So close..... I blame my daughter!!!

So close..... I blame my daughter!!!

Like others, I set myself a target for the year... I thought that 1000 miles (1610 km) might be achievable... I was close, with "only" 32 km short. Well maybe next year??

My excuse... No.1 daughter decided to give birth to twins a few weeks earlier than planned which sort of took my focus away from running for a few weeks! I'll let her off though and 980 miles isn't too bad for a granddad. :-)

Happy running and Happy New Year to you all :-)

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  • Perfectly acceptable - that's an amazing distance anyway. Congratulations and as you say, not bad for a granddad.

    Happy New Year.

  • Sounds like a good excuse to me! Well done, that is still an amazing distance reached that many of us could only dream of at this stage

  • Amazing mileage which you should be hugely proud of. The twins have an amazing Grandad.

  • Fantastic! Lucky twins to have such a great example to follow! Well done.

  • Congratulations! I missed my target by over 100k. Hey ho. No targets next year as they only gave me another reason to be mean to myself. Just running for me (hopefully when I get over this cold ...).


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