Do you wear trail shoes?

Just wondering if anyone wears trail shoes when running on trails or in woods etc? And if you have found they make a difference? 

I ordered a pair yesterday and they arrived today - so I have now got them on my feet...very flattering with my long dressing gown! But I love them already; even more for being half price ...they're Adidas response boost - I loved the Salomons but can't stretch to the cost at  the mo.

I've kept road running over winter although I always prefer off road but as it's been so wet I haven't been off road more than twice since last year because of slipping and sliding and not having the grip for my local areas. 

Also on a good weeks running I average around 25 - 35 miles and although my shoes look fine I've started to recognise when they've lost their oomph and worn out (sore feet, sore calves etc). So I'm back to trail running and saving my road shoes for my races, hopefully I won't be caught out needing to buy a new pair of trainers 2 weeks before a run and before payday!

Any thoughts?

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  • I am not particularly keen on trail runs, having fallen in the mud a couple of times.  I suppose if i had the proper shoes it might not have happened!  

  • Falls or near misses put me off too and I suppose regular road shoes are going to be smoother with less grip. Looking forward to trying mine out tonight as it's been wet here today.

  • That's a super weekly mileage... And yes I have trail shoes. I adore trails and much prefer them to boring roads!!! I have salamon ones but they are v old now and all support has gone so they don't feel great on the road sections of my trail. I have currently reverted to my trusty Brooks as its not as slippery at the moment!! 

  • Thanks, and I agree with you about trails; they can take more concentration but are always beautiful and interesting - time passes well and there's an added workout on muscles! I get so fed up of roads and cars. Most of my 'trails' mean running on grass, mud, slopes and not gravel paths. 

    These adidas trail shoes look fine and flexible so should keep me running tall! Although as the ground gets drier I expect trails shoes would be unnecessary. Trying to run smarter this season to reduce mileage and put more effort into shorter runs with X1longer run within a 10day period.

  • I don't understand, you have brought a lovely pair of shoes and your not showing a picture? 

    But yes i have a pair of Brooks Pure Grit they are wonderful pair of shoes, but more ideal of dry footpaths as slip a bit in the wet .  So i plan on getting a new plan on getting a pair of more luggy ones soon i have only heard good things about these :

  • I'll post one later (if son will help me), I will model them in the muddy terrain!

    Those on your link look great.

  • Yes and yes! I have some Inov8 which are great in the mud. Trouble is they are definitely NOT so comfortable on the road and a lot if my runs combine road and trail... Still tring to work out what I need to do for those runs...

  • Hi, I looked at those...nice  lugs on those! I've approx a mile to run to where I need to get too and could only go by reviews that's these are quite good for short road runs as you've described the problem, before getting to off road. Thinking I may carry my small back pack with either pair in their so I change if I want to. Thanks for that.

  • Do trail shoes have a less flexible sole than normal ones? I'm thinking about doing the Beachy Head Marathon next year, when I don't win on the VLM ballot :)  I guess I will probs need trail shoes for it, was wondering what they are like to wear...

  • the beachy head marathon you say? what a fine marathon it is too.  Some say its the 2nd hardest marathon in the country.  Its very hilly i did a bit of the course earlier in the year and it was tiring.  But don't let that put you off but dont expect a good time :)   You will need some trail shoes for it. 

    I might try and do the 10k one not sure i am up for the marathon size one but might change my mind nearer the time. 

  • Yeah, it's a crazy idea, but it's fairly local and circular and I love hills! Maybe the VLM ballot will save me... :)

  • oh well sounds like a great idea if you love hills you can do it this year 29th Oct give's you loads of time. 

    Entries now open.

  • Must book myself in for a trail run now...I could always walk it!

  • Well these new ones of mine are as flexible on the sole and foot as my run shoes, really light and airy on the toe box too but So far I've only worn them in the house with said dressing gown😊. Fingers crossed you get a place for the vlm - when does the ballot open? Another marathoner!

  • Thanks for the info - sounds good!

    It opens on Monday, May 2nd :) I'm doing a half marathon on that day, so I may just see how that goes first...

  • Ooh enjoy that roseabi  👏👏

  • I sure will :)

  • First reply just vanished!

    These are Brooks trail boost, but I guess they vary as much as running shoes although these flex as well as my run shoes with minimal effort, are light and airy in the toe box. They'll also make great hiking shoes.

    Hoping you get a place on the vlm - when does the ballot open?

  • I see your first reply! I like the sound of your outfit :)

    Thanks again!

  • I found my road shoes OK running on trails and grass in the Summer months, albeit only over 5k. 

