Climb every mountain?

Climb every mountain?

This is my hilly 21 miles I did last Sunday. I was totally convinced it was more hilly than my previous 20 miles which was 457 metres  of elevation as it was so tough! It  ended up as 487 metres and I was convinced I had climbed Ben Nevis which is 1,300 metres.......hmmmmm. If I'd carried on the same again and a little bit more I could have climbed Snowdon at 1,085 metres. Worth a thought though?

Is anyone up for a  weekly or monthly  virtual challenge of climbing Britains peaks in terms of elevation? It might give us all a nudge to get that much needed hill training in !!!  

I hope you all have exciting running plans? I'm off shortly on my trail. Dead excited as I haven't been for weeks!! 

Happy panthering


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  • Wow that's some route juicyju!big hats off to you for that one!😊enjoy your bank holiday trails!😊

  • Thankyou... Off out shortly ✔️

  • Holy moley you're a running machine my eyes are watering just thinking about that run

  • A www thanks I wish I was a running machine, but I love that idea!!!

  • Wow that is a serious workout!!! Funny to think that you are doing a Half Marathon +  8 more miles as a training run. ... impressive stuff. :-)

  • Thankyou... It was a lot slower than my half....

  • Doesn't the effort involved depend on the distance though.  500 m gradually over 10 miles is a tad steeper than 500 m gradually over 20 miles. Just thinking?

  • Yes exactly, the longer the more elevation gained- that's a given!!  I find my shorter and steeper runs much tougher in different ways ( if that makes sense??!)

  • you don't actually gain more elevation the elevation is the same. its easier over a longer distance because its more spread out. so if i ran 10miles and you ran 20miles it would be a tougher run over the 10 because it would be steeper to reach the same elevation the 20miler would be flatter cos you are stretching the elevation out over a longer distance.

  • assuming the elevation is gradual over both distances! simpler 500m of elevation over 1K think how hard that would be!

  • A cliff?!!!

  • Yes that's what I was trying to say but not very well!! 

  • i'm off to try it out now over 1K (wink wink) after i've finished thinking a bit more about it which might take some time lol

  • How was it?? 😜

  • Gawd Juicy Ju. That made me tired just reading those stats 😕☺  hungry too!   Look at that calorie burn😮

    I am going to be tackling hills  regularly as I have a hilly race or 3 coming up.  Not marathons though!

    If I stay fit i wouldn't rule out a half ☺

  • Exciting, you will nail that no probes Mrs speedy xxx

  • Wow - that is an amazing run! Brighton will be a doddle after that! And then you can start thinking about an Ultra.....

  • I wish... And yes the race to the stones is something I'm thinking about, but I would be walking 3 quarters of it!! Thankyou 😎

  • Yes Ju!  I forgot to say, I am up for the challenge!

    I head for the hills presently 😊

  • That's good oing JJ.

    My next half marathon is mostly hills so I tried one out yesterday. Eeek, it was hard.  Hill training here I come x

  • That will give you such amazing training... And I think a bit of hill is far better than flat and boring don't you think??

  • I don't mind a hill or two but if I'm honest prefer flat.  This half is my home half and is going to be a challenge......but hey that's the whole reason I entered.  Gotta see what limits my ol body can reach xxx

  • Old body??? I hope not I think we are the same age. We are but Spring chickens 😜

  • My hills (albeit modest) are polished off for today! Job's a good un.  I felt like I might just kill myself running downhill to the songs on my playlist that came on just as I crested the hill and started running downwards.  I could have hurtled but reigned myself in (shin splint alert!).  Paradise by the dashboard light and Freebird. Songs to hurtle down hills by. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  What a blast!   I felt so alive I can't tell you!  

  • That sounds fabulous, well done!!

  • Impressive as ever JJ! And pretty scary too! (The run, not you"😉)

  • According to my son I am 👻 And Thankyou 😎

  • Ha ha!☺

  • that's some pretty impressive hills, you know brighton marathon is mostly flat right? 

  • Everyone keeps telling me it's hilly!!!

  • Well Brighton is a hilly place but i know a few people who have run and say its not so bad at all if you look at the map thing i got a feeling there right. 

    Its a little hilly for the first 10 or so miles then flattens out as you run back fourth along the beach and the biggest hill looks like at the start at about 75feet.   

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