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Half marathon

Hi, I have my first half marathon booked for just under 4 weeks time. Things were going well and I was regularly doing 8-10 mile long runs, along with hills and park run. About a month ago I sprained my ankle doing a run that sort of turned unexpectedly into a trail route. I've always had weak ankles.

I had three weeks off but have started running again slowly. Legs are very very tight, and I've ran a 10 min run, 20 min run and a 5k, all at ridiculously slow speeds. My ankle is holding up with an ankle strap and I have a sports massage booked for thurs, but I seem to have lost a lost the art of running- the 5k nearly killed me.

Anyway, I need to somehow build up to this half marathon (or at least 10 miles) over the next 3 weeks. What do you think the suggested runs should be? Running 4 times a week, one of which will be the 5k park run.

I've given up the idea of running a fast half marathon, and would now look to a plan that will get me around it comfortably. Somehow 😂🙈

Thanks for any advice!

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Hello! I reckon it would be an idea to try and get your masseur's opinion on that, although they may want you to take a full sports therapy appointment. You have to be careful about building up to HM distance in such a short space of time, because that's a really good way to injure yourself!

One thing you could try is alternating running and walking - Google Jeff Galloway or 'run-walk programme'. I'd tend to think you shouldn't race if the ankle (or any other bit) starts hurting, especially if it makes you limp because limping puts stresses on other parts of your body. If you can't do the race the world won't end, there'll be others :)

Take care, and good luck!


Sorry to hear of your injury. In all honesty, it does sound like a big ask to get from where you are now to HM, in four weeks, even taking into account your previous 8-10milers. I agree with roseabi that you may be looking at a run/walk option this time - there is no point ending up with another injury that will scupper future running plans. Sometimes we just have to 'suck it and see' but please listen to your body above everything else. Good luck.🙂

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I would say don't worry about speed at all. Ridiculously slow sounds just perfect. Also 4 runs a week may be a bit over ambitious... but of course see how you feel. Maybe try Roseabi's run/walk suggestion. See if your ankle can at least hold up for a long amount of walking, then work on how far you can run but keep it in short spurts. Sorry to hear your bad luck. Trail running has put a strain on my ankles too, although thankfully no actual sprains! Very cushioned shoes seems to be the answer...


Yep, I'm another one who reckons run/walk is your best option. Such bad news about the injury. :(


Thanks for your advice ladies.

It's quite a small half marathon- only 500 people and I don't really want to run /walk it. If it was a huge event I'd be happy to as I feel like I'd blend in, but I feel like I'd stick out as a sore thumb with only 500 people. That's smaller numbers than my local park run! I am aware that I now sound terribly shallow!!

I've checked and they won't allow me to transfer my place or get a refund, so the skinflint in me wants to do it purely to get my money's worth! 😬 But I guess my future running health is worth more than £40 and I should probably give the event a miss. There is a Swansea HM in Late June so maybe I'll aim for that.

Thanks all X


That's a shame, but maybe the right decision given your injury... I hope you continue to recover and build up for Swansea 😎


Sorry to hear that you're skipping, but it is probably the right decision. Not one that is easy to make though. Swansea sounds nice though :)


So sorry to hear about your injury :( I think aiming for Swansea is a great idea!

Do you do any strength exercises? Since you said that your ankles are weak in general that might be a good idea.


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