❤️‍ running

❤️‍ running

I was out for my run before 6.00 this morning and did a 5k. It was just the best to be out before the World was fully awake and have no expectations just running for the love. I find with marathon training it would be so easy to get into a rut that it loses the fun and enjoyment which is why I dont have a particular plan that I am rigid about. So far it looks alot like this:


Tues: 10 or 5k fast as poss

Weds: gym: 53 mins of cardio ( not treadmill)

Thurs: 30,20,10 intervals

Fri: Gym

Sat: 10k

Sun: long run

I do my long run every other week and this Sunday its going to be 20 miles. The alternate weeks I do about 10 miles on trails. I have no idea if any of that is what I should be doing but it feels OK. Also, it jumps around a lot depending on work and life!!!

How does everyone else find the balance?


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  • I'm tempted to enter the local half marathon here, which is in June. I've got my long runs now up to 14k so I think the half distance could be achievable for me by June. BUT....I am worried that by signing up I will start to lose enthusiasm for doing the runs, particularly if I feel I need to start a 'training' regime. I'm ok gradually building up the long runs, and I run regularly 3/4 times a week - but it's the thought of starting such things as intervals and speed work that puts me off a bit ! Like you've said, I don't want to lose the love :-)

    I've got a 10k in March, so I'm going to start doing some quicker runs once a week anyway for that, so perhaps I'll decide once I've done that one !

  • I have never followed specific training plans... other than a loose guide as above which I develop for myself and my life!!! I didnt do any intervals regularly when I trained for my first marathon, and i have never done anything involving complicated words like,' tempo', hill repeats, fartlek, recovery. All a bit beyond me. For long distance the key is building up weekly mileage and getting strong so your body survives ( thats my view anyway!!). Good luck, all sounds really exciting...

  • Thanks juicyju - that's really interesting to hear - I'll give it some more thought ! :-)

  • I don't follow a strict plan other than trying to run 3 times a week and varying the runs a bit (trying to make one either a hilly run in the woods or something a little speedier ) ; then increasing distance on my long run on the weekend. Life is too busy and complicated as it is and if I felt I had to stick to a plan without fail I would lose the enjoyment. I also have to remind myself that I have been doing this for less than a year, so have to be careful not to ask too much of my middle aged body. I think you should go for it, add the odd speed or hill session and just enjoy running for longer. :-)

  • Thanks dagshar - that sounds much more like my cup of tea (for now at least). It's beginning to sound like I can ignore those complicated sessions in the training plans and just keep things fairly simple, as above. Just got to pluck up courage to press that 'enter' button now :-)

  • Sounds like my plan - love it!

  • Best pic in the world! Love it Juju. Don't over train now. Watch those legs!

  • thanks Dan!!

  • Well done, quite an impressive programme there, hope u enjoy it. I graduated from C25K around 22 weeks ago and I do Monday and Wednesday 5k, longer run (10k) Friday. Increasing my long runs as I have a HM in September. I am monitoring my legs too as I has a painful calf, so as much soft running as I can which means lots of mud - if it's early and frosty, better for me too. Julie

  • you are doing so well... muddy running is the best!!

  • Well done Ju!!! I think an early morning run was a good choice. Fewer folks about to get in the way. I'm finding I can't avoid folks at the minute. Swarms of em!

    You are running for a plan though. A marathon plan. As long as you are loving it then all the better.

    I do the runs as per a plan, and don't really like the thought of fast runs, fast intervals, hills blah blah, but when I'm actually doing them I don't mind them. They are just runs after all, and I like running. Tempo just means fast run. Fartlek is just a fast interval. As long as we mix things up we'll be ok

    Keep on keepin on Ju!

  • well said, and running is running, it just feels like its been made complicated!!

  • Hello - found this forum via your other post - thanks.

    Good luck with the 20 miler!!!!

  • It seems that simple things have to be made complicated for some reason. Veg growing is the same. You should hear some of the stuff that folks intellectualise about! Composting is practically a degree subject nowadays! LOL

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