After I ran Paris last year I was a bit broken. Since then I've had 2 failed races:

1.Bristol 10k I suffered awful ankle pain- the start of my Achilles injury that went on for the whole summer.

2. Wild run 10k where Leon my son had a horrible injury and I was just starting to run after injury and I dropped my inhaler, panicked and couldn't breathe.

I haven't done parkrun since last summer and my injury as I have panicked about it happening again.

Since then I have been mostly doing trails alone and building up my distance to do another marathon. As a tester I have the Bath Half tomorrow and I am absolutely petrified as I realise it's the first time with people etc since my injuries last year. I would love a good time too ( last year was 2 hours 12).

I've been doing well in training and I got a 5k PB yesturday which I posted about in C25k ( 26.54).

Any tips or words of wisdom much appreciated



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  • No tips .. Just words of encouragement..you WILL do well I know it.. GO JJ.. Run like you've got wind.. Err LIKE the wind, I mean..

  • Thankyou, and a bit of wind will power me on I'm sure!!

  • Good on you jj for perseverance, I wouldn't set off with any goals except finishing without injury, that way every mile is a winner and you will soon know how you feel and confidence will spring from that. If you've been doing trails then your calf's knees and ankles will be in good shape. Run smooth and calm, good luck 😂😂

  • Thankyou and great advice, I just want to impress my son ( he is a very hard taskmaster!!)

  • Somebody once gave me advice on a leadership programme that stuck with me and I think it transfers to running!

    That feeling you get before something big - we call it nerves or panic and it sounds negative. What it actually is, is our bodies alerting itself that something important is going to happen and it needs to be primed. Thus, the adrenaline kicks in to ensure the body is able to do its best. Thus, if you refocus those feelings of "the butterflies in my tummy means I'm going to screw up" to " I can feel my body buzzing to do its best" it really helps. Well, it helps me anyway!

    You know you can do the distance easily. Most likely it is going to be a roaring success but if not - it is your learning run. We have every confidence in you. Go show 'm what you're made of ☺

  • Great advice, I love it and I will certainly apply that tomorrow as the nerves will be in full force!!!

  • If you Google "TED make stress your friend" there is a video that explains some of the science behind it. Not sure if it is just placebo but I've seen a difference in myself by trying this approach.

    Good luck ☺☺☺

  • No words of wisdom JJ, just a big cyber hug. You're going to be fine - you're the panther lady. You've just absolutely smashed your 5k time and you've been running trails for months that would make a grown man weep. So put on your sexy brave girl knickers and go show that race who's boss xxx

  • Aww Thankyou, perfect advice, that's put a huge smile on my face. I'd better go and find my sexy knickers 😜

  • I didn't think you wore them under running tights 😛

  • Good Luck Ju, you CAN do this !

    Shine like the star you truly are , Get those paws up Panther ! :-) xxx

  • Thankyou xxx

  • JJ, you are such an inspiration to so many of us on here. I have been reading your posts for almost a year now and if someone can smash it tomorrow, it's you! Your tales of panthering along your trails have always impressed, especially as a would-be trail runner myself! You will be just fine, and what happened in the past...well leave it in the past and focus on the now and the fantastic form you are in. I get the lone runner vs event thing because I am the same! We will all be cheering you on and you will do yourself proud! Good luck


  • Thankyou so so much. People and other runners running next to us are really challenging for most of us I think. lovely words... Thankyou xx

  • I think everyone has said everything that needs to be said. Have faith in yourself leave the injury's behind you and leave those negative thoughts where they belong back at home.

    I don't think a pb is that important tomorrow i think doing the distance is what you need tomorrow without any issues, which will happen because we all believe you can do it, you should start believing it too.

    *note to self read above when I don't believe I can.

  • Thankyou so much... I will be reminding you of this when its your turn!!!

  • No tips, think you have it covered but the very best of luck. Looking forward to hearing about it xx

  • Thankyou, and yes full race report after!!!

  • Good luck juicyju im 100%sure you'll shake off those nerves when you get going and face your race head on. Above all enjoy yourself and keep strong panther lady!😊

  • Thankyou, great words of wisdom there xx

  • I'll look out for you tomorrow... but all I expect I'll see is panther dust!!!

  • I'll be there, and I will look out for you too. If you see me please shout or grab me , it's always difficult recognising people!!! Good luck to you too. Run strong 💪🏻

  • Hope it all went well - I am sure you achieved more than you thought you could - the main thing is enjoying it!

  • Hey JuicyJu, I cant be the only one here with their fingers still crossed for you, I'm starting to get cramp :)

    I hope it all went well but either way let us know :) :) :)

  • Just wrote War and Peace if you have the time to read! Awwww thank you so much :)

  • Yes, do calm down! I know it's easier said than done but do try. I don't think you would drop your inhaler a second time. It's unlikely. Or just in case, stash another one in a pocket if poss. Tick off the worries and discount them, eg your son being ill, your ankle being a problem. All sorts could happen to anyone but probably won't.

    Come on Ju! Like TT you are made of girders. I can't think of anyone (cept perhaps TT) that has your guts, drive, strength, determination, toughness, resilience, and lots more superlatives I could mention.

    You can't effect things like the crowd, so just don't "go there" . It's an inevitability that you can do nowt about so don't sweat it. You can tell yourself this stuff. I do! This is the mental tennis I talk about, batting the arguments back and forth over the net. Just sort it before the big day will ya as I can't stand it if you start to wobble. Where would that leave the rest of us mortals?

    Come on Ju! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha! x

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