HM No.4 completed...but this one was very tough

HM No.4 completed...but this one was very tough

Well, chuffed that I completed the Taunton HM today, my 4th official race. But... time wasn't that good, but perhaps its about crossing the line and not the time... Motivation was excellent, breathing was good but legs didn't want to play after about 15k. The route was a bit hilly  and I've just recovered from a stomach bug, so I'll blame that a bit :-) Sort of pleased that my next scheduled HM is in the autumn although I have a good few 10k's planned in the coming months. Think I going to work on my 10 - 15k's for a bit whilst keeping up the gym once a week.

Happy running folks :-)

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  • Well done on another HM Andy - and a great picture of you looking, rightly pleased with yourself! I should think you deserve a few slightly "shorter" runs now! Thanks for the inspiration - I am humbled by the efforts of so many on this forum! Hope you have a well earned rest for a few days now🙂.

  • Well done, you did it!! Races are never easy for so many reason, and you need to celebrate as a HM is a huge achievement, whatever the time!! Well done ( and so sorry I have added it for the 4th...) 

  • Yay Andy that's brilliant. Looking rightly pleased with a 4th HM medal!!!!! ✔

    I for one am very impressed. Lovely photo too!😊

  • Well done Andy !

    Fab photo and lovely bling !

    Youre getting a dab hand at these HMs arent you ? :-)

    Take the rest of the day off ! Hope youre having a nice chill out night :-) xxx

  • Congratulations. 😀

  • Huge well done and sorry I didn't wish you luck also.  

    Jules x

  • Well done completing any race should be celebrated and a nice bit of bling to! 

    is rude to ask what your time was? (is it like asking a lady there age?)

  • Not rude to ask :-) I've always been slow and still working to remove the walking breaks.. My time was about 2:47 but as I'm closer to 60 than 50 and I've only been running for 18months I'm happy to get over the line!! The route was a bit hilly which didn't help too much.

    Still, I don't feel too bad today and plan to run tomorrow night, but think I will limit the distance to 10k - 15k for a bit.

  • Well done Andy!  Lovely photo! You look properly chuffed.  

    I think it's safe to say you've got the bug!  The running bug, not the other one.

    Good luck with the training for the next one up

  • Well done Andy, looking good after your race!

  • Well done! I am reassured to see that you are both upright and smiling (me? terrified at the prospect of doing likewise? Nooooo, no at all, ahem....). How did you convince your legs to play the game?

  • Thanks... To be honest, I really don't know how my legs kept going towards the end, but I think I would describe it as a stagger rather than a run!!

    Got to focus now on trying to make these runs a bit more "comfortable" on the legs even if the pace doesn't improve much ... Went out for a recovery run last night that went OK and I'm still standing... so ever onward :-)

    All the best with your plans

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