Why did I book a half marathon in September?

Why did I book a half marathon in September?

I am doing ok really, did 2 X 10k and a 5k this week but have given in a bit to stopping and walking because I have had a stinging in my calves a few weeks ago, much better this week - and now got into bad habits! Enjoyed my 10k today in the sunshine but as I was going along, began to ask myself why I committed to a 10k event in June followed by a HM in September. I am a loner when it comes to running and (1) wondering if I can do a social run and (2) will I be up to running a HALF MARATHON? Guess if I get the 10k out of the way and start to build up my long run, I should survive. I did a 15k one time, 12 and 11 a few times but long run usually a 10! Any top tips people?

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  • I can empathise with everything Joolie. I too am a lone runner but a couple of times a year I enter 10k and HMs. I guess it's something I like to do to give a focus/structure (not to mention some bling 😀) to my running. No real top tips except find a plan method you can stick to/like.

    I went through a period of walking which turned out to be a combination of "now I've graduated I can" and going too fast. The slow it down mantra sorted that out for me. Sometimes, daft as it sounds, I've found actually stopping for a moment, taking a couple of deep breaths I can then start off slower - Sometimes Ihave/had to do it a couple of times on a run.

    You can do it (and you know you want to really 😀)

  • Thanks for that! I tell myself trail runners would stop to admire the view, I am sure they wouldn't ignore the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings! You are right, it is giving me something to work towards and I speed it out perfectly because I know 10k is achievable and have the summer to know HM distance is too. Once my 10 is out of the way, I can plan - I never had any bling before 😀

  • Bling, like running, can become a bit of an addiction 😀

  • Mine is September too - we'll get there!! Could you sometimes do a parkrun just for the feeling of running with others, even if you don't like it much.

  • That is a good suggestion. I have done parkrun a few times already when I first graduated. It would help with resocialising me LOL! Would be good to see how I do compared with a few months ago too

  • What spurred you on when you booked it ?

  • Pure moment of craziness

  • I'm so with you about the people etc... I find it incredibly difficult running in a throng of people and loud noise, but it stops me being a running recluse! If you aren't good in crowds my advice is to ( and this is what I do):

    Start in the back of your wave for space- the most interesting people are towards the back !!

    Don't expect a PB it's quite hard weaving past people and costumes !!!

    Try and enjoy it and the goody bag!

    Good luck

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