Oops! I know. I have only myself to blame πŸ™„

Oops! I know. I have only myself to blame πŸ™„

Well the good news is that I did finish the Bath half, albeit slowly. Tha bad news is that ten minutes after I finished I suffered a severe asthma attack. Apparently running a half marathon while suffering the tail end of a bad chest infection is not a good idea. Well who'd have thought it? Had my wrist severely slapped by the nice doctor. Never mind I got the bling! (Changed the photo to a happier one taken an hour later in the pizzeria!

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  • Oh my goodness, hope you are feeling better now? Amazing that you did it TT! Huge congratulations!

  • Well done you did it. Just look at the positives you finshed which you didn't think you would and where better to have an attack then at a race the doctor was right there better then having it after a training session!

    But well done and good photo, but doesn't show the bling!

  • With all the drama I seem to have missed a Pic of the bling! But you're right Benwill. Help was at hand which it wouldn't have been in most places. Salutary lesson to take my inhaler with me at all times!

  • Hope you are OK now TT.

    Well done on finishing and rest up now xxx

  • I don't know whether to laugh or cry for you! You really showed us you're a tough cookie. That's one medal that was very hard fought for. A definite lesson for us all though. I'm glad you're okay but please take it easy for the next few weeks. I remain in awe!

  • That is definitely my intention goonkeepgoing. My cold/cough is back with a vengeance this morning. TLC is called for by my poor abused body!

  • Blimey. Blimey . I can't believe you got through it. Bed rest for you!!!

  • Oh dear... so sorry to hear that.. otherwise it was a lovely day and you are so brave to post a picture. :-)

  • How did you get on Andy?

  • Sorry. Just saw your post. Very well done!

  • Oh TT !

    Hope youre okay . That must have been so scary for you.

    The positive is though, you finished it and got your bling !

    Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Equal amounts of congratulations and sympathy heading your way, Sweetie. There ain't nothing big enough to stand in the way of IronMum and her bling. πŸ†πŸ…

    Didn't realise you're asthmatic -it's a right pain in the whatsit, isn't it. Never mind you're in good company - Dame Kelly Holmes, JuicyJu, CurlyGurly, me..... In fact all the best runners owe their success, in part, to Ventolin. ;)

    Very very well done m'dear. Now make sure you give yourself time to recover and let your chest clear up properly. Oh and when you've got a minute, how about a photo of your bling and news of yours and IronSon's times xxx

  • Bling pic posted above! The sons time was a ridiculous 1 hour 24 mins while mine was a sad 3 hours 3 minutes. But as I had decided because of my chest infection to treat it as a long training run rather than a race a slow time was inevitable. Still rather embarrassing to be beaten By a gorilla and a rugby ball though. ..

  • HEY that is not a sad time -- though the image of the rugby ball and gorilla made me laugh.

    A three hour half works out as a 6 hour marathon...PLUS you have a chest infection. So, you weren't at your best.

    I think your run today, proves that you have the will-power and ability to tackle the big 26.2 in September.

    Perseverance and Pacing... :)

  • Hey Mrs, there's nothing wrong with your time!! You did brilliantly, and as for IronSon..... I'm awestruck!!!

    I love the photograph- you're looking remarkably fine xx

  • Oh gosh you poor thing that must have been so frightening. I found the heat really tough going and had to coordinate with my husband to get my inhaler. I really admire your grit and determination for doing it. Most importantly you got the bling. Well done πŸ’„πŸ…πŸŽ–πŸ†

  • And I hope you are on the mend and resting now X

  • Didn't know you were a fellow sufferer JJ. I was only diagnosed 3 years ago with cough variant asthma but this was a full blown can't breathe attack ten mins after I finished. I think the sudden cool down after running triggered it. The sun went in and I had left my warm jumper at the start so had nothing to cover up with. Son , who had videoed me finishing (bent almost double like Mrs Overall from Acorn Antiques) was unable to get back quickly to where I was because of all the barriers, so events conspired against me really, not to worry. How was your race? Hope it all went smoothly and you smashed it!

  • Much better pic! Was that Pizza express? we went there too!! I have had asthma all my life. Its a bit better in adulthood but it was very bad as a child. Its OK if managed but I get very frightened when i get a full attack as not being able to breathe is terrifying so I really feel for you. How are you today??

  • Much better thanks Jj. No apparent injuries though unsurprisingly I am coughing as badly as ever!

  • Was a different pizza place but very good. I've never enjoyed a Peroni and pizza so much in my life!

  • OOPS TT. Your stubborn streak has shone through these last few days, i'm really glad you got round ok, bet that was more than a bit of a scare afterwards for you but glad you are recovering and got prompt attention :)

    CONGRATULATIONS on your bling! brilliant news! :)

  • Well done. Glad you made it, but better take care now!!

  • Ohmy, turnturtle, no wonder you were apprehensive about Berlin. Asthma attacks are scary. If you can run 13 miles now, you'll be ready for Berlin. Just make sure you get enough fuel in you, so you have a bit of a reserve for the marathon.

    A book I was reading said you need to get plenty of calories... (a balanced diet that includes up to 35 percent of calories from fat from a variety of foods). I left the book at my mom's so I don't have the exact quote, but Dr. Scaff says you can go from "couch potato to marathon in 9 months". So I'm hoping to follow his routine once I get my book back.

    You're half way to a marathon, and you did great today -- it was sunny and probably full of pollen too (not to mention your chest infection on top of that).

    Just do the mileage -- eat the fuel -- and keep positive. You can do it.

    Congrats on Bath! :D


  • Congratulations! Sorry to hear about the asthma - but all's well that ends well as they say... And this ended with a great medal! 😊

  • Oh, I am sorry to hear about that; it must have been awful. :(

    But you got to the end and you emerged even stronger! A massive well done! :)

    Right now I can only dream of running a HM but, who knows?, maybe next year I'll have the honour of running it beside you.

    P.S. nice to meet your non-clown face :D

  • That would be MY honour Secan but to run beside me you would have to tie our legs together! Out of over 11000 finishers I only managed to beat 159 yesterday!

  • My dad used to say that coming in last was just as good as coming in first -- you get an escort, either way. :)

  • My escort was dismantling the barriers and letting the traffic resume which was a trifle disconcerting.

  • Ouch. I've been there before.

    Really it discourages the joggers and walkers who aren't speedy.

    The fees are so high, you'd think they could keep the course closed to traffic - just 30 min to an hour longer. If I win the lotto - I'm going to put on the Sloth Marathon. All the slower folks get to start first at 7am and the fast runners can start at noon. Instead of medals everyone would get a half-pint glass etched with some witty phrase.

  • Count me in!

  • Well, then when we will run together you'll beat at least 160 runners... :)

  • wll done to YOU and JJ...

  • Sorry I'm late! Well done TT. Lovely photo by the way. You just look so composed, or was that the Peroni?

    Well done. Huge congratulations!!!!!! It is an awesome achievement! It is so hard. Well I thought so anyway. So much so, I've only done it once!

    I hope you're fully recovered now. Tell that cough to sod off! I am sick of mine. It went and came ruddy back! I was coughing and spluttering again last night. Bah!

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