    I bought a a pair of more miles Cheviot trail shoes which had good reviews for a cheaper shoe, think they're about £25 now from Amazon, and found them to have good grip in the mud, of course they can still slide a bit and get heavy as mud builds up in the cleats (lugs)

    Maybe a pair of Xcountry Spikes would be better, but have read that these can become uncomfortable with the base of the spike felt through the sole.

  • I am look at the Cheviot shoes they just brought out a 3rd edition. 

    Spikes are good if your not going anywhere near roads or concrete etc. i would stick to a traditional trail shoes.

  • Now that's a thought! And people do wear them cross country running which is more of what I enjoy as it's mostly grassland here. They remind me of serious running on my toes round the track - I think shoes are so well made these days that depending on the quality you wouldn't expect to feel anything underfoot (and if you did you'd change to shorter spikes I expect).

  • Thanks, the ground is still wet here and it will be interesting to get to see how the lugs are holding onto mud. 

    Comfort is important - I was half expecting to find I had bought some big heavy industrial type feet tractors to rotate me around the woods and turf...but no... they're modern, stylish, light and flexi ... !

    The best comparison I can come up with are that Running shoes are like a road bike and trails shoes are like a mountain bike🚴🚵

  • Yeah, nobbly tyres on a bike for grip, and I noticed just yesterday, slick tyres on a road bike, I don't think they were just worn out!

  • Er, no! You wouldn't wear Spikes on roads or concrete!! Dohh!  Just for trails!! 

    They're worn by many!

  • I love my puregrit trail shoes. They really help stop the slippy slidey runs! The best bit is that when running in watery mud / puddles the water drains out within a couple of strides.  On my Wolf Run they were priceless. Lots of people were struggling to stay on their feet and complaining of frozen toes. My shoes were great and didn't even feel heavy during the swim.

  • Wow goonkeepgoing (gig)! I've looked at those wolfruns and think 'I'm not strong enough' as running and assault courses are a real test of strength and endurance so well done you, do you do boot camp and such things? 

    I'll bear the pure grit in mind if I take the tough mudder/ wolfrun activity in mind - thinking mine are just made for running though; thanks for your many people doing so many interesting activities. I saw someone posted a fab picture recently avalanching themselves down a water slide... Was that you?  

  • I keep my road shoes strictly for the road or hard packed surfaces. I've a pair of trail shoes (Salomon Speedcross) which I use whenever the going gets soft and muddy. I've used them for crosscountry quite successfully. The speed merchants are all racing XC in spikes these days, but I can still put in a half respectable performance in my speedcross.

    They are slower than my road shoes on my local parkrun (about 30 seconds or so over the 5K), which is largely grass. If it's been sunny and the ground is hard underfoot I wear my road shoes for parkrun. When it's rained steadily for the past 2 weeks and the ground is oozing water at every step the trail shoes come out.

  • What do you do if you have a long run to get to the trail?

  • If I've got a long run on the road first I still just wear my trail shoes. There's nothing wrong in using them on the road (apart from accelerating the wear on the grips, I suppose). They just feel a bit clunky. You don't worry about taking your mountain bike on the road with big chunky grips (except that the tyre doesn't run as smoothly). It's the same with all terrain tyres on a landrover (other makes of 4x4 are available). I don't see anyone swapping all their tyres over by the side of the road on their chelsea tractor just because they are about to go off a paved surface and go agricultural.

    Running on road isn't as fast as it is in my road shoes, but I don't have any problems doing it.

  • Excellent info, thanks AdamB 

  • I saw someone running once with a pair of shoes tied round his neck! I though maybe he would change them over when he got to the traily bit! Looked really uncomfortable!

    I don't really need trail shoes, but I WANT some! Seen some lovely pinky ones with leopard print soles...I'm such a girl! And , yes, I know what you mean, I had a hybrid bike once and it was hard going on the roads.

  • Thanks AdamB , that's helpful I like your shoes but have only admired them behind the glass of the iPad. 

    Are the good to wear running  to your trail - Curlygurly2  and others are wondering?

    The ones I've been showing off are as good to run on the road as my good run shoes but take more effort to 'push 'off'  as the sole is more grippy. Unbelievably flexible though. 

  • The speedcross are definitely for rough use where the trail is poor, non-existent or a quagmire. On the type of trail running I do, I expect to come home caked in mud. I didn't worry about going for the goretex version to keep the water out, because if you are knee deep in mud on a XC race nothing is going to work. In an ideal world I'd have another pair of trail shoes for mixed "woodland" trails and mixed road use and then a pair of spikes for the totally soft going, but you have to compromise somewhere.

  • I ran there and back comfortably in mine Curlygurly2 . 

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