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Timelines for injections

I have read literature about the Lucentis injections and read that the injections should be every four weeks, however, at my clinic because it is so busythe timelines for injections can range anything from 5 weeks to 8 weeks apart which to me is unsatisfactory. Does any one else have the same problem in their area? Also my scans can be between 5- 8 weeks which means injections are way out of recommended timelines

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Hi Lizzie,

It could be because they are so busy, which is not acceptable, or there might be another reason. If for example you are being given Lucentis for an eye condition similar to Wet AMD but not actually Wet AMD then the frequency might be different e.g. conditions such as choroidal neovascularization (CNV) caused by Myopic MD or Sosrby's. For these conditions Lucentis can be effective but it is actually off-label and there is no set guidance for injection frequency.

If you are being treated for Wet AMD and your injection frequency is 5 to 8 weeks, then do look into it further. The clinic being busy or lack of money is no excuse for the hospital to spread out injections. That should only be done if there is good medical reason.

As I understand the license for Lucentis was approved for Wet AMD, the frequency should be every 6 weeks. You could right to the Chief Executive Officer of the hospital. If you are in the UK you could raise a complaint with the hospital's P.A.L.S. team. You might ask why the frequency has been reduced beyond the guidance for the drug's licence and if that is putting your vision at risk.

Please note I'm not medically qualified at all and the info above could be incorrect.

Take care and best wishes.


Hi lizzie. I completley understand where you are coming from having been there myself. I am the sort of person that wants to be seen at the right time and not have to wait even one extra week for a scan etc. so this is what i did and I wonder if you cna do this to.

knowing that i would need a few monthly appointments i would explain my situation at the reception desk where i made my appointment and would book 2 monthly appointments in advance a month apart so for example if i knew i would have an injection or at least think i most probably would I would ask for an appointment for the next month even before seeing the doctor. So I was ahead of the game. for example in July i booked appointments for August and September and the receptionist was fine with that. Can you do the same? I suppose it does depend on how many times you have already been to the eye clinic but ithere would perhaps be no harm in asking. hope this helps

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hi lizzie i queired these timing of injections and was assured the injections are only done when there is evidence of fluid which is shown with the scan,so if no fluid shows no injection required,is my understanding had injection for three months one each month and fingers crossed gone three months without injection, next app tomorrow!!!!

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Hello all, I have had two injections so far no help yet but I'm told that the third is most likely too help hope ,so best of luck to all hope we get the eyes working ok soon.


Hello. I was given one Lucentis inj 8 wks ago. Was called in at short notice at the wknd following an OCT exam but following another OCT they told me I didn't need an injection and I would be seen again in September. Is there such a thing as pre-wet AMD? The consultant did tell me that the Lucentis had made no appreciable difference.


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