Half Marathon in September

Half Marathon in September

I am pretty new to running! Graduated from C25K 18 weeks ago now and stuck to 5k for a few weeks but it has been creeping up (longest run is 13 km)! On impulse, I booked into the Northampton Half Marathon in September - whoops. I tried a half marathon training plan but my legs couldn't do that so I am doing my own thing! 2 X 5k (one tempo and one slow) and a long run at the end of the week, this seems to be better for my legs. Mi will start swimming this week and I do some cycling too.

I am 52 years old and a stone overweight so not doing too bad for an old gel!

Not sure I could ever do a marathon but let's see, I love running and have so many adventures - mud, puddles, amazing views, wildlife, dodging dogs, woods and fields plus some town runs (wearing my C25K t shirt to wave the flag)!

Any tips for a newbie?? Julie 😀

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  • Welcome to this community and thankyou for joining....Well done you on your achievements to date!!!! My best tips for a HM training plan are to tailor it for your life ( which you have done!). I devised my own plan for my first one too which was similar. I also ensured I went the whole way before the big day and most importantly enjoyed it!! good luck :)

  • I have read it is not necessary to run the whole HM distance before the day but I wasn't planning on using the next 30 weeks to be short of the 20 km distance either. I want my brain to know I can do it then I can enjoy the HM. Started with 10k last week and adding 1 km to my long runs each week, see how my legs like that. I have already run a 13 km before, so I think your recommendation is going to be perfect for me too, thanks for sharing. I haven't done well with programmes (except C25K) and had to chuck out a 10k, then a half marathon plan as my legs didn't agree with them!

  • You sound like the quintessential half-marathoner to me, so I reckon you should just keep on being you!

  • I love running my way and struggle with fitting in with plans or groups! I love parkrun but running clubs didn't work for me at all - I don't need to pay to run, I don't want to repeat 1km runs on a running track and I am so blessed that I have time to run at different times, so I can avoid the rain, make the best use of the light and also head out to the countryside rather than pound the pavements. I love running and find other people's ways take my fun away, little old loner but if I found a running buddy, would be happy to go out with others too 😄

  • Born to run! :D

  • Not born to run because I only discovered that aged 51!!

  • Gotta start somewhere :)

  • I didnt get on with running club either... I still have hot sweats thinking about it!!

  • Me too, traumatised. I even left one mid session and said "I can't do this, it is too boring!" Feel a bit ashamed of that but it was making running so boring. Run for a mile timed and try to speed up in the dark on an athletic track. I couldn't face another circuit, I run for pure fun!

  • I left in floods of tears and the poor coach didn't know what to do with me!!! It has to be only for fun, surely??!!

  • Thanks for sharing! Makes me feel ok about my embarrassing club exit! I would like to become a coach and set up a daytime club for fun running. Maybe next year as it is expensive to do the training. Could call it Running Rebels!!

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