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New shoes and a recovery run

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WhatsappHalf Marathon

Treated myself to a new pair of trainers last week and looking at the state of my current pair post HM it was well overdue (flet like the heel was falling off towards the end). I have stuck with Brooks Adrenaline again as I had no complaints.

As it is my first run since Sunday I decided to take them on a nice comfortable 3k for their maiden voyage. Anyone else find recovery after a HM a struggle? I seem to have misplaced my earphones too, so it was a naked run for me.

This got me thinking about the trainers that I had unceremoniously dropped in the bin on my way out. This pair had been with me for every PB 5k/10k/HM I have; they were with me for several first time events - Eastbourne 10k Rother Valley 10k, not to mention two HMs this year; a summer trip to Italy last year (where they didn't get a chance to go out do to a sore foot), and they have been my constant companion for literally hundreds of training miles in the last year or so, trudging through all weathers. Sure I have the medals, but they are not the same.

Given this I felt that they deserved more than to be discarded without so much as a second thought, whilst I gleefully herald in the usurpers arrival, in much the same way that I did the last. I'm not normally sentimental but running without distraction takes your mind many places.

So here it is: the photo of my new trainers (complete with feet and legs attached) with a short nod to my last pair. I look forward to many miles with these - they have a lot to live up to!

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TbaeMetric Marathon

Great post Dave.👍

That is food for thought re a trusted friend and the treatment.🙈

On a more positive note, jeepers,what a powerful pair of pins.💪💪

Go you Dave, you are some steam train.


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WhatsappHalf Marathon in reply to Tbae

Thanks Tbae, it seemed wrong just dumping them in the bin this morning.

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TbaeMetric Marathon in reply to Whatsapp

Definitely made me think and thank you for raising it.🌟

Your old friends will have enjoyed serving you and who knows perhaps someone else.💥

Onwards and upwards and you have given them a huge compliment in sticking with their offspring.🤔

Hi Dave you are a star.


Hurrah for the old! And in with the New! 🙌

Great shoes Whatsapp...the guy wearing them is pretty awesome and had something to do with all those kms!

Happy running 😊xxx

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WhatsappHalf Marathon in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks Jan, that very kind. I didn't realise how many miles I had run in them. They still felt new till I turned them over.

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Flyingred10 Miles

Very nice looking shoes but can you get them in beige? :)

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WhatsappHalf Marathon

😂😂😂 sadly not.

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I have a hard time getting rid of my old shoes after they are maxed out for running, for all the reasons you mentioned. They usually become my walker shoes, then my garden shoes etc before I can part with them. 🙂 Your new kicks look pretty sharp too!

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misswobbleMarathon in reply to Decker

Yeah me too. Post run they become walking shoes, then dog walking shoes, then gardening shoes Too expensive to Chuck out 🙂

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WhatsappHalf Marathon

Yes, thats a good idea. They looked the same as when I bought them apart from underneath and when I compare them to the new ones it brought home just how much running I had done in them.

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