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Reliable source for lutein



I dont think I have posted before. I have dry AMD which seems to be getting increasing bad in terms of distortion - wavy vision. The optician says there is no sign of wet.

I was reading about the possible benefits of lutein; I am taking it at the moment along with the other AREDs supplements but I have a feeling the ones I have are fake, as they are small and white even though they claim to be 50mg.

There are many brands on the market and I was after advise on one which actually contained the stated substance in the correct amount.

Thanks in advance


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Hi willnick,

I never heard of one being small and white. My retinal specialist highly recommended Jarrow Formula Macula Protective Factors because they also have the proper mg. of ingredients including the important Meso-zeaxanthin. They are reasonably priced, large, dark red color and I only need 1 a day. I am in the USA. Sometimes I get them on Amazon, but you might get a discount on Jarrows website. I have both wet and dry AMD. I feel these pills are helping. Good Luck!

willnick in reply to RandyM

Thanks for your response. It’s good to hear from others.


Ayralin in reply to RandyM

Thanks for the suggestion of this brand of eye supplement - I was not aware of Meso-zeaxanthin. I just ordered some! I was using the straight zeaxanthin products.

RandyM in reply to Ayralin

Hi Ayralin,

Glad I could help. I was not aware of it either, until my new Retinal Specialist recommended it. He said to make sure it is 10mg of Meso-zeaxanthin because it was proven to be more beneficial. He is very up to date with the latest research so I trust him.

willnick in reply to Ayralin

I found this paper on meso-zeaxanthin, which is quite interesting.

RandyM in reply to willnick

willnick, Thanks so much for the link explaining about the meso-zeaxanthin!

I always wondered what it did for the eyes and never researched it. I just listened to my doc's advice. It is quite interesting!

Yes they could be fake...I take B&L PreserVision AREDS 2 (2 rather large pills per day) purchased through Amazon.

JUST TO BE SAFE, I also have a daily smoothie or salad made from the veggies, especially high lutein kale, recommended by the Mac Society (baby kale is best) blue lettering below:


willnick in reply to kevinaki

Thank you both for your replies, its given be something to work on. The smoothy idea is good too, as kale is much better raw.

Its shameful there are no many people selling fake products, I believe supplements are not covered by normal regulation.


I would ask for a referral to an eye clinic- or just turn up at a local eye casualty- to get checked out because the wavy lines could be from odema from wet AMD. I hope your optician is correct but if I were you I would get a second opinion.

willnick in reply to rosyG

Thanks Rosy, I am going to ask my Dr for s referral.


the sooner you are seen the better- just in case. Wet AMD should be seen straight away so ask for an urgent GP appointment- It may well be that your optician is correct but it's best to act as if they are not!

Hello Willnick, welcome to the site. I am very glad rosyG has given you this advice. I was badly let down by my optician. Fortunately I researched my eye complaint on the computer, and "self-diagnosed". But I went back to my optician. She then photographed my retinas and referred me by LETTER, that got lost in the post!! However I got myself to an eye clinic PDQ and after a year of (painless) injections there is some improvement. I am now not having injections, but regular check ups and scans.

I wish you the very best. Keep sharing!

Ayralin in reply to fed13

I also "self-diagnosed", especially since I'd had the training from the USA Society for the Blind !!- given to me for my job as a Parish [church] Nurse. I had the Amsler grids in my kit. But my eye doctors waited from January to end of March to start injections - as they were unsure of diagnosis - I didn't have the typical symptoms. I have some permanent eye damage that I think would have been less had they started the Lucentis right away.


50g mg is actually a tiny amount - probably less than the volume of one of those little saccharin tablets, so size probably doesn't matter in this case


1. 50 mg is a massive daily dose though a small volume, AREDS and CREST studies both used 10 mg . Not wishing to be indelicate, but if you are really taking 50 mg per day you should really see it in your urine, after all it's the pigment in marigolds, and 10 mg can show up pretty well

2. The supplements are usually dissolved in a bit of veg oil, so quite large capsules

3. You need the other ingredients as well, zeaxanthin and possibly meso-zeaxanthin which is in CREST though not AREDS

Personally I take MacuSave, but that's not necessarily the best option, it's just what I do

As others have said, it's just an addition, the important thing is to get the treatment prescribed by the clinic, not just a supplement

AREDS 2 daily dose is

250 mg vitamin C, 184 mg vitamin E, 80 mg zinc, 10 mg lutein, 2 mg zeaxanthin

MacuSave is what's called a 10-10-2 mix of the carotenoids (pigments) used in CREST

10 mg lutein, 10 mg meso-zeaxanthin, 2 mg zeaxanthin

eyesright in reply to StokeySue

Macushield has same proportions as macusave too . Mesozeaxanthin is found in some fish and seafood.

StokeySue in reply to eyesright

I think the reputable manufacturers, here in the UK at least, have settled down to the 10-10-2 pigments if not claiming to exactly replicates AREDS2


Dear willnick,

Please contact us on the Macular Society helpline for discussion.

The Macular Society helpline is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 0300 3030 111.

Alternately, you can contact us via:

Kind regards,

I got lutein and zeaxanthin from Jarrow formulas, which have been recommended here, unfortunately that was before I had read up on meso zeaxanthin.

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