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painful lucentis injection


feels like a charley-horse, then keeps on just like after a charley-horse, spasm, then BURN-BURN-BURN and itching. They rinse, then give me cool wet cloth, I ask to rinse again, again, again, then wet cloth. I talked by phone, sent a letter, talked to Nurse, talked to Doctor. I cannot stand another. Doctor offered to do something different from Iodine (no name given), give extra numbing drops and SEE if that helps. SEE?

I was given Lorazepam to take one hour before. It may have helped anxiety, but did nothing for pain, or if it did I would hate to know what pain would be without it-unbearable!

I have asked if they do conscious secation. NO! Never. Nobody does that.

So what else is there to reduce the pain? Are "numbing drops" and anesthesia the same?

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Have u tried moisturizing drops before injection helps me

mydaddy in reply to thom3patty

Will do. Thank you. My regular eye doctor told me to take my Oxycontin that morning too. I will take any suggestions!

tallyho in reply to thom3patty

They have really helped me as my eyes were so dry before the injection

mydaddy in reply to thom3patty

Thank you

My clinic changed me from iodine to chlorhexidine. Very little discomfort (12 hours of pouring eyes and nose) but no searing pain whatsoever. They gave me lubricating drops but I’m better with gel so shall ask for that next time.

Ayralin in reply to Emelinep

They use the chlohexadine with me, also. I was told "the Betadine/iodine is drying, gritty sensation, burning" and many people are sensitive to the iodine, some allergic. My after pain is more of a dull constant ache, like after dental work, that lasts for about 3 days. Then a light ache that never seems to go away, side of eye of the injection.

During the injection - I do yoga relaxation breathing - in through the nose slowly to the count of 3, than more slowly out the mouth through pursed lips to count of at least 6.

These injections are one of the most unpleasant things I've ever experienced. Right up there with giving birth to my 2 kids! [with no pain meds] BUT - given the choice of pain or blindness - I will learn to deal with the pain.

I'm so glad to have others to share ideas and experiences - it helps! Thanks

thom3patty in reply to Ayralin

I agree

Beldie in reply to thom3patty


My next injection is on Wednesday and, as I'd said, I'm going to try your suggestion of lots of dry-eye drops! I developed uveitis after the last injection (which I'm sure CAUSED it) so that has mucked-up the injection regimen. I won't be forgetting to take the painkillers my doc prescribed either!

thom3patty in reply to Beldie

Prayers all goes well let us know

Hi there, I got diagnosed last October with Dry Amd but my eyes are itchy and scratchy? I got stronger glasses then but think they are needing an update already.

Are there any other options to the needles? Pill form or another humane way? Is it a cure or just slows the progression as I’m scared stiff and even suicidal. I’m 56 and have this hanging over me. Prayer is my only method of coping .

Hi Mydaddy,

So sorry to learn about your post injection pain.

Have a look at our factsheet about pain after injections;

Best wishes

Macular Society

Hi my daddy, my last 3 lucentis jabs have been very traumatic, painful& unpleasant culminating in today's episode where the 12 year old Chinese doctor had 3 attempts at injecting me, leaving me with a blazing headache and burning eyes. She told me off because I moved but I'd like to see her tolerate it, patronizing woman. I know how you feel 😆

12 year old ???

You know what I mean- very young & quite obviously newly qualified!

So funny, I say the world is run by 12 year olds lol! At least they act that way!

Beldie in reply to thom3patty

Hi again

I said I'd let you know whether multiple use of dry-eye drops worked before an injection; at my last one the doctor said it wouldn't help because...and now I've forgotten what she said but she did seem sure. Instead she suggested asking the injector to use a Q-tip soaked in anaesthetic which would then touch the relevant spot on the eyeball (that is as well as the usual large amount of anaesthetic I always ask for). That did work for me and I'd say that I could bear that injection pretty well. I'm a bit worried about this addition to the procedure but that particular injector was happy to do it and is extremely experienced. I'd love to know whether anyone else has tried this and what the result was.

thom3patty in reply to Beldie

My problem isn’t as much with getting the injection my problem is the hour after the injection is extremely horrible it never was this way until they switched from numbing gel to numbing drops the only thing I can think of is the gel kept it numb until iodine wore off so it was never a big problem for me and the drops do not last I mean with in 4 minutes after injection excruuntil about an hour then normal injection discomfort :(

Omg what is a 12 year old doing injections in ur eye? How do u know when u need them as I’m new to it being October I got told I’ve got early Mac Degeneration wit cataracts. Does eating blueberries help or am I wasting money on lutein & another K......... can’t remember the long name but I’m taking them praying they help.

How do I know it’s needed? But I’m terrified of needle going into my eye as like a torture vice. I woul had decked the bitch if she did that to me lol. My Aussie reaction would not have made the little so&so happy.....

Geez are they getting anyway with the research do u know? Scared beyond words .....

I know but it wasn't funny at the time. By her 3rd attempt I was seriously thinking that nothing was worth this much aggravation!!

Also, they weren't as kind & caring as they usually are and even shipped the next person in before i was even off the bed. It was the end of a very long day so I got the end of their patience!

Beldie in reply to new2AMD14915

Registering a formal complaint might be the way to go; any chance you could stipulate another, grown-up, injector next time? By making sure my appointments were in the afternoon I avoided the morning injector in whom I'd lost faith. I realise it may not be that easy for you but please do protect yourself as best you can. Good luck.

new2AMD14915 in reply to Beldie

Thanks for the kind words. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "protect yourself" though. I've had some awful experiences under the needle but I've never felt like running away before. You might be right about making a complaint.

