ( unlike me!!!!)

  • Yes mine have flat bottoms, I would like to get my gait done again as have changed so much since my last. (no comment on anyone's flat bottoms)

  • Yes, I do log them on Garmin connect as and when I use them. I have just retired my first pair of Asics at around 650km - they still felt like the most comfy of my shoes and I was going to take them up to 700km, but having done some 10-12km runs on hard surface recently I had some shin pains, so I decided to call it a day. Comparing the tread with a slightly newer pair that has only done 170k, I can see the wear and tear - mainly underneath the forefoot/ball of the foot.

    I have just bought new ones (again) even though I still have two useable pairs as I felt that they were all a little small. Same size as my old ones, but not as worn out and now that I run longer and more than the same time last year, I think I needed to go up another half size. Hopfully I can get some more wear out of the other two on short "hops" or next winter.

    Are you going out shopping then??

  • I would love to go out shopping, but with a family holiday at the end of the month i best wait a bit. My trail shoes (Brooks) have a bit of life in them

  • I track my mileage on my shoes using goodrunguide. Not all shoes have the same mileage. The manufacturer usually gives the expected mileage on their blurb. You might have to hunt for it, but it's usually there

    I have about 30 k left on my Brooks Glycerines so also on the look-out for my next pair. So many shoes ........

  • Keep track of the mileage using Garmin Connect and Strava, time for a change when they get to about 650 km. At this stage I find that the cushioning is starting to go and the outer heel has worn down. Still OK at a push for shorter runs but not worth risking injury.

  • I am skint so am revising the new shoes idea. I had in my wardrobe all along a pair of hardly used nike zoom elite 6 racers. I dug them out this morning for walking the dog. They are very pretty shoes, and seem beautifully made, so I hope they can be the replacement for the Glycerine on training runs. Trouble is they blistered my heel, so I will see if I can bed them in. They are only £45 now 😊

    Here they are.

  • Mine never have time to get old, my big toes blast a hole in the uppers before they get to the age of 400k.

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