10k event done, now Half Marathon in September 😳

10k event done, now Half Marathon in September 😳

I feel a little encouraged that I did the 10k event alright today, not fast but nice and steady! Not too long though to my Half Marathon now and the furthest ever run I managed is 15k but that was before my leg started being troublesome (pain in the calf muscles when running)! Need a reasonable plan. Will do 2 X 5k and a 10k this week, then start to increase distances slowly. Would love to know how to get rid of this leg pain so I will have to see how it goes

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  • Huge well done, lovely pic and have you seen anyone about the pain? Have you stretched lots etc???

  • It is on and off, have good runs and others that are difficult. Hoping it is just going to go away. In run at a steady speed and always rest well too. I could see my GP about it maybe, would they help?

  • Worth a try.

  • Explain to your GP that this issue has been dragging on and maybe ask for a referral to a physio?

  • Well done Joolie. Might be worth seeking out a sports therapist. They can often identify causes of sports related injuries better than a GP and tend to be more sympathetic / understanding regarding finding a solution.

  • If sports therapist cost money, couldn't go as I'm not working right now

  • Congratulations Joolie. Well on course for your HM.

    I know you have mentioned the leg pains before, so a visit to your GP may yield dividends. Obviously don't know about your Dr's practice but mine has several dr's and when booking an appointment (luckily not a frequent occurrence she says - touching wood) I ask if any of them specialise/have an interest in....... Only done it twice - and twice got the same doctor, but on both occasions (one was running related and he got an introduction to c25k 😀) he was the one to see. So if circumstances allow maybe ask that question.

    Have you tried rolling? I do it because if anywhere needs it on my body it's my calves. Used utube vid to show how.

  • Legs feel good the day after my event. I noticed it was after doing stretch n flex exercises the problem happened, so going to try leaving that for now. Might even slip in a sneaky 5k in the morning

  • Make sure you have at least a days break between runs. You could leave it a bit longer. You could try calf, leg strengthening exercises yourself at home.. stairs are free ☺ it could be that your legs, particularly your lower legs need to be stronger to support your increased activity. You could be overdoing it! Are you walking, swimming, cycling or whatever to help with cross training?

    It won't hurt to take a few days off. I have been wearing a calf sleeve since Saturday, and done no running, and my twanging calf feels better now. You have to take care. You don't want to end up with the dreaded shin splints.

  • Thanks, some good ideas there. Mi massaged my legs before going out and felt it helped a little. I have a great bike so using that on rest days will help too and I love to walk. Starting a new job soon after a year not working so will see how I work round that too

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