Beldie in reply to new2AMD14915

What I mean by protecting yourself, is just for you to try to find how to minimise the pain and awfulness you've gone through. For instance Is there any way you could ask to be treated only by a very experienced injector?

new2AMD14915 in reply to Beldie

That's a good idea although I'm not sure they have more than one

What Country is this?

I’m in Australia and I would have reported her to the authorities as sounds like she isn’t very good.... she doesn’t have fake papers??? Grrrrr!!

I had the same feeling like on a conveyor belt, and was rolled off the bed after Cortisone injections in my back..... horrible as feel like cattle call.

Ah new2amd, I just meant funny we both use the same phrase....absolutely no joke to have these inj.

To all of you who replied and offered help and encouragement, Thank You Sooooo Much! I talked to the Nurse who handles the problems for all the Doctors in this practice, I had sent a letter to the doctor explaining how awful it was. He had been on vacation and hadn't gotten it so I read it to the Nurse. In about two hours the DOCTOR phoned me and discussed all my concerns. Told me they would change a couple of things and try something different (not from the Lucentis but the pre-injection stuff).

I followed all the good advice on here. Did moisturizing drops six times the day before and three times before the proceedure at 2:30. Took a 5mg Oxy early that morning and 7.5mg an hour before, 1mg Lorazepam (as directed) one hour before my appointment. The Doctor cleared all of this. And yes, I could still walk!

Then, they did: Proparacaine drops, Tobramycin, Akten x 2, 2% Subconj-Lidocaine injection, let set a few minutes and Tobradex. They changed the Iodine to Chlorhexidine too.

I'd say they changed some things! The outcome: NO PAIN AT ALL!

Unbelievable! No after effects either! I am no longer scared to go. This is major.

Ohhhh mate, I’m 56 yr old female and I’m terrified if ever have to get these injections. Do they cure and may I ask how long after your diagnosis of Dry AMD did u need the damn eye injections.... how long is the procedure??

tc68 in reply to Qashqai-2015_

I was checked every 6 months for about 3 years when dry AMD was found. I also had cataracts but suddenly one weekend my eye got very blurry. Called the old place and was told to get to hosp. ASAP. Turned out a blood vessel had burst so had my first injection. (I'm in Canada). I "saw" him use a needle but felt nothing - he left and came back 5 min later and gave me another injection. Didn't feel a thing - but after freezing was out my eye was "gritty" - felt like sandpaper ever time I blinked but was gone the next day. Moved to another province - only 1 Dr in a huge area does the needles. First time I went I almost jumped off the chair when the needle went in! Ouch!! He used freezing drops but they don't help - 3 years later needle is still hurting.

Worst part was the first time - woke screaming in the middle of the night - felt like someone stabbed me in the eye and kept getting pains in it for an hour or so. Woke in the morning with it still aching and eye swollen shut! Took 3 days for swelling to go down. I was told it was a reaction to the benatine so asked him not to use it - he said he "had" to - and he refused to freeze my eye before the injection - not the way he works! He changed the med - I can't remember the name and since then about 2 out of 3 times I get the tears and am unable to keep that eye open. Happened again yesterday and eye is still aching and a bit swollen today - there has been no improvement in a year - still 20/70 so I've decided to quit torturing myself and am not going back.

Oh - forgot to answer your question - you shouldn't need injections as long as your eye stays "dry" - but it probably will become "wet" someday. Mind you - my right eye also had a small spot discovered at the same time - and I still have 20/20 vision in that eye - it has not progressed at all over about 7 years or so. I also said I'd never let anything touch my eye - but I was in the chair and getting it before I knew what was going to happen!! LOL Wish I still had that Dr.!!!

They are very painful to me, to the point that i don't want any more I rather go to surgery

Oh heck, yes I can understand that and what do u mean surgery? Is there another treatment for us? I’m an Aussie veteran and get free medical so if I need something , I don’t want those awful injections.... why do they hurt... sounds barbaric...

I’m getting itchy scratchy eyes here as is summer in Australia but my eyes feel itchy and I didn’t know if an allergy or AMD.

Ya for your input as I’ve wondered if there’s another way.... I can’t face the other brave ones getting jabs in the eyes.... that’s like Nazi torture being awake. What’s wrong with nitrous just too space you out abit as reminds me of the horror movies from what I’m reading on here....

Blessings from Australia 🇦🇺

Almost four years into eye shots. Excruciating pain followed each except, maybe MD gave me prednisone drops which I still use during the 12-18 hours following. Very effective first time, but not as much since. Last appt I prepped for 2-3 days prior with Genteal ointment at night and gel drops during the day. I requested an extra flush following shot. Then an antibiotic (?) ointment was placed in my eye and covered with a pad which helped my eyelid to stay closed. At home I took 2 naproxen with an aceraminiphen, a small dose of Lorazepam ( helps to rest and sleep a bit) and continued with drops when I removed the pad. It was like a miracle! No two times seem to be the same, so am interested to see if same procedure works at next appt. Dry eye is a bugger. Do whatever you can to avoid that. Best of luck, and do know you are not alone with your symptoms.


tc68 in reply to Maryvic

My Dr. is from Wales - I am hard of hearing and he tends to speak with his back turned to me so I miss a lot - also always in a rush so I don't get a chance to ask questions! Had no bad effect last time then yesterday was really, really bad!! Takes about 4 hours before the tearing and pain start up - then it's hell till it's finally bedtime a la sleeping pills!!!

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