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Morning all, I was a confident 10k runner until an illness at the back end of the year knocked me for 6. Over the course of the last few wees I've managed to get back to doing a 10k per week and wanted pushing. I went for a run last night and managed to do 14.5k and still felt good after. Got some really good advice about pacing. Anyway, in less than 3 weeks I'll be doing my first Half Marathon in Berkhampstead, Herts. Hoping to get another couple in before then and increase each week. Is anyone else a HM newbie? Best of luck if so and keep warm! :-D

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  • I'm definitely a HM newbie, but, as mine isn't until the back end of September, I'm more of a HM wannabe at the moment. Good luck with your race.

  • Thank you and hope your training goes well!

  • My first HM is in 4 week's time - and I ran the full distance in training last weekend so now beginning to believe that I will survive! Just got to stay fit and injury free! I'm running the Bath Half. Good luck with yours ☺

  • Mist be a great feeling to know you can do it! I managed to get out again yesterday and did 17.1km. A few aches and creaks today but overall not too bad, like you I'm starting to feel that the distance will be achievable :)

  • Well done on that run Steve - sounds like you will be fine!☺

  • HMs are great, and it's so good doing your first one! I'm kinda jealous :) Good luck!

  • Yeah I'm really looking forward to it! Hopefully I can kick on from here and get a full marathon booked in for the end if summer and train properly for it :)

  • That's so exciting, well done.... just pace yourself, don't start too fast and enjoy it... 😎

  • Thank you, I've eorked out my pace and with regular updates from 'map my run' I should manage to get round in under 2 and a half hours (although first challenge get is just get round safely). Have a great weekend

  • next weekend i am actually doing my first half marathon too, i kinda missed it out and went straight to marathon last year. The first of 3 i have booked in over the next couple of months. I am aiming for about 2:20 but by the last one i hope to get that down to under two hours depending on how my knee is. I did a long run on friday and managed the distance so i should be ok its just my pace i need to work on.

    but good luck take your time your be fine

  • Hiya Ben, how did you get on with the half?

  • Pretty well time in 2.06 which is far better then i thought i would. Felt really strong at the end and was doing what have been a pretty good parkrun time for the last 5km

  • Hi Steve, I'm doing my first HM in two weeks, Cambridge Half......eeeeek!, done one 20k so far, one more to do then tapering.....I seem to have turned a corner now....was not feeling the love last week at all, the training is hard!

    Getting a little bit excited now.......I never would imagined doing this...

    Good luck, looking forward to the write up and pictures of bling! (Of course!)


  • That sounds amazing Madge50! I've planned in a 20k to do this Friday then just going to try and sty loose and injury free until run day. Managed to rope and no friend into running it too so safety in numbers! Hope your training goes well and good luck with the run :)

  • Hiya madge, how did you ge in with the Cambridge half?

  • Hi Steve, I've put a post in the 'marathon and race support' see new avatar.😄.....but, despite being frozen, wet and cold at the start - my feet were numb and didn't defrost until mile was great, the training really paid off.

    I just took it slow and steady, 2hrs 39 was my official time - and that included a loo break! Very happy with that. Great support all the way round, and yes I would definitely do it again....

    When is yours, today? Or is it next week?, Sandraj is doing her first today at Bath.....


  • Well done you! New badge looks great too :-) I did mine last Sunday and despite it being a tough course managed to get round in 2h07 and injury free. Definitely looking at other ones for later in the year, then will see how things go for the full marathon next year

  • Fantastic, what a great time, you were quite speedy! Well done you too. I think HM is my limit though.....I'd certainly do more HM''s a strange thing to say.....I never started C25K to be a 'runner', that was a side effect....I found the training hard, especially through the winter....the event was 'easy' in comparison.....and the thought of having to dedicate at least twice as much time to it......for a marathon.....well no, never been on my bucket list, that...l seriously admire and respect all those that do though......

    Good luck with your plan! By the way....don't forget to post your race report with compulsory bling picture.....


  • Only two weeks now... I hope you're tapering and letting your body recover so you can be in tip top shape for race day. All the best :)

  • Thanks Thomas, just trying to keep plodding on and stay injury free. Will certainly give myself moreally prep time in the future as training seems to have a been a bit rushed/ad-hock! Not to worry, just hoping for a decent time and to break the duck :)

  • Well I managed to get round my first half marathon last weekend. I was aiming for 2h 30 but felt I could push for 2h20 so imagine my delight as I got across the line in 2h07?!?! The run was really tough but I thoroughly enjoyed being able to do it and the feeling of pride was immense. I'm looking at getting another booked in for later in the year and trying to go sub 2 hours. Did a 10k last night in 51 minutes so all in all feeling great! Hope everybody else is well and good luck for anyone who is out today

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