The hills are alive with the sound of Ju Ju

The hills are alive with the sound of Ju Ju

Huffing and puffing as she climbs them...!!!

I did it!! I managed to achieve my goal of running up 3000 metres for July. I am really pleased with myself as that was hard work... I think for August I will focus on my speed... No more hills for a while!!!!

I made a medal from ferns which looks really daft!

My tips on doing this are:

Take it slowly!

Run up steep bits on the balls of your feet

Look after your Achilles!!

The 10% rule applies to elevation too

Walk breaks are great to get the HR down

Enjoy the view...!!!

My strava profile.

Happy Panthering


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  • Well done!!! :) congratulation on achieving your climbing goal (3000 meter... wow!) :)

  • Thank you so much :)

  • thats pretty good going i have never got anywhere near the height challanges. To do the same again you would have to go up and down Snowdon 3 times or Ben Nevis 2 and a bit times or go up Snowdon, Ben Nevis and Scaffell pike and you would do the same amount.

  • Wow when you put it like that it sounds quite impressive. I love hills and it's my dream to do a mountainous marathon

  • that because your crazy :) you could try the race the train up snowdon.

  • I want to do that one!!!!

  • I guess your enter the utmb strava challenge for August it's a nice badge

  • That's such an achievement. Really well done and your face says it all, great pic! 😀

  • Fantastic! Well done indeed :)

  • Wow well done Ju-Ju, that's is a Fantasic achievement. By the way impressive tone on that arm as you hold your camera. Looking good.

  • Thankyou so much 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Well done JuJu, I hate hills, you search them out, you crazy lady!

  • Thankyou!!

  • Absolutely amazing !

    Well done , that is such an achievement ! :-) xxx

  • Thankyou :)

  • Well done JJ, it's always great to knock off a challenge like that. I have to say I have no idea how much elevation I do in a month.

  • That's a good thing as I've become a bit unhealthily obsessed with how much I can climb in a run, mainly as most of my trail runs are quite hilly!!!

  • Congratulations JJ, great achievement.

  • Thanks Old Git :)

  • Well done! Good to have a challenging project and get it ticked off. (From someone who has become an expert in finding flat places in hilly country... time I embraced the contours really isn't it?)

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